Eigner, Laurence Joel

Personal Information

Nick Name
  • Born in 1927

Here are some other books by the author:
From the Sustaining Air, Palma, 1953
Look at the Park, Eigner, 1958
On My Eyes, Jargon, 1960
The Memory of Yeats, Blake, DHL, Circle Press, 1965
The Music, The Rooms, Desert Review, 1965
Air the Trees, Black Sparrow, 1967
Another Time in Fragments, Fulcrum, 1967
Six Poems, Wine Press, 1967
The- / Towards Autumn, Black Sparrow, 1967
The Breath of Once Live Things, In the Field with Poe, Black Sparrow, 1968
Clouding, Samuel Charters, 1968
A Line That May Be Cut, Circle Press, 1968
Flat and Round, Pierrepont, 1969
Valleys, Branches, Big Venus, 1969
Over and Over, Ends, As the Wind May Sound, Restau, 1970
Poem Nov. 1968, Tetrad, 1970
Circuits, Athanor, 1971
Looks Like Nothing, The Shadow Through Air, Circle Press, 1972
Selected Poems, Oyez, 1972
What You Hear, Edible Magazine, 1972
Words Touching Ground Under, Hellric, 1972
Anything on Its Side, Elizabeth Press, 1974
No Radio, Lodestar, 1974
Things Stirring Together or Far Away, Black Sparrow, 1974
My God the Proverbial, Kensington, 1975
Suddenly It Gets Light and Dark in the Street: Poems 1961-74, Green Horse, 1975
The Music Variety, Roxbury, 1976
Watching How or Why, Elizabeth Press, 1977
The World and Its Streets, Places, Black Sparrow, 1977
Cloud, Invisible Air, Station Hill, 1978
Flagpole Riding, Stingy Artist, 1978
Heat Simmers Cold, Orange Export, 1978
Running Around, Burning Deck, 1978
Lined Up Bulk Senses, Burning Deck, 1979
Time Details of a Tree, Elizabeth Press, 1979
Earth Birds: Forty Six Poems Written Between May 1964 and June 1972, Circle Press, 1981
Now There's a Morning Enormous Hulk of the Sky, Elizabeth Press, 1981
Water, Places, A Time, Black Sparrow, 1983
Windows/Walls/Yard/Ways, Black Sparrow, 1994

N.C. Locations Associated with Eigner, Laurence Joel

Resided in:
Buncombe (County)
Studied at:
Black Mountain College