Paterson, Katherine

Personal Information

  • Born in 1932

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Fiction
The Sign of the Chrysanthemum, Crowell, 1973
Of Nightingales That Weep, Crowell, 1974
The Master Puppeteer, Crowell, 1975
Bridge to Terabithia, Crowell, 1977
The Great Gilly Hopkins, Crowell, 1978
Jacob I Have Loved, Crowell, 1980
Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom, Dutton, 1983
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo, Dutton, 1985
Park’s Quest, Lodestar Books, 1988
The Smallest Cow in the World, Vermont Migrant Education Program, 1988
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, Lodestar Books, 1990
Lyddie, Lodestar Books, 1991
The King’s Equal, Harper Collins, 1992
Flip-Flop Girl, Dutton, 1994
The Angel and the Donkey, Clarion Books, 1996
Jip, Lodestar Books, 1996
Marvin’s Best Christmas Present Ever, Harper Collins, 1997
Celia and the Sweet, Sweet Water, Clarion Books, 1998
Parzival, Lodestar Books, 1998
Preacher’s Boy, Clarion Books, 1999
The Wide-Awake Princess, Clarion Books, 2000
The Field of the Dogs, Harper Collins, 2001
Marvin One Too Many, Harper Collins, 2001
The Same Stuff As Stars, Clarion Books, 2002
Blueberries for the Queen, Harper Collins, 2004
Bread and Roses, Too, Clarion Books, 2006
The Day of the Pelican, Clarion Books, 2009
The Flint Heart, Candlewick Press, 2011
The Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Chronicle Books, 2011
Gates of Excellence, Puffin, 1981
Consider the Lilies, Crowell, 1986
The Spying Heart, Lodestar Books, 1989
Who Am I?, W.B. Eerdmans, 1992
Images of God, Clarion Books, 1998
The Invisible Child, Dutton, 2001
The Light of the World, Levine Books, 2008
Giving Thanks, Chronicle Books, 2013, Editor
Short Stories
Angels and Other Strangers, Crowell, 1979
A Midnight Clear, Lodestar Books, 1995
A Stubborn Sweetness and Other Stories for the Christmas Season, Westminster John Knox Press, 2013

N.C. Locations Associated with Paterson, Katherine

Resided in:
Winston-Salem (City/Town)