Porter, William Sydney

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
O. Henry, Oliver Henry, S. H. Peters

Here are some other books by the author:
Short Story Fiction
Cabbages and Kings, McClure, 1904
The Four Million, McClure, 1906
Heart of the West, McClure, 1907
The Trimmed Lamp, and Other Stories, McClure, 1907
The Gentle Grafter, McClure, 1908
The Voice of the City, McClure, 1908
Options, Harper, 1909
Roads of Destiny, Doubleday, 1909
Let Me Feel Your Pulse, Doubleday, 1910
Strictly Business, Doubleday, 1910
Whirligigs, Doubleday, 1910
Sixes and Sevens, Doubleday, 1910
Waifs and Strays, Doubleday, 1917
O. Henryana, Doubleday, 1920
Postscripts, Harper, 1923
It might also be noted that: He was born William Sidney Porter.

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