Lentricchia, Frank

Personal Information

  • Born in 1940

Here are some other books by the author:
The Gaiety of Language: An Essay on the Radical Poetics of W.B. Yeats and Wallace Stevens, U of California, 1968
Robert Frost: Modern Poetics and the Landscapes of Self, Duke UP, 1975
Robert Frost: A Bibliography, 1913-1974, Scarecrow, 1976, ed.
After the New Criticism, U of Chicago, 1980
Criticism and Social Change, U of Chicago, 1983
Ariel and the Police: Michel Foucault, William James, Wallace Stevens, U of Wisconsin, 1988
Critical Terms for Literary Study, U of Chicago, 1990, ed.
Introducing Don DeLillo, Duke UP, 1991, ed.
New Essays on White Noise, Cambridge, 1991, ed.
Situational Tensions of Critic-Intellectuals: Thinking through Literary Politics with Edward W. Said and Frank Lentricchia, Peter Lang, 1992
Modernist Quartet, Cambridge UP, 1994
Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after September 11, Duke UP, 2003, ed.
Close Reading: The Reader, Duke UP, 2003, ed.
The Edge of Night: A Confession, Random, 1994
Johnny Critelli and The Knifemen, Scribner, 1996
The Music of the Inferno, State University of New York, 1999
Lucchesi and the Whale, Duke UP, 2001
Crimes of Art and Terror, with Jody McAuliffe, U of Chicago, 2003
The Book of Ruth, Ravenna, 2005

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Taught at:
Duke University
Studied at:
Duke University