Lenski, Lois Lenore

Personal Information

  • Born in 1893

Included Titles By Lenski, Lois Lenore

Here are some other books by the author:
Skipping Village, Stokes, 1927
A Little Girl of Nineteen Hundred, Stokes, 1928
Two Brothers and Their Animal Friends, Stokes, 1929
Two Brothers and Their Baby Sister, Stokes, 1930
Spinach Boy, Stokes, 1930
Benny and His Penny, Knopf, 1931
Grandmother Tippytoe, Stokes, 1931
Arabella and Her Aunts, Stokes, 1932
Johnny Goes to the Fair, Minton Balch, 1932
The Little Family, Doubleday, 1932
Gooseberry Garden, Harper, 1934
The Little Auto, Oxford University Press, 1934
Surprise for Mother, Stokes, 1934
Sugarplum, Harper, 1935
Little Baby Ann, Oxford University Press, 1935
The Easter Rabbit’s Parade, Oxford University Press, 1936
Phebe Fairchild,Stokes, 1936
The Little Sail Boat, Oxford University Press, 1937
A-Going to the Westward, Stokes, 1937
Bound Girl of Cobble Hill, Stokes, 1938
The Little Airplane, Oxford University Press, 1938
Ocean-Born Mary, Stokes, 1939
Blueberry Corners, Stokes, 1940
The Little Train, Oxford University Press, 1940
Indian Captive, Stokes, 1941
The Little Farm, Oxford University Press, 1942
Bayou Suzette, Lippincott, 1943
Davy’s Day, Oxford University Press, 1943
Let’s Play House, Oxford University Press, 1944
Puritan Adventure, Lippincott, 1944
Strawberry Girl, Lippincott, 1945
The Little Fire Engine, Oxford University Press, 1946
Surprise for Davy, Oxford University Press, 1947
Judy’s Journey, Lippincott, 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Noah, Crowell, 1948
Boom Town Boy, Lippincott, 1948
Cotton in My Sack, Lippincott, 1949
Cowboy Small, Oxford University Press, 1949
Texas Tomboy, Lippincott, 1950
Papa Small, Oxford University Press, 1951
Prairie School, Lippincott, 1951
We Live in the South, Lippincott, 1952
Mama Hattie’s Girl, Lippincott, 1953
Corn-Farm Boy, Lippincott, 1954
Project Boy, Lippincott, 1954
We Live in the City, Lippincott, 1954
San Francisco Boy, Lippincott, 1955
Berries in the Scoop, Lippincott, 1956
Flood Friday, Lippincott, 1956
We Live by the River, Lippincott, 1956
Houseboat Girl, Lippincott, 1957
Little Sioux Girl, Lippincott, 1958
Coal Camp Girl, Lippincott, 1959
We Live in the Country, Lippincott, 1960
Davy Goes Places, Walck, 1961
Policeman Small, Walck, 1962
We Live in the Southwest, Lippincott, 1962
Shoo-Fly Girl, Lippincott, 1963
We Live in the North, Lippincott, 1965
High-Rise Secret, Lippincott, 1966
To Be a Logger, Lippincott, 1967
Christmas Stories, Lippincott, 1968
Deer Valley Girl, Lippincott, 1968
Debbie and Her Family, Walck, 1969
Debbie Herself, Walck, 1969
Debbie and Her Dolls, Walck, 1970
Debbie Goes to Nursery School, Walck, 1970
Debbie and Her Pets, Walck, 1971
Alphabet People, Harper, 1928
Animals for Me, Oxford University Press, 1941
Forgetful Tommy, Greenacres Press, 1943
Spring is Here, Oxford University Press, 1945
Now It’s Fall, Oxford University Press, 1948
I Like Winter, Oxford University Press, 1950
We Are Thy Children, Crowell, 1952
On a Summer Day, Oxford University Press, 1953
Songs of Mr. Small, Oxford University Press, 1954
Songs of the City, Marks Music, 1956
Up to Six, Hansen Music, 1956
I Went for a Walk, Walck, 1958
At Our House, Walck, 1959
When I Grow Up, Walck, 1960
The Life I Live, Walck, 1965
City Poems, Walck, 1971
Sing a Song of People, Little Brown, 1987
Theatrical Production Fiction
The Bean-Pickers, National Council of Churches, 1952
A Change of Heart, National Council of Churches, 1952
Strangers in a Strange Land, National Council of Churches, 1952

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Manuscript Location:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro