Duncan, Robert Edward

Personal Information

  • Born in 1919

Here are some other books by the author:
Heavenly City, Earthly City, Bern Porter, 1947
Medieval Scenes, Centaur, 1950
Poems, 1948-49, Berkeley Miscellany, 1950
Fragments of a Disordered Devotion, Duncan, 1952
Caesar's Gate: Poems, 1949-55, Divers, 1956
Letters, J. Williams, 1958
Selected Poems, City Lights, 1959
The Opening of the Field, Grove, 1960
Roots and Branches, Scribner, 1964
Uprising, Oyez, 1965
A Book of Resemblances: Poems, 1950-53, Henry Wenning, 1966
The Years as Catches: First Poems, 1939-46, Oyez, 1966
Names of People, Black Sparrow, 1968
Bending the Bow, New Directions, 1968
The First Decade: Selected Poems, 1940-50, Fulcrum, 1968
Derivations: Selected Poems, 1950-1956, Fulcrum, 1968
Achilles Song, Phoenix, 1969
Structure of Rime XXVIII: In Memoriam Wallace Stevens, U of Connecticut, 1972
Poems from the Margins of Thom Gunn's Moly, Duncan, 1972
Ground Work: Before the War, New Directions, 1984
As Testimony: The Poem and the Scene, White Rabbit, 1964
Writing Writing: A Composition Book of Madison 1953, Stein Imitations, Sumbooks, 1964
The Truth and Life of Myth: An Essay in Essential Autobiography, House of Books, 1968
Notes on Grossinger's "Solar Journal: Oecological Sections, Black Sparrow, 1970
Dante, Institute of Further Studies, 1974
Fictive Certainties: Five Essays in Essential Autobiography, New Directions, 1979
Six Prose Pieces, Perishable Press, 1966
Juvenile Fiction
The Cat and the Blackbird, White Rabbit, 1967
Theatrical Productions
Faust Foutu: Act One of Four Acts, A Comic Mask, 1952-1954, 1955
Medea at Kolchis, or, The Maiden Head, Oyez, 1965
Adam's Way: A Play on Theosophical Themes, 1966

N.C. Locations Associated with Duncan, Robert Edward

Resided in:
Buncombe (County)
Taught at:
Black Mountain College