Root, William Pitt

Personal Information

  • Born in 1941

Here are some other books by the author
The Storm and Other Poems, Atheneum, 1969
Striking the Dark Air for Music, Atheneum, 1973
What a World, What a World! Poetry by Young People in Galveston Schools, Pipedream Press, 1974, Editor
Coot and Other Characters, Confluence, 1977
A Journey South, Graywolf, 1977
7 Mendocino Songs, Mississippi Mud Press, 1977
Reasons for Going It on Foot, Atheneum, 1981
In the World's Common Grasses, Moving Parts Press, 1981
Fireclock, Four Zoas Press, 1981
The Unbroken Diamond, Pipedream Press, 1983
Invisible Guests, Confluence, 1984
Selected Odes of Pablo Neruda, Four Zoas Press, 1984, Translation
Faultdancing, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1986
Trace Elements from a Recurring Kingdom, Confluence Press, 1994

N.C. Locations Associated with Root, William Pitt

Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro