Garrison, Webb Black

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Gary Webster
  • Born in 1919

Included Titles By Garrison, Webb Black

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Fiction
Wonders of Science, Sheed, 1956
Wonders of Man, Sheed, 1957
The Man Who Found Out Why, Hawthorn, 1963
Journey into Light, Hawthorn, 1964
Wonders of Earth, Sheed, 1967
How It Started, Abingdon, 1972
Why Didn't I Think of That?, Prentice-Hall, 1977
The Preacher and His Audience, Revell, 1954
Why You Say It, Abingdon, 1955
Improve Your Church Bulletins, Revell, 1957
Sermon Seeds from the Gospel, Revell, 1958
Codfish, Cats, and Civilization, Doubleday, 1959
Laughter in the Bible, Bethany, 1960
Creative Imagination in Preaching, Abingdon, 1960
Women in the Life of Jesus, Bobbs-Merrill, 1962
A Guide to Reading the Entire Bible in One Year, Bobbs-Merrill, 1963
The Biblical Image of the Family, Tidings, 1965
What's in a Word?, Abingdon, 1965
Ten Paths to Peace and Power, Abingdon, 1966
Strange Bonds between Animals and Men, Ace, 1966
Giving Wings to a Warm Heart, 1968
Strange Facts about the Bible, Abingdon, 1968
The Ignorance Book, Morrow, 1970
Disasters That Made History, Abingdon, 1973
Sidelights on the American Revolution, Abingdon, 1974
Devotions for the Middle Years, Upper Room, 1974
Endless Line of Splendor, 1975
Lost Pages from American History, Stackpole, 1976
Strange Facts about Death, Abingdon, 1978
Oglethorpe's Folly, Copple House, 1982
Behind the Headlines, Stackpole, 1983
A Treasury of Georgia Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1987
The Legacy of Atlanta, Peachtree Publishers, 1987
A Treasury of Civil War Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1988
A Treasury of Florida Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1989
A Treasury of White House Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1989
A Treasury of Christmas Stories, Rutledge Hill Press, 1990
Great Stories of the American Revolution, Rutledge Hill Press, 1990
A Treasury of Virginia Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1991
Civil War Trivia and Fact Book, Rutledge Hill Press, 1992
A Treasury of Ohio Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1993
The Lincoln No One Knows, Rutledge Hill Press, 1993
Civil War Curiosities, Rutledge Hill Press, 1994
More Civil War Curiosities, Rutledge Hill Press, 1995
Atlanta and the War, Rutledge Hill Press, 1995
White House Ladies, Rutledge Hill Press, 1996
A Treasury of Pennsylvania Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1996
Unusual Persons of the Civil War, Sergeant Kirland's, 1996
A Treasury of Texas Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1997
Creative Minds in Desperate Times, Rutledge Hill Press, 1997
Southern Tales, Galahad Books, 1997
Lincoln's Little War, Rutledge Hill Press, 1997
Civil War Stories, Promontory Press, 1997
A Treasury of Titanic Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1998
The Amazing Civil War, Rutledge Hill Press, 1998
A Treasury of Minnesota Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 1998
Two-Thousand Questions and Answers about the Civil War, Gramercy Books, 1998
True Tales of the Civil War, Gramercy Books, 1998
Amazing Women of the Civil War, Rutledge Hill Press, 1999
Friendly Fire in the Civil War, Rutledge Hill Press, 1999
Why You Say It, MJF Books, 1999
A Treasury of Iowa Tales, Rutledge Hill Press, 2000
The Unknown Civil War, Cumberland House, 2000
Civil War Hostages, White Mane Books, 2000
Love, Lust, and Longing in the White House, Cumberland House, 2000
True Tales of the Civil War, Gramercy Books, 2000
Brady's Civil War, Lyons Press, 2000
The Encyclopedia of Civil War Usage, Cumberland House, 2001
Mutiny in the Civil War, White Mane Books, 2001
445 Fascinating Word Origins, Galahad Books, 2001

N.C. Locations Associated with Garrison, Webb Black

Resided in:
Clyde (City/Town)
Hendersonville (City/Town)