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This University Libraries Tutorials for Research Assistance (ULTRA) was created to assist you in all stages of the research process. ULTRA is connected to the research process, and connected to the UNCG University Libraries Research, Outreach, and Instruction (ROI) information literacy student learning outcomes. These tutorials and modules do not have to be taken in any order, and all end in a quiz, which produces a certificate of completion. You will need to login with your UNCG email address and password in order to create the certificate, but you can also take these tutorials and modules as a guest. Please contact the Online Learning Librarian with any questions about ULTRA.

ULTRA Learning Goals:

  • Find: Students will feel empowered to locate, access, and select information sources appropriate to their information needs
  • Evaluate: Students will develop the habit of critically evaluating information and media sources in a variety of formats.
  • Use: Students will synthesize information from multiple sources to support arguments, make decisions, or integrate multimedia content.
  • Credit: Students will value the intellectual property of information creators and use sources ethically.
  • Create: Students will see themselves as information creators contributing to scholarly or creative conversations.

How to take ULTRA:

Each research tutorial includes modules of topics related to the overall tutorial learning objectives. For example, the Evaluate tutorial includes the module "Evaluating Sources: ABCD & CRAAP" as well as other modules. To produce a certificate of completion, you must take a whole tutorial (including all the modules within the tutorial) and login with your UNCG credentials at the top right of your screen. For example, you can login and get a certificate on the Plagiarism tutorial by taking the modules "Plagiarism" and "Citations." Each module includes Quick Checks on every page. These Quick Checks do not produce a certificate; they are optional and do not track your progress. Each module has a quiz at the end and you must take all the quizzes in a tutorial and get all the answers right in order to get a certificate for the tutorial. You can take the quiz multiple times. For more information on how to take these tutorials and modules, please see the Libraries Research Tutorials Help page. You can also take a screenshot of your progress page.

ULTRA is also available on Canvas Commons in UNCG Canvas global navigation, with the quizzes, which you can edit to your student learning objectives and course. If you're an instructor who is interested, use this UNCG Libraries page that shows you how to download these tutorials and modules from Canvas Commons. This is recommended if you want a certificate of completion from one module, and not all the modules in the full tutorial. For example, if you want proof of completion of "Popular versus Scholarly" but do not want your students to take all the modules in the Evaluate tutorial. Feel free to also contact your department Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) for help with Canvas or Canvas Commons or your library liaison for help with how to use these tutorials.

Tell Us What You Think!

ULTRA is always in progress, so we would love your feedback on using them for a course or to learn more about research. If you have any questions about the assessment, please email the Online Learning Librarian

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