De Mille, Cecil Blount

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Cecil DeMille
  • Born in 1881

Here are some other books by the author:
Theatrical Fiction
What's His Name, 1914
The Man from Home, 1914
Rose of the Rancho, 1914
The Ghost Breaker, 1914
The Circus Man, 1914
The Arab, 1915
The Girl of the Golden West, 1915
The Captive, 1915
The Unafraid, 1915
The Golden Chance, 1915
After Five, 1915
Chimmie Fadden, 1915
Chimmie Fadden Out West, 1915
Kindling, 1915
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, 1916
The Love Mask, 1916
A Romance of the Redwoods, 1917
The Little American, 1917
Forbidden Fruit, 1921
The Night Club, 1925

N.C. Locations Associated with De Mille, Cecil Blount

Resided in:
Washington (City/Town)