Current, Richard Nelson

Personal Information

  • Born in 1912

Here are some other books by the author:
Biography & Memoir Non-Fiction
Old Thad Stevens, University of Wisconsin Press, 1942
Pine Logs and Politics, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1950
Secretary Stimson, Rutgers University Press, 1954
Daniel Webster and the Rise of National Conservatism, Little, Brown, 1955
The Lincoln Nobody Knows, McGraw, 1958
Advance and Retreat, Indiana University Press, 1959, Editor
John C. Calhoun, Washington Square Press, 1963
Lincoln's Plan of Reconstruction, Quadrangle, 1967, Editor
Daniel Webster, "The Completest Man", University Press of New England, 1990
Loie Fuller, Goddess of Light, Northeastern University Press, 1997, et al.
Historical Non-Fiction
The Typewriter and the Men Who Made It, University of Illinois Press, 1954,
A History of the United States, Volumes I-II, Knopf, 1959, et al.
Why the North Won the Civil War, Louisiana State University Press, 1960, et al.
American History, Knopf, 1961, et al.
Lincoln and the First Shot, Lippincott, 1963
Reconstruction, Prentice-Hall, 1965, Editor
The Political Thought of Abraham Lincoln, Bobbs-Merrill, 1967, Editor
Three Carpetbag Governors, Louisiana State University Press, 1967
United States History, Scott, Foresman, 1967, et al.
Sections and Politics, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1968, Editor
Reconstruction in Retrospect, Louisiana State University Press, 1969, Editor
Essentials of American History, Knopf, 1972, et al.
United States History: A World Power, Scott, Foresman, 1974, et al.
United States History: Search for Freedom, Scott, Foresman, 1974, et al.
Wisconsin: The Civil War Era, 1848-1873, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1976
Wisconsin: A Bicentennial History, W. W. Norton, 1977
Unity, Ethnicity, and Abraham Lincoln, Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and Museum, 1978
Words That Made American History, Volume I-II, Little, Brown, 1962, Co-editor
Speaking of Abraham Lincoln, University of Illinois Press, 1983
Northernizing the South, University of Georgia Press, 1983
Arguing with Historians, Wesleyan University Press, 1987
Those Terrible Carpetbaggers, Oxford University Press, 1988
Lincoln, the Constitution, and Presidential Leadership, Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, 1989
Phi Beta Kappa in American Life, Oxford University Press, 1990
Encyclopedia of the Confederacy, Simon & Schuster, 1993, Editor
What Is an American?, Marquette University Press, 1993
Lincoln's Loyalists, Oxford University Press, 1994

N.C. Locations Associated with Current, Richard Nelson

Resided in:
Greensboro (City/Town)
Taught at:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro
Manuscript Location:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro