Smith, Doris Buchanan

Personal Information

  • Born in 1934

Included Titles By Smith, Doris Buchanan

Here are some other books by the author:
Juvenile Fiction
A Taste of Blackberries, Crowell, 1973
Kick a Stone Home, Crowell, 1974
Tough Chauncey, Morrow, 1974
Kelly's Creek, Crowell, 1975
Up and Over, Morrow, 1976
Dreams and Drummers, Crowell, 1978
Salted Lemons, Four Winds, 1980
Last Was Lloyd, Viking, 1981
The First Hard Times, Viking, 1983
Laura Upside-Down, Viking, 1984
Return to Bitter Creek, Viking, 1986
Karate Dancer, Putnam, 1987
Voyages, Viking, 1989
The Pennywhistle Tree, Putnam, 1991
Best Girl, Viking, 1993
Remember the Red-Shouldered Hawk, Putnam, 1994

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