Baggott, Julianna

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Bridget Asher, N.E. Bode
  • Born in 1969

Here are some other books by the author:
Written as Bridget Asher
My Husband's Sweethearts, Delacorte, 2008
The Pretend Wife, Bantam, 2009

Written as Julianna Baggott
Girl Talk, Pocket Books, 2001
The Miss America Family, Pocket Books, 2002
The Madam, Pocket Books, 2003
Which Brings Me to You, Algonquin, 2006
The Ever Breath, Delacorte Press, 2009
The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted, Bantam, 2011
The Pure Trilogy Pure, Grand Central Publishing, 2012
Fuse, Grand Central Publishing, 2013
Juvenile Fiction
The Prince of Fenway Park, HarperCollins, 2009
This Country of Mothers, Crab Orchard Review/Southern Illinois UP, 2001
Lizzie Borden in Love, Crab Orchard Review/Southern Illinois UP, 2006
Compulsions of Silk Worms and Bees, Pleiades, 2007

Written as N. E. Bode
Juvenile Fiction
The Anybodies, HarperCollins, 2004
The Nobodies, HarperCollins, 2005
The Somebodies, HarperCollins, 2006
The Amazing Compendium of Edward Magorium, Scholastic, 2007
The Slippery Map, HarperCollins, 2007

N.C. Locations Associated with Baggott, Julianna

Resided in:
Greensboro (City/Town)
Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro