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in State: North Carolina

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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, The 2013 9781469610795 Bryan, Sarah Luisa;
Lanier, Michelle;
Patterson, Beverly Bush
African Americans in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County 1999 9781578640676 Davis, Lenwood G.;
McLaughlin, James H.;
Rice, William J.
African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia 1995 9780870498932 Conway, Cecelia
Black Business in the New South 1993 9780822313380 Weare, Walter B.
Black Folk Could Fly: Selected Writings by Randall Kenan 2022 9780393882162 Kenan, Randall Garrett
Black Heritage of Western North Carolina, The 1986 Davis, Lenwood G.;
Ready, Milton
Charles Waddell Chesnutt 1952 Chesnutt, Helen Maria
Conjure Woman, The 1899 Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Fabled Doctor Jim Jordan, The 1963 Johnson, Frank Roy
Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860, The 1943 9780807845462 Franklin, John Hope
From Slavery and Other Folksy Tales 1982 9780930230449 Johnson, Frank Roy
God Can Use Anyone—Even Me: The Charles Pickens Story 2009 9781935130055 McAfee, Patricia A.;
Pickens, Charles Edward
Having Our Say 1993 9781568360102 Delaney, Annie Elizabeth;
Delaney, Sarah Louise
Historic Black Neighborhoods of Raleigh 2023 9781467150880 Cauthen, Carmen Wimberly
I Walked the Sloping Hills: A Memoir 2010 9780615349916 Brown, Walter Matthew
Long Walk, The 1999 Brown, Linda Beatrice
Mama Dip's Family Cookbook 2005 0807829897 Council, Mildred Edna
Mama Dip's Kitchen 1999 0807825085 Council, Mildred Edna
MEET the Help: True Stories of Domestics 2013 9781434937384 Bellamy, Rhonda;
Todd, Bertha Boykin
My N.C. from A-Z 2020 9780865264991 Lanier, Michelle
No Struggle, No Progress 2014 9781626000445 Fuller, Howard
North Carolina's Free People of Color, 1715-1885 2020 9780807171769 Milteer, Jr., Warren Eugene
North Carolina Conundrum 2005 Franklin, John Hope
North Carolina String Music Masters 2016 9781609498535 Carlson, Elizabeth Anspach
Proud Shoes 1956 Murray, Anna Pauline
Rainbow Round My Shoulder 1928 9780253218544 Odum, Howard Washington
Sedalia and the Palmer Memorial Institute 2004 9780738516448 Burns-Vann, Tracey;
Vann, Andre D.
String Bands in the North Carolina Piedmont 2004 9780786418268 Carlin, Bob
Suffer the Little Children 2003 9781887905305 Bradshaw, English
They Call Me Big House 2004 9780895873033 Gaines, Sr., Clarence Edward;
Johnson, Clint
Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement Is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear, The 2016 9780807083604 Barber, William J.
Three Looks and Some Peeps 1963 Brewer, John Mason
To Be Faithful To Our Heritage: A History Of Black United Methodism In North Carolina 1980 9780894591150 Addo, Linda D.
Travel Guide to Black Historic Sites and Landmarks in North Carolina, A 1991 9781878177025 Davis, Lenwood G.
Trouble So Hard: Labor and Life in the African-American Community, Edentown, North Carolina, 1870-1900 2018 9780788457937 Childs, Audrey Jean Sapp
Upbuilding Black Durham 2008 9780807858356 Brown, Leslie
Waking from the Dream 1996 9780385478229 Fulwood III, Samuel Levi
Way We Were: Oral Histories of Four Former All-Black Public Schools in Two North Carolina Counties, The 1991 Morton-Young, Tommie
Winston-Salem State University 2000 9780738506173 Cue, Carter B.;
Davis, Lenwood G.
Worser Days and Better Times 1965 1571644 Brewer, John Mason