Knowles, Carrie Jane

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Here are some other books by the author:
The Last Childhood: A Family Story of Alzheimer's, Research Triangle Publications, 1997
A Self-Guided Workbook and Gentle Tour on Learning How to Write Stories from Start-to-Finish, Owl Canyon Press, 2020
Shifting Forward: Fifty Reflections on Everyday Life, Owl Canyon Press, 2022
Ashoan's Rug, Roundfire Books, 2013
Lillian's Garden, Roundfire Books, 2013
A Garden Wall in Provence, Owl Canyon Press, 2017
Black Tie Optional: 17 Stories, Owl Canyon Press. 2019
The Inevitable Past, Owl Canyon Press, 2020
A Musical Affair, Owl Canyon Press, 2021

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North Carolina (State)
Raleigh (City/Town)