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This system is preferred by scholars, researchers, and those in the humanities, which includes literature, history, and the arts. The notes and bibliography style can be very useful if you are trying to cite a wide variety of sources. Many atypical or non-standard sources can be cited using this system, such as song lyrics for example. 

In this system, sources are cited in numbered footnotes or endnotes. Each endnote or footnote matches a raised number in the text. For footnotes or endnotes, the first line should be indented five spaces, with the following lines in the entry in line with the left margin. The first line in the bibliography should be flush with the left margin, with the following lines indented three or four spaces. A general format example (included on the Chicago-style research guide) of this would be: 



    1. Firstname Lastname, "Title of WebPage," Publishing Organization or Name of Website in Italics, publication date and/or access date if available, URL.


Lastname, Firstname. "Title of Webpage." Publishing Organization or Name of Website

    in Italics. Publication date and/or access date if available. URL.

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