Coble, Colleen

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Colleen Rhoads
  • Born in 1952

Included Titles By Coble, Colleen

Here are some other books by the author:
Christian Romance Suspense Fiction
Rock Harbor Series
Without a Trace, W Pub. Group, 2003
Into the Deep, West Bow Press, 2004
Beyond a Doubt, W Pub. Group, 2004
Abomination, Thomas Nelson, 2007
A Cry in the Night, Thomas Nelson, 2009
Silent Night, Thomas Nelson, 2012
Aloha Reef Series
Distant Echoes , West Bow Press, 2005
Black Sands, West Bow Press, 2005
Dangerous Depths, West Bow Press, 2006
Midnight Sea, Thomas Nelson, 2007
Lonestar Series
Lonestar Sanctuary, Thomas Nelson, 2007
Lonestar Secrets, Thomas Nelson, 2008
Lonestar Homecoming, Thomas Nelson, 2009
Lonestar Angel, Thomas Nelson, 2011
Mercy Falls Series
The Lightkeeper’s Daughter, Thomas Nelson, 2009
The Lightkeeper's Bride, Thomas Nelson, 2010
The Lightkeeper’s Ball, Thomas Nelson, 2011
Under Texas Stars Series
Blue Moon Promise, Thomas Nelson, 2009
Safe in His Arms, Thorndike Press, 2013
Hope Beach
Tidewater Inn, Thorndike Press, 2013
Alaska Twilight , West Bow Press, 2006
Fire Dancer, West Bow Press, 2006
Anathema, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2008
Smitten Series Smitten, written with Billerbeck, Hunt, Hunter
Smitten , Thomas Nelson, 2011
Secretly Smitten, Thomas Nelson, 2012
Wyoming Series
Where Leads the Heart , Heartsong Presents, 1998
Plains of Promise, Heartsong Presents, 1999
The Heart Answers, Heartsong Presents, 1999
To Love a Stranger, Heartsong Presents, 2000
From Russia with Love, Heartsong Presents, 2000
Love Ahoy, Heartsong Presents, 2001
Maggie's Mistake, Heartsong Presents, 2002
Novella Series
Spring’s Memory, Barbour, 1999
Written as Colleen Rhoads
Christian Romance Suspense Fiction
Windigo Twilight, Center Point, 2005
Shadow Bones, Center Point, 2006
Stormcatcher, Steeple Hill, 2006

N.C. Locations Associated with Coble, Colleen

Resided in:
North Carolina (State)