Bentley, Eric Russell

Personal Information

  • Born in 1916

Here are some other books by the author:
A Century of Hero Worship, Lippincott, 1944
The Playwright as Thinker, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1946
Bernard Shaw, New Directions, 1947
In Search of Theater, Knopf, 1953
The Dramatic Event, Horizon, 1954
What Is Theatre?, Beacon Press, 1956
The Life of the Drama, Atheneum, 1964
The Theatre of Commitment, and Other Essays on Drama in Our Society, Atheneum, 1967
Theatre of War, Viking, 1972
The Brecht Commentaries 1943-1980, Grove, 1981
The Pirandello Commentaries, University of Nebraska Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, 1985
Thinking about the Playwright, Northwestern University Press, 1987
The Brecht Memoir, Northwestern University Press, 1991
Theatrical Fiction
A Time to Live A Time to Die, Grove, 1970
DMZ Revue, 1968
The Red White and Black, 1970
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Harper, 1972
The Recantation of Galileo Galilei, Harper, 1972
Expletive Deleted, 1974
From the Memoirs of Pontius Pilate, 1976
The Kleist Variations: Wannsee, 1978
The Kleist Variations: The Fall of the Amazons, 1979
Larry Parks' Day in Court, 1979
Lord Alfred's Lover, Everest House, 1981
The Kleist Variations: Concord, 1981
Monstrous Martyrdoms, Prometheus Books, 1985

N.C. Locations Associated with Bentley, Eric Russell

Resided in:
Asheville (City/Town)