Williams, Jonathan Chamberlain

Personal Information

Here are some other books by the author:
Sixmas, Williams, 1950
Garbage Litters the Iron Face of the Sun's Child, Jargon, 1951
Tactilopera, Williams, 1951
Red/Gray, Jargon, 1952
Four Stoppages, Jargon, 1953
The Empire Finals at Verona, Jargon, 1959
Lord! Lord! Lord!, Jargon, 1959
Amen Huzza Selah, Jargon, 1960
Elegies and Celebrations, Jargon, 1962
Emblems for the Little Dells and Nooks and Corners of Paradise, Jargon, 1962
In England's Green & (A Garland and a Clyster), Auerhahn, 1962
Davenport Gap, Jargon, 1963
Lullabies Twisters Gibbers Drags, Nantahala Foundation, 1963
Green Corn thru a Cow or Where Were You When the Culture Explosion Hit the Fan?, Williams, 1965
Petite Concrete Suite, Fenian Head Centre, 1965
Crafts of the Southern Highlands, Craft Horizons, 1966
Paean to Dvorak, Deemer, and McClure, Dave Haselwood, 1966
50! Epiphytes, -taphs, -tomes, -grams, -thets! 50, Williams, 1967
Mahler Becomes Politics, Beisbol, Marlborough Gallery, 1967
Eight Jargonelles from the Herbalist's Notebook, Indiana UP, 1967
A French 75!, Dave Haselwood, 1967
Les Six Pak, Aspen Institute, 1967
LTGD, Indiana UP, 1967
The Lucidities: Sixteen in Visionary Company, Turret, 1967
Polycotyledonous, Hansjorg Mayer, 1967
A Bestiary for Anti-Laodiceans, Lamed-Vovniks and Lacandons, Aspen Institute, 1968
Ripostes, Domberger, 1968
Sharp Tools for Catullan Gardens, Indiana UP, 1968
The Apocryphal Oracular Yeah-Sayings of Mae West, Maryland Institute, 1969
An Ear in Bartram's Tree: Selected Poems 1957-67, U of North Carolina, 1969
On Arriving at the Same Age as Jack Benny, Finial, 1969
Six Rusticated, Wall-Eyed Poems, Maryland Institute, 1969
Blues and Roots, Rue and Bluets, Grossman, 1971
The Loco Logodaedalist in Situ: Selected Poems 1968-70, Goliard, 1971
The New Architectural Monuments of Baltimore City, Maryland Institute, 1971
The Patagonian Declaration of Independence, Indiana UP, 1971
Strung Out with Elgar on a Hill, Finial, 1971
Epitaph, Jargon, 1972
Fruits Confits, Williams, 1972
Adventures with a Twelve-lnch Pianist Beyond the Blue Horizon, DBA, 1973
Andrew Marvell Wanders in the Grassy Deeps along the Wharfe at Nun Appleton House and Attains a Small At-one-ment, Pomegranate, 1973
Clipped Greens, Finial, 1973
Lord Decca Dent's Weaponry Guide to the Devices of the Pentland Hills Oral Rearmament Society, Blue Tunnel, 1973
Five from Up t'Dale, Finial, 1974
Who ls Little Enis?, Jargon, 1974
A Celestial Centennial Reverie for Charles Edward Ives, DBA, 1975
Gists from a Presidential Report on Hardcornponeography, Jargon, 1975
Imaginary Postcards, Trigram, 1975
Joyfull News out of the Newfounde World, Jargon, 1975
My Quaker-Atheist Friend, Wallrich, 1975
Pairidaeza, Jargon, 1975
A Wee Tot for Catullus, Moschatel, 1975
gAy BC's, Finial, 1976
In the Field at the Solstice, Finial, 1976
A Blue Ridge Weather Prophet, Gnomon, 1977
A Blue Ridge Weather Prophet Makes Twelve Stitches in Time on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Gnomon, 1977
Super-Duper Zuppa Inglese, Aggie Weston's 1977
Untinears and Antennae for Maurice Ravel, Truck, 1977
The Delian Seasons, Topia, 1979
Elite/Elate Poems: Poems 1971-1975, Jargon, 1979
JW, on the Road Selling That Old Orphic Snake-Oil in the Jargon-Sized Bottles, 1951-1978, Visual, 1979
Glees, Swarthy Monotonies, Rince Cochon, and Chozzerai for Simon, DBA, 1980
Homage Umbrage Quibble and Chicane, DBA, 1980
Get Hot or Get Out: A Selection of Poems 1957-1981, Scarecrow, 1982
Niches Inches: New and Selected Poems 1957-1981, Williams, 1982
The Fifty-Two Clerihews of Clara Hughes, Pynyon, 1983
In the Azure over the Squalor: Ransackings and Shorings, Jordan Davies, 1983
Dear World, Forget It! Love, Mnemosyne: A Range of Letters, 1984-85, DBA/JCA, 1985
Taoist Foretaste of Spring, Williams, 1985
Calling All Jargonauts! Calling All Lapsed Lamed-Vovniks!!!, Jargon, 1986
A Discrete Sign on the Steinway in the Phillips Memorial Gallery, Hermetic, 1986
Noah Webster to Wee Lorine Niedecker, Origin, 1986
Rivulets and Sibilants of Dent, Topia, 1987
Aposiopeses, Granary, 1988
Dementations on Shank's Mare, Truck, 1988
No-No-Nse-Nse, Perishable, 1993
Horny & Ornery, Otis the Lamed-Vovnik, 1994

N.C. Locations Associated with Williams, Jonathan Chamberlain

Resided in:
Asheville (City/Town)
Highlands (City/Town)
Studied at:
Black Mountain College
Manuscript Location:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill