Poteat, Jr., Edwin McNeill, Jr.

Personal Information

  • Born in 1892

Here are some other books by the author:
Thine Only Son, or, The Stewardship of Family Life, Interchurch World Movement, 1920
The Religion of the Lord's Prayer, George H. Doran, 1926
The Scandal of the Cross: Studies in the Death of Jesus, Harper, 1928
Coming to Terms with the Universe, Association Press, 1931
Jesus and the Liberal Mind, Judson, 1934
Reverend John Doe, D.D.: A Study of the Place of the Minister in the Modern World, Harper, 1935
Thunder Over Sinai, Harper, 1936
The Social Manifesto of Jesus, Harper, 1937
These Shared His Passion: Studies in the Last Week of the Life of Jesus, Harper, 1940
These Shared His Cross: Studies in the Last Day of the Life of Jesus, Harper, 1941
These Shared His Power: Studies in the Days Following the Resurrection of Jesus, Harper, 1941
Four Freedoms and God, Harper, 1943
Last Reprieve?, Harper, 1946
Parables of Crisis, Harper, 1950
God Makes the Difference, Harper, 1951
Mandate to Humanity, Abingdon-Cokesbury, 1953
Jesus' Belief in Man, Abingdon, 1956
The Dimension of Depth, Harper, 1957
Centurion, A Narrative Poem, Harper, 1939
Over the Sea, the Sky, Harper, 1945

N.C. Locations Associated with Poteat, Jr., Edwin McNeill, Jr.

Resided in:
Raleigh (City/Town)