Lincoln, Charles Eric

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
C. Eric Lincoln
  • Born in 1924

Here are some other books by the author:
The Avenue, Clayton City, Morrow, 1988
The Black Muslims in America, Beacon Press, 1961
My Face Is Black, Beacon Press, 1964
Sounds of the Struggle, Morrow, 1967
The Negro Pilgrimage in America, Bantam, 1967
Is Anybody Listening?, Seabury, 1968
A Pictorial History of the Negro in America, Crown, 1968
The Blackamericans, Bantam, 1969
James H. Cone, A Theology of Black Liberation, Lippincott, 1970, Editor
Henry Mitchell, Black Preaching, Lippincott, 1970, Editor
Gayraud Wilmore, Black Religion and Black Radicalism, Doubleday, 1972, Editor
Joseph R. Washington, Jr., Black Sects and Cults, Doubleday, 1972, Editor
William R. Jones, Is God a White Racist?, Doubleday, 1973, Editor
Leonard E. Barrett, Soul-Force, Doubleday, 1973, Editor
The Black Church since Frazier, Schocken, 1974
The Negro Church in America, Schocken, 1974
The Black Experience in Religion, Doubleday, 1974, Editor
Race, Religion, and the Continuing American Dilemma, Hill & Wang, 1984
The Black Church in the African-American Experience, Duke University Press, 1990
Coming Through the Fire, Duke University Press, 1996
This Road Since Freedom, Carolina Wren Press, 1990

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Taught at:
Duke University