Zachary, Hugh D.

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
John Dexter, Ginny Gorman, Elizabeth Hughes, Zachary Hughes, Zach Hughes, Pablo Kane, Peter Kanto
  • Born in 1928

Included Titles By Zachary, Hugh D.

Here are some other books by the author:
The Loins of Amon, Olympia Press, 1955
Rape, Olympia Press, 1955
Roman Orgy, Olympia Press, 1956
With Open Mouth, Olympia Press, 1956
The House of Borgia, Olympia Press, 1957
The Wantons, Olympia Press, 1957
Terror, Ophelia Press, 1959
Das Drachennest, Olympia, 1960
Nightmare, Ophelia Press, 1960
One Day in Hell, Novel Books, 1961
Lolila, Novel Books, 1964
The Bashful Lesbian, Brandon House, 1965
Battalion Broads, Playtime, 1965
Call Me Gay, Brandon House, 1965
Kidnap, Olympia Press, 1965
Lust Addict, Playtime, 1965
A Man Called Sex, Brandon House, 1965
Two Way Beach, Brandon House, 1965
Beach Wife, Brandon House, 1966
Bedroom Touchdown, Playtime, 1966
Gold in Her Eyes, Brandon House, 1966
License to Prowl, Brandon House, 1966
One Lonely Summer, Brandon House, 1966
Too Young to Wait, Brandon House, 1966
The Bedroom Beat, Brandon House, 1967
Black and White, Playtime, 1967
Color Her Willing, Brandon House, 1967
Flames of Joy, Neva, 1967
The Girl with the Action, Brandon House, 1967
The Love Boat, Brandon House, 1967
The Love Standard, Brandon House, 1967
Matinee in Three Scenes, Brandon House, 1967
May Johnson's Girls, Brandon House, 1967
Neighborly Love, Brandon House, 1967
Playboy's Lament, Corinth, 1967
Tomcat, Brandon House, 1967
Wallings Wantons, Corinth, 1967
Angel Baby, United Graphics, 1968
The Cherry Girl, Ophelia Press, 1968
The Girls Upstairs, Playtime, 1968
Moonlighting Wives, Brandon House, 1968
A Small Slice of War, Caravelle, 1968
The Snake Room, United Graphics, 1968
Suddenly, Wonderfully Gay, Brandon House, 1968
The Sullied Virgin, Man's Magazine, 1968
Two Beds for Liz, Brandon House, 1968
Back Way In, Oracle, 1969
The Coupling Game, Olympia, 1969
First Experiences, Beeline, 1969
The Hard Guys, Ophelia Press, 1969
Jailbirds in the Backseat, Ophelia Press, 1969
A Nest of Vixens, Olympia, 1969
Rosy Cheeks, Beeline, 1969
Spring Fever, Ophelia Press, 1969
Taste of Evil, Beeline, 1969
Twenty Nights in Eros, Pendulum, 1969
Unnatural Urges, Olympia, 1969
World Where Sex Was Born, Olympia, 1969
Ape, Ophelia Press, 1970
A Dick for All Seasons, Olympia, 1970
Green Thumb and Silver Tongue, Olympia, 1970
Naked Joy, Olympia, 1970
On Campus, Midwood, 1970
Rake's Junction, Lancer, 1970
Sado-Ship, Ophelia Press, 1970
Sexpo, Olympia, 1970
The Competition for Alan, Lancer Books, 1971
Her Husband's Best Friend, Greenleaf Classics, 1971
The Sex Experiment at Diddle U., Beeline, 1971
Super Sex Stars, Beeline, 1971
Doing It with Daughter, Beeline, 1972
Girl in Revolt, Greenleaf Classics, 1972
Lay-A-Day, Beeline, 1972
Lustful Nights, Beeline, 1972
The Book of Rack the Healer, Award Books, 1973
The Legend of the Deadly Doll, Award Books, 1973
Try Me!, Beeline, 1973
Legend of Miaree, Ballantine, 1974
Seed of the Gods, Berkley Publishing, 1974
Tide, Putnam, 1974
The Stork Factor, Berkley Publishing, 1975
For Texas and Zed, Popular Library, 1976
Il Campo Degli UFO, Urania, 1976
The St. Francis Effect, Berkley Publishing, 1976
Tiger in the Stars, Laser Books, 1976
To Guard the Right, Raven House, 1980
Killbird, New American Library, 1980
Pressure Man, New American Library, 1980
The Adlon Link, Jove, 1981
Bloodrush, Leisure Publications, 1981
The Fires of Paris, Jove, 1981
Fortress London, Jove, 1981
Murder in White, Leisure Publications, 1981
Of Love and Battle, Ballantine, 1981
Top Level Death, Raven House, 1981
Flight to Freedom, Dell, 1982
Freedom's Passion, Dell, 1982
Freedom's Victory, Dell, 1982
Tower of Treason, Jove, 1982
Treasure of Hope, Dell, 1982
Bitter Victory, Dell, 1983
Desert Battle, Dell, 1983
Gold Star, New American Library, 1983
Thunderworld, New American Library, 1983
The Venus Venture, Vanguard, 1986
Closed System, New American Library, 1987
The Dark Side, New American Library, 1987
Sundrinker, DAW, 1987
Lifeforce, DAW, 1988
The Revenant, New American Library, 1988
Dos Caballos, M. Evans, 1989
Mother Lode, DAW, 1991
Deep Freeze, DAW, 1992
The Beachcomber's Handbook of Seafood Cookery, Blair, 1970
How to Win at Wild-Card Poker, Stephen Greene, 1975

N.C. Locations Associated with Zachary, Hugh D.

Resided in:
Brunswick (County)
Orange (County)
Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill