Literature by Genre Drama/Theatrical Production - Non-Fiction
in State: North Carolina

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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
Appalachia Sounding 1975 Linney, Romulus
August Snow 1991 9780822200758 Price, Edward Reynolds
Benedictions 2001 Cook, Judy Simpson
Best of All, The 1976 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Better Days 1990 Price, Edward Reynolds
Blackbeard, A Comedy, in Four Acts 1824 Sawyer, Lemuel
Blackbeard, Raider of the Carolina Seas 1964 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Bonnie Blue Sweetheart 1959 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Carolina Folk Comedies 1931 Koch, Frederick Henry
Carolina Folk-plays 1922 Koch, Frederick Henry
Caxton's Book: A Collection of Essays, Poems, Tales and Sketches 1876 Rhodes, William Henry
Clothes for a Summer Hotel 1980 9780811208710 Williams, Thomas Lanier
Coquette 1928 Bridgers, Ann Preston
Country Songs 1986 Cook, Judy Simpson
Dance on Widows' Row, The 2000 Williams, Samuel Arthur
Debunked 2004 Woo, Alexander
Dogwood Bushes, A Comedy of Country Youth 1931 Stout, Wilbur White
Dreams of Flight 2003 Guralnick, June
Duplin Story, The 1950 Byrd, Samuel Armanie
Durham Station 1961 Smith, Betty
Dying Business, A 2009 de Castrique, Mark
Early Dark 1977 9780689107993 Price, Edward Reynolds
Esther Wake 1913 Vermont, Adolph
Finding Clara 2000 Guralnick, June
First for Freedom 1976 9780877160670 Williams, Maxville Burt
First in Freedom 1975 Blythe, William LeGette
Folk Plays of Eastern North Carolina 1940 Harris, Bernice Kelly;
Koch, Frederick Henry
From This Day Forward 1967 Cranford, Fred B.
Gaius and Gaius Jr. 1923 Cobb, Lucy Maria
Gift for Penelope, A 1955 Cobb, Lucy Maria
Goodliest Land, The 1974 Buckner, Sally Beaver
Hell-Bent fer Heaven 1924 Hughes, Harvey Hatcher
Home 1979 Williams, Samuel Arthur
Home Road, The 1959 Hunter, Kermit Houston
Horn in the West 1952 Hunter, Kermit Houston
Hornet's Nest, The 1968 Blythe, William LeGette
In Dixon's Kitchen 1928 Stout, Wilbur White
It Happened Here 1976 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Just Folks 1978 Linney, Romulus
King Mackerel and the Blues are Running 1998 9780573696602 Simpson, Bland
Lost Colony: A Symphonic Drama of American History, The 1937 9780807849705 Green, Paul Eliot
Love Makes a Home: The Life of Rebecca Boone 2016 Kay, Kiesa
Meet, The 1972 Reddy, Thomas James
New Frontier, The 1959 Hunter, Kermit Houston
Night Dance 1990 9780822208198 Price, Edward Reynolds
North Carolina Drama 1956 9780807868331 Walser, Richard Gaither
Nut-Cracker-Nut 1988 Guralnick, June
On These Shores 1985 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Otway Burns, Firebrand of 1812 1969 Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Pathway to Freedom 1994 Sumner, Mark Reese
Raleigh, the Shepherd of the Ocean 1920 Koch, Frederick Henry
Ruint 1925 Hughes, Harvey Hatcher
Schroonchers, The 1972 Williams, Maxville Burt
Semiramis and Other Plays 1904 Dargan, Olive Tilford
Shame Woman, The 1923 Vollmer, Louisa Smith
Sherman, the Peacemaker 1979 Reston, Jr., James Barrett
Shout Freedom! 1948 Blythe, William LeGette
Stories and Poems from the Old North State 1923 Leavitt, Alga E.
Streets of Durham, The 1982 Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Strike at the Wind 1976 Umberger, Jr., Randolph
Struggle, The 2006 Williams, Maxville Burt
Sun Up 1935 Vollmer, Louisa Smith
Sword of Peace, The 1975 Hardy, William Marion
Third Frontier, The 1960 Hunter, Kermit Houston
Thunder Over Carolina 1976 Blythe, William LeGette
Thunderland 1952 Hayes, Hubert Harrison
Tight Britches 1933 Hayes, Hubert Harrison
Unto These Hills 1950 Hunter, Kermit Houston
Voice in the Wilderness 1955 Blythe, William LeGette
Women of the Light 1996 Guralnick, June