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"Deliver us from This Cruel War": The Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle, 55th North Carolina Infantry 2010 9780786447572 Girvan, Jeffrey M.;
Hoyle, Joseph J.
"Gentleman" John Perkins 1920 Scott, William Walter
"Miss Fay" 1978 Hamrick, Grace Rutledge
"That I May Know Him": A Personal Testimony 1948 Havner, Vance
519 North Third to 617 Blair 1968 Fox, Jared Copeland
About Mary 1989 McCurdy, Harold Grier
Abraham Lincoln, A North Carolinian 1925 Coggins, James Caswell
According to Tim 2013 9781938527104 Whealton, Tim
Across Fortune’s Tracks 1996 9780807865170 Campbell, Walter E.
Addie Clawson 2003 9781877905671 Ebel, Julia Taylor
Adding Value 2001 9781878086884 Cline, Ned
Adventure of a Lifetime 2008 Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Adventures in Pen Land 2008 9780826218179 Gingher, Marianne
African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, The 2013 9781469610795 Bryan, Sarah Luisa;
Lanier, Michelle;
Patterson, Beverly Bush
African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia 1995 9780870498932 Conway, Cecelia
Albert Coates I Know, The 1979 Coates, Gladys Jane Hall
All Aboard! 1996 9781566640947 Terrell, Bob
An Ear to Myself 1996 Swalin, Martha Maxine McMahon
Andy Griffith Story, The 1995 1887138013 Collins, Terry Carlson
Anvil of Adversity 1968 9781125678572 Stevens, William
Appalachian Mountain Memories 2003 9781887905312 Morgan, Larry G.
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kevin 2008 9781596914162 Keck, Kevin
As We Were 1935 Cotten, Bruce
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman 2010 9781935514077 Greene, Robin
Autobiography of Brantley York, The 1910 York, Brantley
Autobiography of Flora M’Donald, The 1870 9781177809450 MacDonald, Flora
Auto-biography of Lemuel Sawyer 1844 Sawyer, Lemuel
Autobiography of Needham Bryan Cobb 1865 Cobb, Needham Bryan
Autobiography: The Life of the Novelist and Politician from North Carolina 1958 Baily, Dykeman Waldron
B.W. Spilman 1953 9780805472240 Green, Charles Sylvester
Back to Beginnings 1969 Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Ballad of Tom Dula, The 1971 9781887905558 West, John Foster
Bard of Ottaray, The 1979 Banner, Leslie;
Timblin, Carol Lowe
Beads: A Memoir About Falling Apart and Putting Yourself Back Together Again 2019 9781633939660 Brooks, Rachael
Bearwallow (2nd ed.) 2021 9781949467543 Jones, Jeremy B.
Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence 2010 9780895873750 Wilson, Emily Herring
Before He Wakes 1994 9780525938262 Bledsoe, Jerry
Before John was a Jazz Giant 2008 9780805079944 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Behind the Scenes; or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House 1868 9781461059738 Keckley, Elizabeth
Being a Boy 1988 9780895870650 Davis, Paxton
Bernice Kelly Harris 1955 Walser, Richard Gaither
Best Game Ever, The 2006 9781592289820 Lucas, Adam
Bettering the Health of the People 2007 9780807831953 Blythe, William Brevard;
Denny, Jr., Floyd W.;
McLendon, William Woodard
Bibliography of Louis Round Wilson 1942 Thornton, Mary Lindsay
Billy Graham 1958 Houston, Noel
Billy Graham Story, The 2003 9780310251262 Pollock, John Charles
Biography of John Randolph of Roanoke, A 1844 Sawyer, Lemuel
Biography of Thomas Wolfe, A 1968 9780911796001 Austin, Neal Fuller
Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire, His Life and Work 1941 London, Lawrence Foushee
Bitter Blood 1989 9780451402103 Bledsoe, Jerry
Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Matthews, Kingpin 2013 9780985244019 Chepesiuk, Ron
Black Folk Could Fly: Selected Writings by Randall Kenan 2022 9780393882162 Kenan, Randall Garrett
Black Heritage of Western North Carolina, The 1986 Davis, Lenwood G.;
Ready, Milton
Black Mountain Days 2003 9780964902084 Rumaker, Michael
Black Poet, The 1966 Walser, Richard Gaither
Blackbeard, the Pirate 1974 9780895870322 Lee, Robert Earl
Blood Done Sign My Name 2004 9780609610589 Tyson, Timothy B.
Blood Games 1991 9780525933694 Bledsoe, Jerry
Blue Horizons 1993 9781878086051 Bledsoe, Jerry
Blue Ridge Heritage: An Informal History of Three Generations of The Family of John Nicholson Idol 2005 9781887905411 Idol Jr., John Lane
Blue Ridge Nature Journal 2006 9781596291393 Ellison, George
Blue Ridge Pilgrimage 2017 9780999195833 Claud, Mary Ann
Boarding House Reach 2007 9780978624866 Sink, Alice E.
Bob 2006 9781566642613 Terrell, Bob
Bold Entrepreneur 2003 9780890897447 Durden, Robert Franklin
Bondwoman's Narrative, The 2002 0446530085 Crafts, Hannah;
Gates, Jr., Henry Louis
Born Southern and Restless 1996 9780820702759 Meads, Kathy Ann
Boy Colonel of the Confederacy 1985 9780807866610 Davis, Archie Kimbrough
Boy No More, A 1992 9780895871701 Davis, Paxton
Boys of the Battleship North Carolina 2007 9780895873392 Ramsey, Cindy Horrell
Boy's War, A 1990 9780895871695 Davis, Paxton
Bread Upon the Water 2012 9780977962853 Klingel, Deanna K.
Bryson City Seasons 2004 9780739469316 Larimore, Walt
Bryson City Secrets 2006 9780310266334 Larimore, Walt
Bryson City Tales 2002 9780310256700 Larimore, Walt
Building a Solid Foundation 2007 9780977953424 Cline, Ned
Built on a Rock 2005 9780976782902 Bledsoe, Jerry;
Neal, Jerry D.
Businessman in the Statehouse 1962 9780807836101 Hodges, Luther Hartwell
Cabin 1996 9780913239421 Hallowell, Barbara Gawthrop
Calypso 2018 9780316392389 Sedaris, David
Cap'n Charlie and Lights of the Lower Cape Fear 1967 Herring, Ethel
Captain Lenoir's Diary 2010 9781935619000 Jones, Carroll C.
Carl Sandburg: A Pictorial Biography 1967 9781199901996 Haas, Joseph
Carolinian on the Hudson 1986 Anderson, Jean Bradley
Carolina Israelite 2015 9781469621036 Hartnett, Kimberly Marlowe
Carolina Watermen, The 1993 9780895871046 Kelly, Barbara;
Kelly, Richard Michael
Centered 2021 9780593193358 Brown, Jason
Chapel Hill in Plain Sight 2010 9780982077139 Athas, Daphne
Charles Brantley Aycock 1961 9780807879344 Orr, Oliver Hamilton
Charles Duncan McIver, 1860-1906 1942 Satterfield, Frances Gibson
Charles E. Maddry 1955 Maddry, Charles Edward
Charles Waddell Chesnutt 1952 Chesnutt, Helen Maria
Charlotte Hawkins Brown 1995 9781878177070 Silcox-Jarrett, Diane
Chefs of the Mountains 2012 9780895875815 Batchelor, John E.
Chefs of the Triangle 2009 9780895873705 Prospero, Ann
Cherokee Stories of the Past 2010 9781878177209 Cantrell, Roy
Child in the Midst, A 2006 9780978802615 Smith, Trudy J.
Choo Choo 1958 Scheer, Julian Weisel
Clear Pictures 1998 9780684847528 Price, Edward Reynolds
Cleveland County in World War II 2005 9780738517728 Davis, Anita Price;
Walker, James M.
Clingman's Brigade in the Confederacy, 1862-1865 2002 9780786413003 Casstevens, Frances Harding
Cold Mountain Bomber Crash 2005 9780977210107 Cannon, Doris Rollins
Colonial Officer And His Times, 1754-1773, A 1885 Waddell, Alfred Moore
Color of Love, The 2005 9781592286263 Cheek, Gene
Columbia on the Scuppernong 2008 9780964339675 McNaughton, Marimar
Come Go Home with Me 1995 9780807866467 Adams, Sheila Kay
Confessions of a Preacher's Kid 2001 9781931232401 McMahan, Michael
Cornelius Harnett: The Pride of the Cape Fear 1909 Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly
Correspondence of William Tryon and Other Selected Papers, The 1980 0865261415 Powell, William Stevens
Cotten Family of North Carolina, The 1963 Cotten, Bruce
Country Boy's Education, A 2008 9780741443380 Ketchie, Cotton
Country Cured 1991 9780452267060 Bledsoe, Jerry
Country Doctor in the South Mountains, A 1955 Washburn, Benjamin Earle
Courage to Lead, The 2008 9780981692104 Lee, Howard Nathaniel
Cruel Doubt 1991 9780671679477 McGinniss, Joe
Crusoe's Island 2000 9781928556046 Miller, Heather Ross
Cullom Lantern, The 1963 Blackmore, James Harold
Currituck 2008 9781596294974 Morris, Travis
Currituck As It Used to Be 2011 9781609495084 Morris, Travis
Currituck Memories and Adventures 2007 9781596293052 Morris, Travis
Dance Band from Deacontown, The 2008 9780979310416 Pope, Norwood W.
Daniel Boone 1916 Gulliver, Lucile
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout 1922 White, Stewart Edward
Dating Adventures of a Widow, The 2013 9781938527180 Berman, Rita
David Caldwell 1976 Arnett, Ethel Stephens
David Caldwell, 1725-1824 2000 Caldwell, David Andrew
David Lowry Swain, Governor and University President 1963 Camp, Cordelia
David Paton 1909 Ashe, Samuel A'Court
Day of Blood, A 2009 9780865263444 Umfleet, LeRae Sikes
Days of Bondage 1883 Jones, Friday
Deadly Dose 2008 9780425221969 Lamb, Amanda
Deadly Goals 1996 9781878086556 Browning, Wilt
Dean Smith Story, The 1980 9780873971669 Mumau, Thad
Dean's Domain 1999 9781563525407 Chansky, Art
Dean's List, The 1996 9780446520072 Chansky, Art
Dear Mabel 1961 Thornton, Mary Lindsay
Death by Journalism 2001 9781878086938 Bledsoe, Jerry
Death Sentence 1998 9780525942559 Bledsoe, Jerry
Deep Run Roots 2016 9780316381109 Howard, Vivian
Deep South 1968 9780820317168 Caldwell, Erskine
Descendants of James Draughon of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1974 Draughon, Wells Robert
Descendants of Walter and James Draughon, Sr. of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties, North Carolina 1974 Draughon, Wells Robert
Desegregating Cary, North Carolina 2009 9780578046242 Van Scoyoc, Peggy
Dethronement of Reason 1998 Capel, Frank Winfred
Diary of Mary Elizabeth Auman, The 2010 9781440199431 Auman, Mary Elizabeth;
Auman, William Thomas
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 1 1979 9780807813294 Powell, William Stevens
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 2 1986 9780807816561 Powell, William Stevens
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 3 1988 9780807818060 Powell, William Stevens
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 4 1991 9780807819180 Powell, William Stevens
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 5 1994 9780807821008 Powell, William Stevens
Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 6 1996 9780807822258 Powell, William Stevens
Doctor's Experiences in Three Continents, A 1885 Warren, Edward
Dolley Madison and the ''Great Little Madison" 1977 Hunt-Jones, Conover
Don't Git Above Your Raising 1992 34791246 Adams, Sheila Kay
Don't Wish You Had, Be Glad You Did 2000 9781571972460 Ammons, Justus;
Lucas, Adam
Dr. David Caldwell: An 18th Century Flame for Christ, 1725-1824 2008 9780615221250 Caldwell, Jr., Finis Jay
Dr. Frank 1993 9780963891501 Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Dr. Jane Carswell: Family Physician, Humanitarian, Friend 2018 9781717108685 Griffith, Gretchen
Dream Long Deferred, The 1988 0807817945 Gaillard, Frye
Dreamer Archibald DeBow Murphey, The 1971 Turner, Herbert Snipes
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim 2004 9780316010795 Sedaris, David
Duck Hunting on Currituck Sound 2006 9781596291676 Morris, Travis
Dukes of Durham, The 1975 9780822303305 Durden, Robert Franklin
Durham and Her People 1951 Dula, William C;
Simpson, A. C.
Earl Scruggs and Foggy Mountain Breakdown 2019 9780252084782 Goldsmith, Thomas
Echoes of a Log Cabin 1976 Herring, Ethel
Edible North Carolina 2022 9781469667799 Ferris, Marcie Cohen;
Howard, Vivian;
Hysmith, Katherine
Edward Kidder Graham 1919 9785871862483 Wilson, Louis Round
Elephant in the Room, The 2019 9781501111617 Tomlinson, Tommy
Embracing Willendorf: A Witch's Way of Loving Your Body to Health and Fitness 2020 9780996758352 Ballard, H. Byron
Emma Neal Morrison I Know, The 1989 Friday, Ida Willa Howell
End of Eden, The 2008 9781893239807 Crowe, Thomas Rain
Enigma of Thomas Wolfe, The 1953 Walser, Richard Gaither
Essays on William Chambers Coker, Passionate Botanist 2003 9780972160001 Joslin, Mary Coker
Eugene Clyde Brooks 1960 Gatewood, Willard B.
Evil Next Door 2010 9780425233344 Lamb, Amanda
Experience of Thomas Jones, The 1854 Jones, Thomas H.
Fabled Doctor Jim Jordan, The 1963 Johnson, Frank Roy
Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm, The 2003 9780393057874 Barnwell, Timothy Lee
Family of Earth 2016 9781469630540 Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Fatal Vision 1983 9780399128165 McGinniss, Joe
Fiddler of the Mountains 2013 9781578648320 Wike, Eva Nell Mull
Fifty Years 1903 Fitzgerald, Oscar Penn
Fifty Years in Christian Missions 1966 Hipps, John Burder
Fire of Freedom, The 2012 9780807835661 Cecelski, David S.
First in Flight 1995 9780895871275 Kirk, Stephen
Five North Carolina Folk Artists 1986 Zug III, Charles G.
Five Walsers 1976 Walser, Richard Gaither
Flat Rock 2004 9780738516578 Reuther, Galen
Four Trials 2004 9780743244978 Edwards, Johnny Reid
Frank Porter Graham: A Southern Liberal 1981 9780895870094 Ashby, Warren H.
Frankly Speaking 2001 9781878086921 Cline, Ned
Frederick Henry Koch 1954 Selden, Samuel;
Sphangos, Mary Tom
From Banner Elk to Boonville 2011 9781570723292 Speer, Allen Paul
From Log Cabin to the Pulpit, or Fifteen Years in Slavery 1913 Robinson, William H.
General Julian S. Carr, Greathearted Citizen 1946 Green, Charles Sylvester
General Leonidas Polk, C.S.A. 1962 9780807118016 Parks, Joseph Howard
Generations of Somerset Place 2005 9780738518039 Redford, Dorothy Spruill
Generosity of Strangers, The 2011 Hensley, Jan G.
George W. Truett, A Biography 1939 James, Powhatan Wright
Gertrude Sprague Carraway 1982 Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Get a Good Life 1999 9780967097404 Wilson, Emily Herring
Ghosts on the River 1972 McCullough, Rose Goode
Gideon Edwards, Surry County, and the Ratification of the Federal Constitution in North Carolina 1987 Hendricks, James Edwin
Girls Gone Child 2010 9781456502737 Lamb, Amanda
Girl's Life, A 2001 9780807126851 Gingher, Marianne
God Can Use Anyone—Even Me: The Charles Pickens Story 2009 9781935130055 McAfee, Patricia A.;
Pickens, Charles Edward
Going Home Again 2005 9781592287840 Lucas, Adam
Going to School in Black and White 2017 9781611532524 Smith Romocki, LaHoma;
Waszak Geary, Cynthia
Golden Age of Pinehurst, The 2004 9781587261749 Pace, Lee
Good Government Man, The 2010 9780807834534 Covington, Jr., Howard E.
Good Morning! 1997 9781878086631 Kinard, Jr., William Lee
Governor, The 1972 Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Governor George Burrington, With an Account of His Official Administrations in the Colony of North Carolina, 1724-1725, 1731-1734 1896 Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Governor O. Max Gardner 1971 9780807811535 Morrison, Joseph Lederman
Governor Tryon and His Palace 1955 Dill, Alonzo Thomas
Governor Vance 1961 Camp, Cordelia
Governor William Tryon, and His Administration in the Province of North Carolina, 1765-1771 1903 Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Grabtown Girl 2001 9781878086891 Cannon, Doris Rollins
Grandpa's Town 1978 9781566641197 Terrell, Bob
Great Dismal, The 1990 9780807847527 Simpson, Bland
Greensboro Four, The 2001 1930907036 Gaillard, Frye
Gringo 2003 9781931807166 Willimetz, Emil Joseph
Growing Up in North Carolina 1993 Kuralt, Charles Bishop
Half Century with Rare Books, A 1991 London, Lawrence Foushee
Half of What I Say Is Meaningless 2014 9780881464733 Bathanti, Joseph
Hands in Harmony: Traditional Crafts and Music in Appalachia 2009 9780393068153 Barnwell, Timothy Lee
Hanged By a Dream? 2005 9780595362943 Young, Perry Deane
Happy-Go-Lucky 2022 9780316392457 Sedaris, David
Hard Work 2009 9781565129597 Williams, Roy
Hardscrabble, as We Were 1982 Green, Charlotte Hilton
Harry Woodburn Chase 1960 9780807879610 Wilson, Louis Round
Hatteras Journal 1987 9781555910105 DeBlieu, Jan
Having Our Say 1993 9781568360102 Delaney, Annie Elizabeth;
Delaney, Sarah Louise
Heist! 2002 9780895872524 Diamant, Jeff
Helping the Wright Brothers 1999 9781878405258 Tate, Suzanne
Hendersonville 2005 9780738541846 Reuther, Galen;
Welter, Lu Ann
Henry Lawson Wyatt 1892 Weeks, Stephen Beauregard
Heritage of Yadkin County, The 1981 Casstevens, Frances Harding
High Time to Tell It 1950 Long, Mary Alves
High, Wide, and Frightened 1938 9781557287663 Thaden, Louise Marcellus McPhetridge
History of Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1851-1976, The 1976 Carroll, Robert
History of the Town of Durham, N.C. 1884 Paul, Hiram Voss
Hooraw for Vance! 1931 Russell, Charles Phillips
Hope Summerell Chamberlain 1961 Thornton, Mary Lindsay
Horace Williams 1942 Winston, Sr., Robert Watson
House of Petticoats 2010 9780978802646 Smith, Trudy J.
Housed on the Third Floor 1941 Cotten, Bruce
Hundred Story Home, The 2016 9780785219880 Izard, Kathy
I Appreciate It 2012 9781401600990 Clark, Jim;
Griffith, Andrew Samuel
I Walked the Sloping Hills: A Memoir 2010 9780615349916 Brown, Walter Matthew
Images of America: Yancey County 2011 9780738587608 Dellinger, Elaine McAlister;
Kay, Kiesa
In Some Foreign Field 1972 9780910244657 Naisawald, Louis VanLoan
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 1861 Jacobs, Harriet Ann
Inglis Fletcher of Bandon Plantation 1952 Walser, Richard Gaither
Inseparable 2018 9780871404473 Huang, Yunte
Into the Sound Country 1997 9780807846865 Simpson, Bland
It's a Far Cry 1937 Winston, Sr., Robert Watson
Jack Claiborne's Charlotte 1974 9780914998037 Claiborne, Jack
James B. Duke 1927 Jenkins, John Wilber
James W. Davis 1956 Blythe, William LeGette
Jeremiah Adderton and Some of His Descendants 1979 Walser, Richard Gaither
Jim Hunt 2010 9780895873880 Pearce, Gary
Joel Lane, Pioneer and Patriot 1900 Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
John Carlisle Kilgo, President of Trinity College, 1894-1910 1937 Garber, Paul Neff
John Coltrane: A Discography and Musical Biography 1995 9780810829862 Fujioka, Yasuhiro;
Hamada, Yoh-ichi;
Porter, Lewis
John Coltrane: His Life and Music 1998 9780472086436 Porter, Lewis
John Henry Moss 2008 9780914875536 Terrell, Bob
Jonathan Worth 1965 Zuber, Richard L.
Joseph Pearson Caldwell, 1853-1911 1933 Bryant, Henry Edward Cowan
Josephus Daniels 2013 9781469606958 Craig, Lee Allan
Josephus Daniels Says... 1962 9780807879269 Morrison, Joseph Lederman
Josephus Daniels: The Small-D Democrat 1966 9780807836279 Morrison, Joseph Lederman
Journal of a Secesh Lady 1979 Edmondston, Catherine Ann Devereux
Jule Carr 1987 9780807866337 Webb, Mena Fuller
Julius Chambers 2016 9781469628547 Rosen, Richard A.
June Bug on a String 2011 9781886057470 Conley, Eddie
Just as I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham 1997 9780061171062 Graham, Jr., William Franklin
Just Call Me Mickey 2006 9781933251189 Capel, Frank Winfred
Just A Country Lawyer: A Biography of Senator Sam Ervin 1974 9780253145406 Clancy, Paul R.
Just Folks 1980 9780914788317 Bledsoe, Jerry
Just a Horse-Stopping Place 2006 9781411669925 Van Scoyoc, Peggy
Justice James Iredell 2000 9780890899717 Whichard, Willis Padgett
Keeper of the Moon 1991 9780393029963 McLaurin, Tim
King 2006 9780738542225 Tucker, Chad
King of the Mountain 2008 9780895873675 Brown, Dick
Kirklands of Ayr Mount, The 1991 9780807819302 Anderson, Jean Bradley
Körner's Folly Cookbook 1977 Sparks, Elizabeth Hedgecock
Last American Man, The 2003 9780142002834 Gilbert, Elizabeth
Last Chivaree, The 1996 9780807822661 Isbell, Robert
Last Days of the War in North Carolina, The 1885 Vance, Zebulon Baird
Last Man Out 1997 9781887269223 Parker, James E.
Lazy Genius Way, The 2020 9780525653912 Adachi, Kendra
Leader of the Pack 2009 9780982165249 Zonars, Stephanie
Legends from the Locker Room 2019 9781531015381 Appenzeller, Herbert T
Legends of the Dunes of Dare 1936 Albertson, Catherine Seyton
Leonidas LaFayette Polk 1949 Noblin, Stuart
Letters of Thomas Wolfe, The 1956 Nowell, Elizabeth
Levi Silliman Ives, Pioneer Leader in Catholic Charities 1933 O'Grady, John
Life After Death 2011 9780982994689 Crayton, Jr., Paul
Life and Art of Ralph Ray, Jr., The 2009 9781441529138 Beagle, Donald Robert
Life and Character of William L. Saunders, The 1892 Waddell, Alfred Moore
Life and Opinions of Julius Melbourn 1847 Melbourn, Julius
Life and Speeches of Charles B. Aycock 1912 Poe, Clarence Hamilton
Life and Speeches of Charles Brantley Aycock, The 1912 Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly
Life and Times of Ray Hicks, The 2008 9781572336216 Salsi, Lynn
Life and Writings of John Wesley Long, M.D., 1859-1926, The 1985 9780961462307 Phillips, Jr., Robert LeRoy
Life in Antebellum Charlotte: The Private Journal of Sarah F. Davidson, 1837, A 2005 9781596290884 Davidson, Sarah Frew;
Williams, Ann
Life of Braxton Craven, The 1939 Dowd, Jerome
Life of William Hooper 1822 Hooper, Archibald Maclaine
Life of Zebulon B. Vance 1897 Dowd, Clement
Life's a Trip 2006 9781597120302 Wilson, Emily Herring
Lift Up Your Head, Tom Dooley 1993 9781878086204 West, John Foster
Light and Air 1998 9780807824450 Cotten, Jerry W.
Lincolnton 2004 9780738516400 Harpe, Jason L.
Linthead 1990 9781878086006 Browning, Wilt
Lives and Times of John Garzia, The 2005 9780976261902 Jones, Billy E.;
Robinson, Lorraine Hale
Lives of Distinguished North Carolinians 1898 Peele, William Joseph
Living Tradition: North Carolina Potters Speak, The 2009 9780979363122 Amberg, Rob
Logical Family 2017 9780062391254 Maupin, Armistead
Long Happy Journey, A 1959 Bryant, Henry Edward Cowan
Long Walk, The 1999 Brown, Linda Beatrice
Look Back with Love 1969 9780814900079 Hannum, Alberta Pierson
Look to This Day 1968 Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Loonis! 2004 9780975887400 Shinn, Jerry
Lost Colony Murder on the Outer Banks: Seeking Justice for Brenda Joyce Holland, The 2021 9781467147392 Railey, John
Luther H. Hodges, Practical Idealist 1968 Ivey, A. G.
Major John Davidson of "Rural Hill, " Mecklenburg County, NC 1943 Davidson, Chalmers Gaston
Making and Measure of a Judge: Biography of The Honorable Sammie Chess Jr., The 2017 9781597151535 Webster, Joe L.
Making of a Southern Industrialist, The 1952 Johnson, Gerald White
Making of a Writer, The 2007 978812974690 Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Mama Dip's Family Cookbook 2005 0807829897 Council, Mildred Edna
Man Called Raleigh, A 1988 9780937866153 Carter, Walter Horace
Man From Mount Gilead, The 2011 9780977953448 Cline, Ned
Many Faces of Fort Defiance, The 1979 York, Maurice C.
Marion Butler and American Populism 2003 9780807827703 Hunt, James Logan
Marshal Ney 1937 Blythe, William LeGette
Marvin Hendrix Stacy 1919 9781172576890 Wilson, Louis Round
Mary 1981 9780807848210 Mebane, Mary Elizabeth
Mary and Jim Semans, North Carolinians 1986 Goodson, Walter Kenneth
Mary, Wayfarer 1983 9780807848227 Mebane, Mary Elizabeth
Matheson Cove, The 2006 9781932604320 Wike, Eva Nell Mull
Mating in Captivity: A Memoir 2018 9781631523373 Zuman, Helen
Maverick Republican in the Old North State 1977 0807125210 Crow, Jeffrey Jay;
Durden, Robert Franklin
Mayhem in Mayberry 2009 9780615300405 Knopp, Brian Lee
McIver of North Carolina 1957 9780807868744 Holder, Rose Howell
Me Now - Who Next? 2013 9781492824220 Ramsey, Bill
Me Talk Pretty One Day 2000 9780316776967 Sedaris, David
Medical Prophet from Temple Square, The 1997 9780961462345 Phillips, Jr., Robert LeRoy
MEET the Help: True Stories of Domestics 2013 9781434937384 Bellamy, Rhonda;
Todd, Bertha Boykin
Memoir of General John Ashe of the Revolution, A 1854 Hooper, Archibald Maclaine;
McRee, Griffith John
Memoir of Joseph J. Erwin 1880 Pearson, William Simpson
Memoir of Major Griffith J. McRee, of the Continental Line of North Carolina 1853 McRee, Griffith John
Memoir of a Race Traitor 1994 9780896084742 Segrest, Mab
Memorial Address on the Life and Services of Bryan Grimes 1886 London, Henry Armand
Memories of an Old-Time Tar Heel 1945 Battle, Kemp Plummer
Memories of a Country Boy 2006 0741435888 Ketchie, Cotton
Memories of Manteo and Roanoke Island, N.C. 1988 0961634421 Tate, Suzanne
Memories of New Bern 1995 0962119490 Wilson, Emily Herring
Memories of World War I 1998 9780865262829 Marshall III, R. Jackson
Memory Cards 2015 9781612965369 Brantley, Michael K.
Memory of Black Mountain College, A 1969 Wieners, John Joseph
Michael Jordan: Before the Legend 1999 9780965516419 Parker, Bobby
Michael Jordan: The Life 2014 9781478927662 Lazenby, Roland
Midstream 2012 143918349X Price, Edward Reynolds
Millie-Christine 1999 0895871882 Martell, Joanne
Minstrel of the Appalachians: The Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford 2002 9780813190273 Jones, Loyal
Miracle in the Hills 1953 Blythe, William LeGette;
Sloop, Mary T. Martin
Mister Junior 1960 Werternbaker, Lael Tucker
Mixed up Family, A 1955 James, Martha Elizabeth McArthur;
Oates, John Alexander
Moravians in North Carolina 2006 9780738543291 Bower, Jennifer Bean
Moses Ashley Curtis, 1808-1872 1958 Powell, William Stevens
Mountain Born, Mountain Molded 2002 1887905693 Morgan, Larry G.
Mountain Doctor 1964 Blythe, William LeGette
Mountain Voices 1988 9780871066718 Moore, Warren
Musical Morphine 2016 9781942016175 Gaiser, Robin Russell
Muslim American Slave, A 1831 9780299249540 Said, Omar Ibn
My Accidental Jihad 2014 9781616200688 Bremer, Krista
My C. C. C. Days 2006 9781933251233 Davis, Frank C.
My Dear Miss Eva 1990 9780962594700 Kratt, Mary Norton
My Father, Burke Davis 1990 Davis-Gardner, Angela
My First Eighty Years 1963 Poe, Clarence Hamilton
My Friend O. Henry 1914 Moyle, Seth
My Friend, David Caldwell 1999 9781893797017 Moore, D'oyle Moore
My Mountains, My People 1957 3430506 Parris, Jr., John A.
Nags Headers 2001 0895872404 Rountree, Susan Byrum
Naked 1997 9780316777735 Sedaris, David
Narrative of the Adventures and Escape of Moses Roper, from American Slavery, A 1938 Roper, Moses
Narrative of Col. David Fanning, The 1981 9781112124679 Butler, Lindley Smith
Natural Bent, The 1949 Barringer, Paul B.
Nature's Champion: B. W. Wells, Tar Heel Ecologist 1993 9780807858707 Troyer, James Richard
Neil “Soapy” Castles 2019 9781476676289 Castles, Henry Neil
New Day, The 1964 Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
No One Gardens Alone 2004 0807085634 Wilson, Emily Herring
No Struggle, No Progress 2014 9781626000445 Fuller, Howard
Nobody Left to Ask 2001 1878086901 Bledsoe, Jerry
North Carolina 1899 Hill, Jr., Daniel Harvey
North Carolina's Free People of Color, 1715-1885 2020 9780807171769 Milteer, Jr., Warren Eugene
North Carolina's Role in the Spanish-American War 1975 Steelman, Joseph F.
North Carolina's Signers 1964 9780865260979 Mitchell, Fannie Memory Farmer
North Carolina Aviatrix Viola Gentry 2015 9781609496951 Bower, Jennifer Bean
North Carolina Conundrum 2005 Franklin, John Hope
North Carolina During the Great Depression 2003 9780786413157 Davis, Anita Price
North Carolina Is My Home 1986 0887421075 Kuralt, Charles Bishop;
McGlohon, Loonis
North Carolina Legends 1980 9780865261396 Walser, Richard Gaither
North Carolina Musicians 2013 9780786474615 Coston, Daniel
North Carolina Slave Narratives 2003 9780807828212 Andrews, William Leake
North Carolina String Music Masters 2016 9781609498535 Carlson, Elizabeth Anspach
North Carolina Yeoman 1996 0820317551 Escott, Paul David
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