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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
27 Views of Raleigh 2013 9780983247555 Barnhardt, Wilton
Accidental Birds of the Carolinas 2011 9781935708308 Hudson, Marjorie
Astronomer and Other Stories, The 1966 Betts, Doris Waugh
Balm of Gilead Tree and Other Stories, The 1999 9780917788734 Morgan, Robert Ray
Beasts of the Southern Wild and Other Stories 1973 9780684838052 Betts, Doris Waugh
Best Stories of Wilbur Daniel Steele, The 1946 Steele, Wilbur Daniel
Between Wrecks 2014 9781938103797 Singleton, George
Black Homer of Jimtown, The 1900 Mott, Edward Harold
Black Magic Woman 2011 9781844165414 Hartness, John G.
Blue Ridge Shadows 2002 9780916078553 Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Blue Valleys, The 1989 9780743204224 Morgan, Robert Ray
Cakewalk 1981 9780345339508 Smith, Lee
Cardinal 1986 9780936481005 Krawiec, Richard
Casualties 2000 9780930769147 Rash, Ron
Chapel Hill Carousel 1967 Rehder, Jessie Clifford
Chemistry and Other Stories 2007 9780312425081 Rash, Ron
Collected Stories, The 1993 0689121474 Price, Edward Reynolds
Collection of Hearts, A 1956 Hight, Jr., William Blannie
Comfort Me with Apples 1989 9780935400168 Snow, A. C.
Discovering North Carolina: A Tar Heel Reader 1991 9780807819319 Claiborne, Jack;
Price, Jr., William Solomon
Do Unto Others and Then Run 2000 9780935400403 Saunders, Barry
Don't Split the Pole 1997 9780385323024 Tate, Eleanora E.
Down a Country Road 1986 9780961348519 Taylor, Roy G.
Drought and Other North Carolina Yarns 1915 Smith, Edith Hutchins
Duke Miscellany, A 1970 9780822302421 Blackburn, William Maxwell
Earth and Soul 2001 Hogan, Judy
Eggtown and Other Stories 2010 Allen, Zack Clark
Every Human Love 2019 9781946724199 Pearson, Joanna K.
Eyrie and Other Southern Stories, The 1905 Pool, Bettie Freshwater
F*ckface: And Other Stories 2020 9781250259592 Hampton, Leah
Fallen Angel and Other Stories, The 1956 Polk, William Tannahill
Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You 1997 9780312146009 Chappell, Fred Davis
Feeding the Ancient Fires 1999 9780967218007 Moore, MariJo
Finer Things in Life, The 1951 Patton, Frances Gray
Flagstone Walk, A 1968 Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Flim-Flam Man and Other Stories, The 1980 0877161097 Owen, Jr., Guy
Floodmarkers 2009 9781582435060 Brown, Nic
Foreseeable Future, The 1991 0689121105 Price, Edward Reynolds
Freaks in Love 2005 9781887240079 Miller, Heather Ross
From My Highest Hill 1941 Dargan, Olive Tilford
Generations 1991 Guralnick, June
Gentle Insurrection and Other Stories, The 1954 Betts, Doris Waugh
Geographical Cure, The 1994 9780140243901 Parker, Michael
Graveyard of the Atlantic 2000 9781555973018 Hagy, Alyson Carol
Greensboro Reader, The 1968 9780807879597 Ruark, Gibbons;
Watson, Robert Winthrop
Hallelujah Station and Other Stories 2020 9781938769597 O'Wain, M. Randal
Highland Annals 1925 Dargan, Olive Tilford
Home Made 1990 9780933598225 Price, Edward Reynolds
I Cannot Get You Close Enough 1990 9780316313131 Gilchrist, Ellen
I Have Walked 1989 Moose, Ruth Morris
I'd Die For You: And Other Lost Stories 2017 9781501144349 Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key
In the Bleak Midwinter 2003 9780971353435
In the Funny Papers 1995 9780826210319 Miller, Heather Ross
Knight (un)Life 2016 9781611942071 Hartness, John G.
Language They Speak Is Things to Eat, The 1994 9780807844830 McFee, Michael
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead 1992 9780151498864 Kenan, Randall Garrett
Little Pockets of Alarm 2009 9781599481654 Meads, Kathy Ann
Living Culture in Durham, A 1987 9780932112248 Hogan, Judy
Long Story Short 2009 9780807859773 Gingher, Marianne
Me and My Baby View the Eclipse 1990 9780345368737 Smith, Lee
Mountains Piled Upon Mountains 2019 9781946684905 Cory, Jessica
Mountains Won't Remember Us, The 1992 9780743204217 Morgan, Robert Ray
Movie Knight 2011 Hartness, John G.
Names and Faces of Heroes, The 1963 Price, Edward Reynolds
New Ground 1998 9781566641906 Dillingham, Nancy
Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina, The 1994 9780930769116 Rash, Ron
No Hiding Place 1999 9781878086693 Gaillard, Frye;
Inman, Robert Frederick;
Rogers, Amy T.
North Carolina in the Short Story 1948 Walser, Richard Gaither
North Carolina Miscellany, The 1962 9780807879573 Walser, Richard Gaither
Not Waving 2001 0942979842 Meads, Kathy Ann
Nothing Gold Can Stay 2013 9780062202710 Rash, Ron
Now You Know It All 2021 9780822946991 Pearson, Joanna K.
Old Man's Gold and Other Stories 1976 9780807812570 Pierce, Ovid Williams
One and Twenty 1945 Blackburn, William Maxwell
Our Words, Our Ways 1991 0890894019 Buckner, Sally Beaver
Out of My Mind 2008 Webb, Mena Fuller
Parlous Angels 2009 9780982441640 Southern, Ed
Pearl's Pork Palace and Other Stories from Flynn's Crossing 2005 9780972339681 Thompson, Bill
Piece of Luck, A 1955 Patton, Frances Gray
Practical Heart, The 1993 9780375727634 Gurganus, Allan
Racing Home 2001 0970172613 Baker, Sharlene
Returning to the Homeland 1994 1566640733 Moore, MariJo
Roger Maris Died Yesterday 2004 1887905928 Young, Jon M.
Rurality 1830 Talbot, Mary Elizabeth
Select Prose of John Charles McNeill 1936 McNeill, John Charles;
Memory, Jr., Jasper Livingston
Short Stories from the Old North State 1979 9780807807552 Walser, Richard Gaither
Shoveling Smoke 1997 9781885941152 Maron, Margaret B.
Southern Woman, The 2001 9780812980769 Spencer, Elizabeth
Stone Carver, The 2005 9780916078614 Duncan, Julia Nunnally
Stress in America 2001 1882983726 Meads, Kathy Ann
Suitable for Hanging 2004 9781932009118 Maron, Margaret B.
Sweet Souls and Other Stories 2013 9781599483986 Blackburn, Charles F.
Tar Heel Dead 2005 0807856045 Shaber, Sarah Rock
This is Where We Live 2000 9780807848951 McFee, Michael
Twelve Christmas Stories by North Carolina Writers 1997 9781878086617 Moose, Ruth Morris
Twilight Reel, A 2021 9781942016663 Cody, Michael Amos
Under Twenty-five 1963 Blackburn, William Maxwell
Voices From Home: The North Carolina Prose Anthology 1997 9781888105308 Krawiec, Richard
Wayward Women 1995 9780964229815 Meads, Kathy Ann
We Are Taking Only What We Need 2011 9781886157798 Watts, Stephanie Powell
Who Fears the Devil 1963 Wellman, Manly Wade
Wife of His Youth, The 1899 Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Wolf Creek Incident, The 1999 9781566641418 Terrell, Bob
Young Writer at Chapel Hill, The 1962 Rehder, Jessie Clifford