Literature in County: Edgecombe

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Title Pub Year ISBN Author/s
County Government and County Affairs in Edgecombe County, N.C. 1925 Wager, Paul Woodford
Descendants of James Draughon of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1974 Draughon, Wells Robert
Echoes of Edgecombe County, 1860-1940 1996 9780752405308 Fleming, Monika Sutherland
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Edgecombe County: Along the Tar River 2003 9780738524122 Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Edgecombe County: Edgecombe Remembers 2002 9780738514321 Edgecomb County Geneological Society,
Edgecombe County: Volume II 1997 9780752408040 Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Fountains and Eagles of Edgecombe County in the War Between the States North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865 1999 Fountain, Jr., Benjamin Eagles
Fountain's of Edgecombe County: From 1745 and Their Genealogy 2007 Fountain, Jr., Benjamin Eagles;
Johnson, Martha Ann Fountain
Great Divide, The 2001 0385502877 Bunn, T. Davis
Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail 2003 9780895872821 Shivers, Louise
History of Edgecombe County 1920 Bridges, John Luther;
Turner, Joseph Kelly
Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount 1991 9780963604644 Dorfner, John J.
Legendary Locals of Edgecombe and Nash Counties 2013 9781467100441 Fleming, Monika Sutherland
Liberty Boys' Bugler, The 1911 Moore, Harry
Lightly Lies the Earth 1955 Turner, Orren Jack
Mirrors of Bensboro, The 1925 Cotten, Bruce
Princeville 2001 9781928556329 Weatherford, Carole Boston
Slavery in Edgecombe County 1916 Turner, Joseph Kelly
Soil Survey of Edgecombe County 1908 Hearn, Williamson Edward