Beecher, John

Personal Information

  • Born in 1904

Here are some other books by the author:
And I Will Be Heard: Two Talks to the American People, Twice a Year Press, 1940
Here I Stand, Twice a Year Press, 1941
Land of the Free: A Portfolio of Poems on the State of the Union, Morning Star, 1956
Observe the Time: An Everyday Tragedy in Verse, Morning Star, 1956
Inquest, Morning Star, 1957
Just Peanuts, Morning Star, 1957
Moloch, Morning Star, 1957
In Egypt Land, Rampart, 1960
Homage to a Subversive, Rampart, 1961
Phantom City, Rampart, 1961
Report to the Stockholders, and Other Poems, 1932-1962, Monthly Review Press, 1962
Undesirables, Rampart, 1962
An Air That Kills, Rampart, 1963
Bestride the Narrow World, Rampart, 1963
Conformity Means Death, Rampart, 1963
A Humble Petition to the President of Harvard, Rampart, 1963
On Acquiring a Cistercian Breviary, Rampart, 1963
Yours in the Bonds, Rampart, 1963
To Live and Die in Dixie, and Other Poems, Red Mountain, 1966
Hear the Wind Blow!: Poems of Protest and Prophecy, International, 1968
Collected Poems, 1924-1974, Macmillan, 1974
Tomorrow Is a Day, Vanguard, 1979
All Brave Sailors: The Story of the SS Booker T. Washington, L.B. Fischer, 1945

N.C. Locations Associated with Beecher, John

Resided in:
Chapel Hill (City/Town)
Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill
Manuscript Location:
Duke University