Greenfield, Eloise

Personal Information

Here are some other books by the author:
Autobiographical Non-Fiction
Childtimes, Crowell, 1979
Biographical Non-Fiction
Rosa Parks, Crowell, 1973
Paul Robeson, Crowell, 1975
Mary McLeod Bethune, Crowell, 1977
Alesia, Philomel Books, 1981
For the Love of the Game, HarperCollins, 1997
How They Got Over, HarperCollins, 2003
Children’s Fiction
Bubbles, Drum & Spear, 1972
She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl, Lippincott, 1974
Me and Neesie, Crowell, 1975
First Pink Light, Crowell, 1976
Africa Dream, John Day, 1977
I Can Do It by Myself, Crowell, 1978
Darlene, Methuen, 1980
Grandmama's Joy, Collins, 1980
Daydreamers, Dial, 1981
Grandpa's Face, Putnam, 1988
Under the Sunday Tree, HarperCollins, 1988
My Doll, Keshia, Writers & Readers, 1991
My Daddy and I, Writers & Readers, 1991
I Make Music, Writers & Readers, 1991
Big Friend, Little Friend, Writers & Readers, 1991
Aaron and Gayla's Alphabet Book, Writers & Readers, 1992
William and the Good Old Days, HarperCollins, 1993
Sweet Baby Coming, HarperFestival, 1994
On My Horse, HarperFestival, 1995
Kia Tanisha, HarperFestival, 1997
Kia Tanisha Drives Her Car, HarperFestival, 1997
Easter Parade, Hyperion Books for Children, 1997
Angels, Jump at the Sun, 1998
Water, Water, HarperFestival, 1999
I Can Draw a Weeposaur and Other Dinosaurs, Greenwillow Books, 2001
Honey, I Love, HarperCollins, 2003
In the Land of Words, HarperCollins, 2004
Sister, Crowell, 1974
Talk about a Family, Lippincott, 1978
Koya DeLaney and the Good Girl Blues, Scholastic, 1992
Nathaniel Talking, Writers & Readers, 1988
Night on Neighborhood Street, Dial, 1991

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