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Exploring Multiple Points of View through Research

Introduction to Exploring Multiple Points of View through Research

You are currently in the module on "Exploring Multiple Points of View through Research" in a larger tutorial. Each research tutorial includes modules of topics related to the overall tutorial learning objectives. Please go through all the pages in this module by clicking on the “Next” button on the bottom of the page in order to progress. If you would like to track your progress, be sure to log in with your UNCG credentials at the top right of the module. Each module includes Quick Checks on every page. These Quick Checks do not produce a certificate; they are optional and do not track your progress. Certificates are created by completing a whole tutorial, so be sure to complete all the modules within a tutorial in order to generate a certificate. You can also take a screenshot of your progress page. 

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Time needed to complete this module: 10 minutes

Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will identify library databases that showcase multiple viewpoints on a topic
  • Students will consider how exploring different perspectives on a topic can enhance their research projects

There are very few research topics or questions that can only be argued or answered one way. If you’re working on a persuasive or argumentative research project, it’s a good idea to explore different perspectives on your topic so that you can be fully informed and so that you can anticipate counterarguments. With some research assignments, you may even be asked to identify and use a source that opposes your primary argument in some way. This process can be tricky, as there aren’t any universal search strategies that can be used to identify sources that take the opposite stance of the one you’re taking. It would be great if you could just add a search term like “opposing” to searches you’re doing on your topic, but that method almost never works. In this module, we’ll recommend resources and strategies that can help you successfully consider multiple points of view on a topic in order to find sources that reflect a variety of perspectives. 

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