Inman, Will

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
William Archibald McGirt, Jr., Bill McGirt

Here are some other books by the author:
A River of Laughter, New Athenaeum Press, 1961
Honey in Hot Blood, Bitterroot Press, 1962
108 Tales of a Po' Buckra from the Lower Cape Fear, Kauri, 1965
A Generation of Heights, Goliards Press, 1969
Fired Up With You!, Border Press, 1977, Editor
The Walkers in the Tongue, Blue Cloud, 1977
Voice of the Beech Oracle, ManRoot Press, 1977
Speak Changes, Lake Avenue Press, 1983
Lament and Psalm, New Athenaeum Press, 1960
I Am the Snakehandler, New Athenaeum Press, 1960
108 Verges Unto Now, Carlton Press, 1964
Selected Poems from 108 Prayers for J. Edgar, New Athenaeum Press, 1965
Voice of the Beech Oracle, ManRoot Press, 1977
A Way Through for the Damned, Pierides Press, 1983
Surfing the Dark Sound, Pudding House Publications, 1988

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Studied at:
Duke University
Manuscript Location:
Duke University