Gardner, Martin

Personal Information

  • Born in 1914

Here are some other books by the author:
Children's Fiction
Visitors from Oz, St. Martin's Press, 1998
Twelve Tricks with a Borrowed Deck, L.L. Ireland, 1940
In the Name of Science, Putnam, 1952
Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery, Dover, 1956
Great Essays in Science, Pocket Books, 1957, Editor
Best Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd: Volume I and II, Dover, 1957-1960, Editor
The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was, Michigan State University Press, 1957, Co-editor
Logic Machines and Diagrams, McGraw, 1958
The Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions, Simon & Schuster, 1959
The Arrow Book of Brain Teasers, Scholastic, 1959
Science Puzzlers, Viking, 1960
The Annotated Alice: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass", Clarkson N. Potter, 1960, Editor
Oddities and Curiosities of Words and Literature, Dover, 1961, Editor
The Second Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions, Simon & Schuster, 1961
Mathematical Puzzles, Crowell, 1961
Relativity for the Millions, Macmillan, 1962
The Annotated Snark, Simon & Schuster, 1962, Editor
The Ambidextrous Universe, Basic Books, 1964
Archimedes, Mathematician and Inventor, Macmillan, 1965
The Annotated Ancient Mariner, Clarkson N. Potter, 1965, Editor
New Mathematical Diversions from Scientific American, Simon & Schuster, 1966
Lewis Carroll, The Nursery "Alice”, McGraw, 1966
Rudolf Carnap, Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Basic Books, 1966, Editor
Five Hundred Thirty-six Puzzles and Curious Problems, Scribner, 1967, Editor
The Annotated "Casey at the Bat", Clarkson N. Potter, 1967, Editor
The Unexpected Hanging, and Other Mathematical Diversions, Simon & Schuster, 1969
Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers, Simon & Schuster, 1969
Never Make Fun of a Turtle, My Son, Simon & Schuster, 1969
Moscow Puzzles, Scribner, 1971, Editor
Space Puzzles, Simon & Schuster, 1971
The Sixth Book of Mathematical Games from Scientific American, W.H. Freeman, 1971
Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Writing, Simon & Schuster, 1972
The Flight of Peter Fromm, William Kaufmann, 1973
The Snark Puzzle Book, Simon & Schuster, 1973
Mathematical Carnival, Knopf, 1975
Mathematical Magic Show, Knopf, 1977
More Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers, Pocket Books, 1977
The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, Magic, Inc., 1978
The Tokyo Puzzles, Scribner, 1978, Editor
The Wasp in a Wig, Clarkson N. Potter, 1978, Editor
Aha! Insight, W.H. Freeman, 1978
Mathematical Circus, Knopf, 1979
Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, Prometheus, 1981
How Not to Test a Psychic, Prometheus, 1981
Aha, Gotcha!, W.H. Freeman, 1982
Order and Surprise, Prometheus, 1983
Science-Fiction Puzzle Tales, Clarkson N. Potter, 1983
Wheels, Life, and Other Mathematical Amusements, W.H. Freeman, 1983
The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener, Morrow, 1983
Puzzles from Other Worlds, Vintage, 1984
Knotted Doughnuts and Other Mathematical Entertainments, W.H. Freeman, 1986
The Wreck of the Titanic Foretold?, Prometheus, 1986, Editor
Riddles of the Sphinx and Other Mathematical Puzzle Tales, Mathematical Association of America, 1987
The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown, Oxford University Press, 1987, Editor
The New Age: Notes of a Fringe Watcher, Prometheus, 1988
Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments, W.H. Freeman, 1988
Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers: Essays on Recreational Mathematics, W.H. Freeman, 1989
Gardner's Whys and Wherefores, University of Chicago Press, 1989
More Annotated Alice, Random House, 1990, Editor
The Annotated "Night before Christmas”, Summit, 1991, Editor
The Man Who Was Erdnase, Jeff Busby Magic, 1991, et al.
Fractal Music, Hypercards, and More, W.H. Freeman, 1992
On the Wild Side, Prometheus, 1992
Best Remembered Poems, Dover, 1992, Editor
The Healing Revelations of Mary Baker Eddy, Prometheus, 1993
Martin Gardner Presents, Richard Kaufman, 1993
Classic Brainteasers, Sterling, 1994
My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles, Dover, 1994
Famous Poems from Bygone Days, Dover, 1995, Editor
Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery, Prometheus Books, 1995
The Night Is Large: Collected Essays, 1938-1995, St. Martin's Press, 1996
Weird Water and Fuzzy Logic, Prometheus Books, 1996
The Universe in a Handkerchief, Copernicus, 1996
Science Magic: Martin Gardner's Tricks and Puzzles, Sterling Publishing, 1997
The Country of the Blind and Other Science-Fiction Stories, Dover, 1997, Editor
The Last Recreations: Hydras, Eggs, and Other Mathematical Mystifications, Copernicus, 1997
Calculus Made Easy, St. Martin's Press, 1998, Editor
Martin Gardner's Table Magic, Dover, 1998
Mental Magic, Sterling, 1999
Match Magic, Piccadilly Books, 1999
The Annotated Thursday, Ignatius Press, 1999, Editor
Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?, W.W. Norton, 2000
From the Wandering Jew to William F. Buckley Jr., Prometheus Books, 2000
Mathematical Puzzle Tales, Mathematical Association of America, 2000
A Gardner's Workout, A.K. Peters, 2001
Martin Gardner's Favorite Poetic Parodies, Prometheus, 2001, Editor
Mind-Boggling Word Puzzles, Sterling, 2001
Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries? , W.W. Norton, 2003
Mensa Word Puzzles, Main Street, 2004, et al.
Smart Science Tricks, Sterling, 2004
Mensa Brain Twisters, Main Street, 2004, et al.
The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems, Norton, 2006
Optical Illusion Play Pack, Sterling, 2007
A Lifetime of Puzzles, A.K. Peters, 2008
Hexaflexagons, Probability Paradoxes, and the Tower of Hanoi, Cambridge University Press, 2008
The Jinn from Hyperspace and Other Scribblings, Prometheus Books, 2008
Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma Cube, Cambridge University Press, 2008
Mathematical Wizardry for a Gardner, A.K. Peters, 2009
Sphere Packing, Lewis Carroll, and Reversi, Cambridge University Press, 2009
When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish, Hill and Wang, 2009
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
The Numerology of Dr. Matrix, Simon & Schuster, 1967
The Incredible Dr. Matrix, Simon & Schuster, 1977
The Magic Numbers of Dr. Matrix, Simon & Schuster, 1985
The No-Sided Professor and Other Tales of Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, and Philosophy, Prometheus, 1987

N.C. Locations Associated with Gardner, Martin

Resided in:
Asheville (City/Town)