Curran, Bob

Personal Information

  • Born in 1949

Included Titles By Curran, Bob

Here are some other books by the author:
Banshees, Beasts, and Brides from the Sea, Appletree Press, 1996
Wolfhound Guide to the Shamrock, Wolfhound Press, 1999
The Creatures of Celtic Myth, Cassell & Co., 2000
The Truth about the Leprechaun, Wolfhound Press, 2000
An Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology, McGraw Hill, 2000
Complete Guide to Celtic Mythology, Appletree Press, 2000
The Dark Spirit, Cassell & Co., 2001
Bloody Irish, Merlin, 2002
Celtic Lore and Legend, New Page Books, 2004
A Haunted Land, O'Brien Press, 2004
North Antrim, Cottage Publications, 2005
A Bewitched Land, O'Brien Press, 2005
Vampires, New Page Books, 2005
Encyclopedia of the Undead, New Page Books, 2006
Holy Smoke!, O'Brien Press, 2006
Across the Roe, Cottage Publications, 2006
Irish Fairies, Appletree Press, 2007
Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms, New Page Books, 2007
Walking With the Green Man, New Page Books, 2007
Celtic Saints, St. David's Press, 2007
Werewolves, New Page Books, 2009
Zombies, New Page Books, 2009
Mysterious Celtic Mythology in American Folklore, Pelican, 2010
Dark Fairies, New Page Books, 2010
Man-Made Monsters, New Page Books, 2011
A Haunted Mind, New Page Books, 2012
The World's Creepiest Places, New Page Books, 2012

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Resided in:
North Carolina (State)