Foster, Lori

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L. L. Foster
  • Born in 1958

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Here are some other books by the author:
The Write Ingredients, Samhain Publishing, 2007
Romance Fiction
Hot Chocolate, Jove, 1999, et al.
When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys, Kensington, 2006, et al.
Impetuous, Harlequin Books, 1996
Scandalized!, Mills & Boon, 1997
Outrageous, Mills & Boon, 1997
Fantasy, Mills & Boon, 1998
Charmed, Berkley Books, 1999, et al.
Sizzle!, Mills & Boon, 1999
Taken!, Mills & Boon, 1999
Tantalizing, Mills & Boon, 1999
The Private Eye & Beguiled, Harlequin Books, 1999, et al.
Little Miss Innocent?, Silhouette, 1999
Married to the Boss, Silhouette, 2000
All I Want for Christmas, St. Martin's Paperback, 2000, et al.
Sinful, Jove, 2000
In Too Deep, Mills & Boon, 2000
Wanton, Mills & Boon, 2000
Caught in the Act, Harlequin Books, 2001
Mr. November, Harlequin Books, 2001
Treat Her Right, Mills & Boon, 2001
All Through the Night, Brava, 2001, et al.
Say Yes/The Cinderella Solution, Mills & Boon, 2001, et al.
Hot and Bothered, St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2001, et al.
Annie Get Your Guy/Messing Around with Max, Harlequin Duets, 2000
Sex Appeal, Harlequin Books, 2001
The Winston Brothers, Jove Books, 2001
Wild, Jove Books, 2002
Casey, Harlequin Books, 2002
Forever and Always, Harlequin Books, 2002
Once and Again, Harlequin Books, 2002
Never Too Much, Brava, 2002
Too Much Temptation, Brava, 2002
Heat of the Night, Mills & Boon, 2002, et al.
I Love Bad Boys, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2002, et al.
I Brake for Bad Boys, Brava, 2002, et al.
Bad Boys to Go, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2003, et al.
Bad Boys on Board, Brava, 2003, et al.
Riley, Harlequin, 2003
Men of Courage, Harlequin, 2003, et al.
Under His Skin, Harlequin Books, 2003
Jingle Bell Rock, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2003, et al.
Unexpected, Kensington, 2003
Perfect for the Beach, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2004, et al.
Scandalous, Harlequin Books, 2004
The Truth about Cats & Dogs, Harlequin Books, 2004, et al.
Lip Service, Harlequin, 2004
Bad Boys in Black Tie, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2004, et al.
Fallen Angels, Harlequin Books, 2004
Star Quality, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2005, et al.
Unzipped, Harlequin Books, 2005
The Night before Christmas, Brava, 2005, et al.
Men of Courage II, Harlequin, 2005, et al.
Bad Boys of Summer, Brava/Kensington Publishing, 2006, et al.
Jude's Law, Kensington Publishing, 2006
Murphy's Law, Kensington Publishing, 2006
A Very Merry Christmas, Brava, 2006, et al.
Wildly Winston, Berkley Sensation, 2006
Santa, Baby, St. Martin's Press, 2006
I'm Your Santa, Brava, 2007
PRP Truth or Dare, Zebra, 2007
The Power of Love, Berkley, 2008
Out of the Light, Into the Shadow, Berkley, 2010, et al.
The Gift of Love, Berkley, 2010, et al.
The Watson Brothers, Kensington, 2010
The Guy Next Door, Harlequin, 2011, et al.
The Promise of Love, Berkley, 2011, et al.
Love Undercover
Run the Risk, Harlequin, 2012
Bare It All, Harlequin, 2013
Getting Rowdy, Harlequin, 2013
Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
When You Dare, Harlequin, 2011
Trace of Fever, Harlequin, 2011
Savor the Danger, Harlequin, 2011
A Perfect Storm, Harlequin, 2012
The Buckhorn Brothers
Gabe, Mills & Boon, 2000
Sawyer, Mills & Boon, 2000
Jordan, Mills & Boon, 2001
Morgan, Mills & Boon, 2001
The Fighter Series
Causing Havoc, Berkley, 2007
Simon Says, Berkley, 2007
Hard to Handle, Berkley, 2008
Double the Pleasure, Berkley, 2008, et al.
My Man, Michael, Berkley, 2009
Tails of Love, Berkley, 2009, Editor
Double the Heat, Berkley, 2009, et al.
Back in Black, Berkley, 2010

Written as L. L. Foster
Romance Fiction
The Servant Series
The Acceptance, Berkley/Jove, 2007
The Awakening, Berkley/Jove, 2008
The Kindred, Berkley/Jove, 2009

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