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Exploring Multiple Points of View through Research


When you’re searching for sources that present different perspectives, an issue that’s likely to come up is bias. It’s impossible for a source to be completely free of bias; sources are created by people, and all people have biases. It’s still important to be aware of situations in which the bias of a source or a creator is so strong as to outweigh the authority or accuracy of the source.

In their book Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research, librarians at The Ohio State University Libraries explain the concept of the “degree of bias” that a source might present. Take a moment to read through their section on “Degree of Bias,” paying particular attention to the section called “Clues about Bias.”

One of the ways to help mitigate issues of bias in individual sources is to seek out sources that approach a topic from multiple perspectives. Next, you’ll learn about some resources from UNCG Libraries that can help you locate these types of sources. 

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