Pool, Maria Louise

Personal Information

  • Born in 1841

Included Titles By Pool, Maria Louise

Here are some other books by the author:
A Vacation in a Buggy, Putnam, 1887
Tenting at Stony Beach, Houghton Mifflin, 1888
Mrs. Keats Bradford, Harper, 1892
Roweny in Boston, Harper, 1892
Katharine North, Harper, 1893
The Two Salomes, Harper, 1893
Out of Step, Harper, 1894
Boss and Other Dogs, Stone and Kimball, 1896
In a Dike Shanty, Stone & Kimball, 1896
In the First Person, Harper, 1896
Mrs. Gerald, Harper, 1896
A Little Incident at the Poorhouse, Rockland Historical Commission, 1897
Friendship and Folly, L.C. Page, 1898
A Golden Sorrow, H.S. Stone, 1898
Mere Folly, Lippincott, 1898
The Red-Bridge Neighborhood, Harper, 1898
Little Bermuda, L.C. Page, 1899
Sand 'n' Bushes, H.S. Stone, 1899
A Widower and Some Spinsters, H.S. Stone, 1899
Chums, Page, 1900
The Meloon Farm, Harper, 1900
Roweny in Boston, Harper, 1900

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