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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
Across the Cotton Patch 1935 Credle, Ellis
All for the Love of Cassie 1973 9780877160465 Beaman, Joyce Proctor
An Independent Spirit 2002 9781928556350 Smith, Donna Campbell
An Old Salem Christmas, 1840 2008 9781933251462 Smith, Karen Cecil
An Unknown Patriot 1899 Child, Frank Samuel
Anchor, The 2003 1889199052 Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Annie Laurie and Azalea 1913 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Applewhites at Wit's End 2012 9780060579388 Tolan, Stephanie S.
Aunt Flora 1953 Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
Azalea, The Story of a Girl in the Blue Ridge Mountains 1912 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea's Silver Web 1915 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea at Sunset Gap 1914 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Baer's Christmas, The 1939 Moore, Bertha Belle
Ballad of Belle Dorcas, The 1990 0394846451 Hooks, William Harris
Baptism, The 2007 1416906711 Moses, Sheila P.
Beanie 1953 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Becoming Rosemary 1997 9780385322485 Wood, Frances M.
Betrayal at Cross Creek 2004 9781584858782 Ernst, Kathleen
Betsy Dowdy's Ride 1960 Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Big Cypress Buck 1957 Johnson, James Ralph
Big Doin's on Razorback Ridge 1956 Credle, Ellis
Blockade Runner, The 1896 9781246713695 Tracy, J. Perkins
Blue 2006 9781590783894 Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Blue Autumn Cruise 2012 9780310726173 Kline, Lisa Williams
Blue Ridge Billy 1946 Lenski, Lois Lenore
Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge, The 1913 Rathbone, St. George Henry
Boy Spies with the Regulators, The 1901 Kaler, James Otis
Bright Freedom's Song 1998 9780152018122 Houston, Gloria
Broken Acres 1971 9780910244602 Beaman, Joyce Proctor
Buckskin Brigade 1947 Kjelgaard, James Arthur
Burnside and Sideburns 2000 9781878405289 Tate, Suzanne
Buttermilk Hill 2004 9780374351120 White, Ruth
Caleb's Luck 1942 Benet, Laura
Carolina Harmony 2009 9780385735902 McDowell, Marilyn Taylor
Carolina Quest 1978 9780131149182 Parramore, Thomas C.
Carolina Quest: Teacher's Guide 1978 9780131149007 Parramore, Barbara M.
Caterpillar Summer 2019 9781526606266 McDunn, Gillian
Cecilia's Harvest 2009 9780978526566 Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Celeste's Harlem Renaissance 2007 9780316523943 Tate, Eleanora E.
Charlotte Hawkins Brown 1995 9781878177070 Silcox-Jarrett, Diane
Chilhowee Boys 1893 Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth
Christmas Maus 2008 Hutton, John
Christmas Tree that Flew to Fayetteville Street, The 1971 Rust, Rebecca Ball
Circle of Fire 1982 9780689502415 Hooks, William Harris
Comfort 2009 9781590786062 Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
Cotton Top 1953 O'Neill, Jean
Crackerjack Pony, The 1969 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Crossing the Line 1978 9780394839387 Hooks, William Harris
Curse of the Raven Mocker, The 2003 0374316678 Youmans, Marly
Dan and Jack Find a Pal 1955 Moore, Bertha Belle
Digby the Only Dog 1955 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Don't Split the Pole 1997 9780385323024 Tate, Eleanora E.
Down, Down the Mountain 1934 Credle, Ellis
Drovers' Gold 1961 Street, Julia Montgomery
Drummer Boy, The 1863 Trowbridge, John Townsend
Dulcie's Whale 1963 Street, Julia Montgomery
Easter Maus 2010 Hutton, John
Eating Crow 1988 9780531104996 Hopkins, Lila
Eleanor Hill 1999 9780812627152 Kline, Lisa Williams
Ernestine's Milky Way 2019 9781524714864 Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Fair Adventure, The 1940 Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Fiddler's Fancy 1955 Street, Julia Montgomery
Flying High With the Wright Brothers 1995 9780964697003 Maden, Mary
Forgotten Door, The 1965 9780838202647 Key, Alexander Hill
Freedom on the Menu 2004 9780803728608 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Freedom's Fruit 1995 9780679924388 Hooks, William Harris
Gentle's Holler 2005 9780670059980 Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, The 2014 9780803736719 Turnage, Sheila
Girl Called Boy, A 1982 9780395310229 Hurmence, Belinda
Goat That Went to School, The 1940 Credle, Ellis
Gold Seekers, The 1989 0872496589 Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Golden Girl 1985 9780963596727 Tilly, Nancy
Good Night North Carolina 2009 9781602190337 Gamble, Adam
Greetings from Nowhere 2008 9780374399375 O'Connor, Barbara Lawrence
Grey Caps 1932 Knox, Rose Bell
Happy Animals of Atagahi, The 1935 James, Bessie Rowland
Here and There with Henry 1943 Tippett, James Sterling
Here Comes the Show Boat! 1949 Credle, Ellis
Hickory Limb, The 1942 Priley, Margaret Hubbard
Highland Fling 2006 9780812627428 Ernst, Kathleen
Highpockets 1948 Tunis, John Roberts
Holly from Hatteras 1998 9781878405227 Tate, Suzanne
Home at Last 1989 9780961348526 Taylor, Roy G.
Home Before Dark 1976 9780394832999 Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Howard McPhlinn. A Story For Boys 1897 Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Hunters' Hideout 1959 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
I Know Some Little Animals 1941 Tippett, James Sterling
I Spend the Summer 1930 Tippett, James Sterling
Ingledove 2005 9780374335991 Youmans, Marly
Into the Wind 1977 9780380710263 Taylor, Theodore
Island Girl 1951 Darby, Ada Claire
Jack Adrift 2003 9780374399870 Gantos, Jack
Jane Hope 1933 Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Jane Lends a Hand 1923 Watkins, Shirley
Janey's Shoes 1941 Credle, Ellis
Jessie's Mountain 2008 9780670061549 Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Jolly J's Make Decisions, The 1951 Moore, Bertha Belle
Jolly J's of Silver Creek, The 1949 Moore, Bertha Belle
Journey Cake 1942 McMeekin, Isabel McLennan
Joy Shop Stories 1929 Moore, Bertha Belle
Jump Into the Sky 2012 9780375836992 Pearsall, Shelley
Kappy Oliver 1956 Walker, Nona
Kitty Hawk 2012 9781585366057 Smith, Roland
Last Cruise of the "Nightwatch" 1956 Bloomfield, Howard Van Lieu
Law of Finders Keepers, The 2018 9780803739628 Turnage, Sheila
Legend of Buddy Bush, The 2004 9780689858390 Moses, Sheila P.
Legend of the White Doe, The 1988 9780027443509 Hooks, William Harris
Liberty Boys After Cornwallis, The 1905 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and the Blind Boy, The 1908 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Captain Huck, The 1910 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Flora Macdonald, The 1904 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and General Greene, The 1903 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys and Major Davie, The 1922 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Bay, The 1912 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Guilford Courthouse, The 1905 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys at Hanging Rock, The 1904 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys' Bugler, The 1911 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys Clever Trick, The 1913 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys Going It Blind, The 1920 Moore, Harry
Liberty Boys' Success, The 1913 Moore, Harry
Listen! 2006 9780060579371 Tolan, Stephanie S.
Little Carolina Blue Bonnet 1933 Pugh, Mabel
Little Fraid, Big Fraid 1964 Credle, Ellis
Little Jeemes Henry 1936 Credle, Ellis
Little North Carolina 2011 9781585365456 Crane, Carol Mae
Littlejim 1990 9780914875529 Houston, Gloria
Littlejim's Dreams 1997 9780152015091 Houston, Gloria
Littlejim's Gift 1994 9780698116566 Houston, Gloria
Louisiana's Song 2007 9780670061532 Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Lucky Mischief 1949 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Magic of Topsail Island, The 2010 9780615399744 Zarse, Lindsay McAllister
Magic Pin, The 1956 Forbus, Ina Bell
Maldonado Miracle, The 1973 9780385084567 Taylor, Theodore
Mandie and the Cherokee Legend 1983 9780871233219 Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Forbidden Attic 1985 9780871238221 Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Ghost Bandits 1984 9780871234421 Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel 1983 9780871233202 Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Trunk's Secret 1985 9780871238399 Leppard, Lois Gladys
Many Roads Traveled: Or, Twenty Years In Bondage 2015 9781503515284 Morton-Young, Tommie
Marty and Company 1933 Knox, Rose Bell
Matilda's Buttons 1948 Hunt, Mabel Leigh
Me an' Ole Kate, and Other Christmas Stories 1957 Peace, Samuel Thomas
Meggy MacIntosh 1930 Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile 2011 0060291559 Houston, Gloria
Missing Head Mystery, The 1980 9780935326017 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
MISSING! A Topsail Turtle Tale 2011 Zarse, Lindsay McAllister
Moccasin Tracks 1960 Street, Julia Montgomery
Moonflower 1954 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain 1982 0590078291 Smith, Doris Buchanan
Moss Gown 1987 0899194605 Hooks, William Harris
Motorcycle Chums in the Land of the Sky 1912 Lincoln, Andrew Carey
Mountain Boy 1947 Bell, Thelma Harrington
Mountain Valor 1994 0698113837 Houston, Gloria
Moves Make the Man, The 1984 9780060206987 Brooks, Bruce
Mr. Nosey 1945 Hooks, Arah Lucy
My Great-Aunt Arizona 1992 0064433749 Houston, Gloria
Mysterious Rifleman; A Story of the American Revolution, The 1921 Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth
Mystery at Kill Devil Hills, The 2003 9780635020949 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of Biltmore House, The 1982 9780935326079 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate, The 2003 9780635016485 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of the Lost Colony, The 1983 9781556091827 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
N is for North Carolina 2007 9781581736250 Sullivan, Ellen J.
Night Flyers, The 1999 9781562478155 Jones, Elizabeth McDavid
Nightwalker, The 1984 9780899197326 Hurmence, Belinda
Nora's Dream 2008 Sullivan, Jeanie
North Carolina Night Before Christmas, The 2006 9781581733945 Sullivan, Ellen J.
Odds of Getting Even, The 2017 9780142426166 Turnage, Sheila
Old Moat Farm: A Story of Queen Elizabeth's Days, The 1905 Pollard, Eliza Fanny
On Guard! Against Tory and Tarleton 1902 True, John Preston
On Silver Creek Knob 1939 Moore, Bertha Belle
Pale as the Moon 1999 1928556027 Smith, Donna Campbell
Pale as the Moon (3rd edition) 2013 9781491287699 Smith, Donna Campbell
Patriot in the Saddle 1945 Nolan, Jeannette Covert
Peanut 1951 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Peanut Butter Mascot 1953 Olds, Helen Diehl
Peanuts for Billy Ben 1952 Lenski, Lois Lenore
Penny Rose 1952 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Permanent Connections 1987 9780060207113 Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Phantom of the Blockade 1962 1931177163 Meader, Stephen Warren
Pirate Island 1955 Martin, Frances Gardiner McEntee
Pirate Quest 1955 Faulkner, Nancy
Polly of the Pines 1906 9781150897498 Thompson, Adele Eugenia
Princeville 2001 9781928556329 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Purro and the Prattleberries 1970 0664324835 Newton, Suzanne
Queen Bee and Me, The 2021 9781547605729 McDunn, Gillian
Quest Maker 2016 9780062308467 McKay, Laurie
Raleigh's Page 2007 0375833196 Armstrong, Alan
Ralph Fabian's Mistakes 1908 Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Realm Breaker 2017 9780062308498 McKay, Laurie
Return of Buddy Bush, The 2006 9780689874314 Moses, Sheila P.
Reuben Delton, Preacher 1900 Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
River Treasure 1947 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
Road to Tater Hill 2009 9780385736770 Hemingway, Edith Morris
Runaway Pony 1963 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Sallie Gal And The Wall-a-kee Man 2007 9780439908900 Moses, Sheila P.
Salt and Pepper 1952 Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Sarah Dillard's Ride 1898 Kaler, James Otis
Scott Burton in the Blue Ridge 1924 Cheyney, Edward Green
Seabiscuit 2001 1928556280 Russell, Anne
Season of Change 2013 9780310740070 Kline, Lisa Williams
Secret of Blackbeard's Treasure, The 1995 0964697017 Maden, Mary
Serafina and the Black Cloak 2015 9781484711873 Beatty, Robert
Serafina and the Splintered Heart 2017 9781484775042 Beatty, Robert
Serafina and the Twisted Staff 2016 9781484775035 Beatty, Robert
Sea Snake, The 1943 Meader, Stephen Warren
Sister Maus 2006 0978960807 Hutton, John
Snifty 1957 Price, Olive M.
Snowbear Whittington 1994 0027443558 Hooks, William Harris
Society of the Sentinelia 2022 9781685121259 Bare, Micki
Something Wicked 2008 0142414964 Gratz, Alan
Stay the Course 2004 1418412600 Arrington, E. D.
Storm Warriors 2001 375806644 Carbone, Elisa L.
Story of Marthy, The 1898 Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Summer Gold 1955 Kroll, Harry Harrison;
Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Summer of the Wolves 2012 9780310726135 Kline, Lisa Williams
Surviving the Applewhite's 2003 9780064410441 Tolan, Stephanie S.
Swamp Girl 1971 0910244596 Wechter, Carolyn Wise
T is for Tar Heel 2003 9781585360826 Crane, Carol Mae
Taffy of Torpedo Junction 1957 9780807846193 Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Talking Turkey 1989 0531151190 Hopkins, Lila
Tall Tales from the High Hills 1964 Credle, Ellis
Tancy 1984 9780899192284 Hurmence, Belinda
Tar-Heel Baron, A 1903 Pelton, Mabell Shippie Clarke
Teach's Light 1974 9780807847930 Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Teetoncey 1974 0385095848 Taylor, Theodore
Teetoncey and Ben O'Neal 1975 0152052976 Taylor, Theodore
These Unlucky Stars 2021 9781547605385 McDunn, Gillian
Three Baers, The 1938 Moore, Bertha Belle
Three Little Pigs and the Fox, The 1989 9780027444315 Hooks, William Harris
Three Times Lucky 2012 9780803736702 Turnage, Sheila
Tildy 1965 Sharpe, Stella Gentry
To Be Free 2004 9780739875070 Tate, Eleanora E.
Tobe 1939 9780807872475 Sharpe, Stella Gentry
Tom Benn and Blackbeard 1954 Henderson, LeGrand
Tough Enough 1954 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Tough Enough and Sassy 1958 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Tough Enough's Indians 1960 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Tough Enough's Pony 1957 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Tough Enough's Trip 1956 Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Tough Tiffany 1980 9780385150835 Hurmence, Belinda
Treegate's Raiders 1962 Wibberley, Leonard
Trial Valley 1977 9780397317226 Cleaver, Vera Allen;
Cleaver, William Joseph
Triplets Become Good Neighbors, The 1945 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Fly High, The 1950 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Go Places, The 1945 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Go South, The 1940 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Go to Camp, The 1955 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Have an Adventure, The 1947 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets in Business, The 1939 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Make a Discovery, The 1954 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Over J.O.Y., The 1941 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Receive a Reward, The 1946 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Sign Up, The 1943 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Take Over, The 1953 Moore, Bertha Belle
Triplets Try Television, The 1954 Moore, Bertha Belle
True Love for Jenny 1956 Burgwyn, Mebane Holoman
True to the Old Flag 1885
Twelve Days of Christmas in North Carolina, The 2009 9781402744679 Stead, Judy
Two Worlds of Davy Blount, The 1962 Bell, Thelma Harrington
Villain Keeper 2015 9780062308436 McKay, Laurie
Walking Ribbon 2005 9780966243123 Ebel, Julia Taylor
Weirdo, The 1993 9780780728660 Taylor, Theodore
What I Came to Tell You 2013 9781606844335 Hays, Tommy
When the Parkway Came 2010 9780984056507 Whisnant, Anne Mitchell;
Whisnant, David E.
Where Are You When I Need You? 1991 9780140344547 Newton, Suzanne
Where the Lilies Bloom 1969 9780397311118 Cleaver, Vera Allen;
Cleaver, William Joseph
Wicked Jack 1995 9780823411016 Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm
Wild Horse Spring 2012 9780310726159 Kline, Lisa Williams
Willa of the Wood 2018 9781368005845 Beatty, Robert
Windrift 1983 9780935326376 Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Winter's Tide 2013 9780310726197 Kline, Lisa Williams
With the Regulators: A Story of North Carolina in 1768 1901 Kaler, James Otis
With Wings as Eagles 1997 9780395705575 O'Leary, Patsy Baker
Wreath from the Woods of Carolina, A 1859 Mason, Mary Ann Bryan
Yaller-Eye 1950 Bell, Thelma Harrington
Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, The 1988 9780140558777 Houston, Gloria
Young Hickory: A Story of the Frontier Boyhood and Youth of Andrew Jackson 1940 Young, Stanley Preston