Nye, Edgar Wilson

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  • Born in 1850

Here are some other books by the author:
Bill Nye and Boomerang, or, The Tale of a Meek-Eyed Mule, Belford, Clarke, 1881
Forty Liars and Other Lies, Belford, Clarke, 1882
Baled Hay: A Drier Book than Walt Whitman's "Leaves o' Grass", Belford, Clarke, 1884
Bill Nye's Cordwood, Rhodes, McClure, 1887
Remarks, A.E. Davis, 1887
Bill Nye's Chestnuts Old and New, Belford, Clarke, 1888
Bill Nye's Red Book, Thompson, Thomas, 1891
Sparks from the Pen of Bill Nye , F.T. Neely, 1891
Bill Nye's History of the United States, Lippincott, 1894
Bill Nye's History of England From the Druids to the Reign of Henry VIII, Lippincott, 1896
A Guest at the Ludlow, Bowen-Merrill, 1897
Nye and Riley's Railway Guide, with James Whitcomb Riley, Dearborn, 1888
Nye and Riley's Wit and Humor, with James Whitcomb Riley , F.T. Neely, 1896

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Resided in:
Arden (City/Town)