King, Stephen Edwin

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Richard Bachman
  • Born in 1947

Included Titles By King, Stephen Edwin

Here are some other books by the author:
American Vampire, DC Comics, 2010 et al.
Carrie, Doubleday, 1974
‘Salem’s Lot, Doubleday, 1975
The Shining, Doubleday, 1977
The Stand, Doubleday, 1978
The Dead Zone, Viking Press, 1979
Firestarter, Viking Press, 1980
Cujo, Viking Press, 1981
The Gunslinger, Donald M. Grant, 1982
Christine, Viking Press, 1983
Pet Sematary, Doubleday, 1983
The Talisman, Viking Press, 1984, et al.
Silver Bullet, New American Library, 1985
It, Viking Press, 1986
The Drawing of the Three, Donald M. Grant, 1987
The Eyes of the Dragon, Viking Press, 1987
Misery, Viking Press, 1987
The Tommyknockers, Putnam, 1987
My Pretty Pony, Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1988
The Dark Half, Viking Press, 1989
Needful Things, Viking Press, 1991
The Waste Lands, Donald M. Grant, 1991
Gerald’s Game, Viking Press, 1992
Dolores Claiborne, Viking Press, 1993
Insomnia, Viking Press, 1994
Rose Madder, Viking Press, 1995
The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix, Penguin Group, 1996
Desperation, Viking Press, 1996
The Two Dead Girls, Signet, 1996
The Green Mile, Plume, 1997
Wizard and Glass, Plume, 1997
Bag of Bones, Scribner, 1998
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Scribner, 1999
Black House, Random House, 2001
Dreamcatcher, Scribner, 2001
From a Buick 8, Scribner, 2002
Wolves of the Calla, Donald M. Grant, 2003
Song of Susannah, Donald M. Grant, 2004
The Colorado Kid, Dorchester Publishing, 2005
Cell, Scribner, 2006
Lisey’s Story, Scribner, 2006
Duma Key, Scribner, 2008
Under the Dome, Scribner, 2009
Blockade Billy, Cemetery Dance Publications, 2010
11/22/63, Scribner, 2011
The Wind Through the Keyhole, Scribner, 2012
Doctor Sleep, Scribner, 2013
Revival, Scribner, 2014
The Bill Hodges Trilogy
Mr. Mercedes: A Novel , Scribner, 2014
Finders Keepers: A Novel , Scribner, 2015
Danse Macabre, Everest House, 1981
A Novelist’s Perspective on Bangor, Bangor, M.E., 1983
Nightmares in the Sky, Viking Studio Books, 1988
On Writing, Scribner, 2000
Faithful, Scribner, 2004
Guns, Philtrum Press, 2013
Short Stories
Night Shift, Doubleday, 1978
Different Seasons, Viking Press, 1982
The Bachman Books, New American Library, 1985
Skeleton Crew, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1985
Four Past Midnight, Viking Press, 1990
Midnight Graffiti, Warner Books, 1992, et al.
Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Viking Press, 1993
Hearts in Atlantis, Scribner, 1999
Everything’s Eventual, Scribner, 2002
Just after Sunset, Scribner, 2008
Premium Harmony , The New Yorker, 2009
Full Dark, No Stars, Scribner, 2010
Herman Wouk Is Still Alive, The Atlantic, 2011 • Mile 81, Simon & Schustor, 2012
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories , Scribner, 2018

Written as Richard Bachman
The Long Walk, New American Library, 1979
The Running Man, New American Library, 1982
Thinner, New American Library, 1984
The Regulators, Dutton, 1996
Blaze, Scribner, 2007

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