Laramie, Michael G

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The European Invasion of North America: Colonial Conflict Along the Hudson-Champlain Corridor, 1609-1760, Prager, 2012
By Wind and Iron: Naval Campaigns in the Champlain Valley, 1665-1815, Westholme Publishing, 2015
King William's War: The First Contest for North America, 1689-1697, Westholme Publishing, 2017
Colonial Forts of the Champlain and Hudson Valleys: Sentinels of Wood and Stone, The History Press, 2020
Queen Anne's War: The Second Contest for North America, 1702-1712, Westholme Publishing, 2021
Gunboats, Muskets, and Torpedoes: Coastal South Carolina 1861-1865, Westholme Publishing, 2023

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