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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
Adventures of Molly Whuppie and Other Appalachian Folktales, The 2007 9780807831632 Shelby, Anne Gabbard
Appalachian State, A to Z 2010 9781933251691 Webb, Anne Aldridge
Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story 1991 9780962863004 Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Backyard Bears 2108 9781328858689 Cherrix, Amy
Big-Enough Boat 1956 Phillips, Dorothy Evans
Biography of Thomas Wolfe, A 1968 9780911796001 Austin, Neal Fuller
Blackbeard, the Pirate King 2006 9780792255857 Lewis, J. Patrick
Blackbeard's Treasure 1927 Oertel, Theodore Eugene
Carolina Parakeet, The 2005 9780910335010 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Charlotte and the State of North Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know 2011 9781439600979 Jerome, Kate Boehm
Cherokee Words with Pictures 1972 Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Colony of North Carolina, The 1975 9780531008300 Lacy, Dan Mabry
Daniel Boone 1916 Gulliver, Lucile
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout 1922 White, Stewart Edward
Did the American Revolution Begin in North Carolina? 1973 Parramore, Barbara M.;
Parramore, Thomas C.
Ghosts of the Carolinas for Kids 2011 9781561645015 Zepke, Terrance
Girl of the Listening Heart, The 1937 Moore, Bertha Belle
Helping the Wright Brothers 1999 9781878405258 Tate, Suzanne
Indians in North Carolina 1959 South, Stanley A.
John Rattling-Gourd of Big Cove 1955 851450929 Bell, Corydon Whitten
Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids 2009 9781561644292 Zepke, Terrance
Looking for the "Lost Colony" 1984 Parramore, Barbara M.;
Parramore, Thomas C.
Lost Colony, The 1972 Lacy, Dan Mabry
Lost Colony of Roanoke, The 1891 Weeks, Stephen Beauregard
Lucky to Live in North Carolina 2017 9780738527833 Jerome, Kate Boehm
Miss Mary Reporting 2016 9781481401203 Macy, Sue
My N.C. from A-Z 2020 9780865264991 Lanier, Michelle
North Carolina 1966 Powell, William Stevens
North Carolina, the History of an American State 1983 9780136236290 Parramore, Thomas C.;
Wilms, Douglas C.
North Carolina: The History of an American State 1998 0028220684 Mobley, Joe A.
North Carolina: Our People, Places, and Past 1987 0890893195 Powell, William Stevens
North Carolina: What's So Great About This State? 2011 9781589730175 Jerome, Kate Boehm
North Carolina’s Amazing Coast 2013 9780820345109 Angione, Kathleen;
Hathaway, Terri Kirby
North Carolina Adventure, The 1969 Robinson, Blackwell Pierce
North Carolina History 1958 Whitener, Daniel Jay
North Carolina History Stories for Fourth and Fifth Grades 1901
North Carolinians in the Continental Congress 1976 9780910244893 Morgan, David T.;
Schmidt, William J.
North Carolina in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 1959 Hoffmann, William Stephany
North Carolina Jography 1986 0935326812 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
North Carolina Parade 1966 9780807809884 Street, Julia Montgomery;
Walser, Richard Gaither
North Carolina State Greats! 1988 1556092547 Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
O. Henry 1943 Nolan, Jeannette Covert
People of North Carolina, The 1972 Parramore, Barbara M.
Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids 2009 9781561644599 Zepke, Terrance
President of the Underground Railroad 2001 1575055511 Swain, Gwenyth
Raleigh and the State of North Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know 2011 9781439600962 Jerome, Kate Boehm
Rebel Siege 1943 Kjelgaard, James Arthur
Sink or Swim 1999 9780805079944 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Southern Jack Tales 2005 9780874835007 Davis, Donald
Sparrow and the Trees, The 2015 9781628556339 Chriscoe, Sharon
Stories From An Indian Cave 1924 1401609 Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
Story of the Carolina Panthers, The 2009 9781583417492 Goodman, Michael E.
Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, The 1952 Campbell, Helen Jones
Story of the Old North State, The 1906 Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly
Story of Our State, The 1942 Allen, William Cicero;
Griffin, Clarence Wilbur
Tweetsie 1958 Black, Elizabeth McDonald;
Scheer, Julian Weisel
Wise Animal Handbook North Carolina, The 2017 9780738528359 Jerome, Kate Boehm
Wright Numbers 2005 9781585361960 Crane, Carol Mae
Young People's Picturebook of Tar Heel Authors 1957 Walser, Richard Gaither
Young Ray Hicks Learns the Jack Tales 2005 9780970652768 Salsi, Lynn