Open Educational Resources (OER), Evaluating

Evaluation Process of OER

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Here are a few steps you might take in the evaluation process. 

Does this OER cover the content you'd like your students to learn in this course or module and does it align with your student learning objectives? Does the resource encourage active learning and student engagement? Are there opportunities for students to test their knowledge through quick checks, interactive video, quizzing?

How accessible is this content? Will it be accessible for your students, or is it too technical? Or is it robust and challenging enough for your students? For more about accessibility, be sure to check out the Accessibility component of our OER Create module and the Accessibility Resources at UNCG webpage.

How can you use the content? Verify the license or creative commons license that the resource is under. Can you remix or revise the OER as long as it isn't for commercial purposes? Who do you have to recognize if you use it? Will you be able to do so? Remember that just because something is free online, does not mean it’s OER, and therefore it may not be licensed to be re-adapted for a course. 

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Once you determine how you can use the OER, what would you like to do with it? Does only a portion of it apply to your class? Would you possibly want to combine this OER with another OER or resource? Does UNCG Libraries have access to articles or eReserves that could act as supplemental readings? Remember that a nice thing about OER with certain creative commons licenses is that they can be customized, cut up, and used for your own purposes. Most OER is modular, meaning you can link to the online version of one chapter or even one section of a chapter. Please be sure to contact your UNCG Libraries liaison librarian for help with integrating OER and library content within your syllabus and within the learning management system Canvas. 

As you collect more OER and other resources, remember to stay organized and save them in a central location. Please note how you envision using them within your course, and be sure to contact your department instructional technology consultant (ITC) for help with course design and integration of these online resources. Align these resources with the learning objectives and weekly lessons on your syllabus in order to identify gaps.

There are many OER evaluation rubrics and checklists that can help in this process:

This page was adapted from the University of Illinois Library, Open Educational Resources (OER) Evaluate LibGuide and the Affordable Learning Georgia’s Find Textbooks, Selection Criteria module

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