Literature in County: Durham

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100 Things Duke Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die20159781600789809Moore, Johnny
Aaron McDuffie Moore: An African American Physician, Educator, and Founder of Durham's Black Wall Street20209781469655857Hill-Saya, Blake
American Gold19799780380436798Seeman, Ernest
Architecture of Duke University, The1939Blackburn, William Maxwell
Ardent Spirits20099780743291897Price, Edward Reynolds
Backslide20109781426941498Kenney, Carl W.
Bad to the Bone20009780380800643Munger, Katy
Balancing Tradition and Innovation: the History of Botany at Duke University, 1849-19961996Harland-Jacobs, Jessica
Before He Wakes19949780525938262Bledsoe, Jerry
Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South, The19969780684197593Davidson, Osha Gray
Better off Dead20019780380800650Munger, Katy
Black & White20089781596061712Shiner, Lewis
Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Matthews, Kingpin20139780985244019Chepesiuk, Ron
Black Man in a White Coat20159781250044631Tweedy, Damon
Bound South20099781416558675White, Susan Rebecca
Bridgehead19869780812536164Drake, David
Campus Club, Duke University1998Anderson, Jean Bradley
Convictions: A Novel of the Sixties19859780688043438Cannon, Taffy
Deal of a Lifetime, The20050974773530Alston, E. B.
Death on the Eno19819780316559935MacKay-Smith, Amanda Joan
Description of a Mill Village1938Moore, Ida L.
Duke Basketball20089781596294677Bowling, Lewis
Duke Forest at 75, The20069780978964610Lynch, Ida Phillips
Duke Gardens Through the Years1997Durden, Robert Franklin
Duke Homestead and the American Tobacco Company20139780738599410Farley, Jennifer Dawn
Duke: Memorable Stories of Blue Devil Basketball20079781596701793Featherston., Jr., Alwyn Louis
Durham and Her People1951Dula, William C;
Simpson, A. C.
Durham County20009780738506579Wise, Jim
Durham County Inventory of Important Natural Areas, Plants, and Wildlife1999Hall, Stephen P.
Durham County, Economic and Social1918Fowler, Marion Butler;
Upchurch, William Merrimon
Durham County: A History of Durham County, North Carolina19909780822310563Anderson, Jean Bradley
Durham Life, 1906-19631963Goerch, Carl
Durham Station1961Smith, Betty
Durham Tales: The Morris Street Maple, The Plastic Cow, The Durham Day That Was & More20089781596295889Wise, Jim
Durham, North Carolina19979780752405544Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Durham: A Bull City Story20029780738523811Wise, Jim
Durham's Hayti19999780752409672Jones, Beverly Washington;
Vann, Andre D.
Durham's Lincoln Hospital20019780738513669Reynolds, Pamela Preston
Dying to Be Thin20079780451222404Lilley, Kathryn
Fields of Battle20169781250059581Curtis, Brian
Footprints of God, The20030743234693Iles, Greg
Foundations for Excellence20069780967294643Campbell, Walter E.
Game of Deception, The20100982841418Martin, Victor L.
Going to School in Black and White20179781611532524Smith Romocki, LaHoma;
Waszak Geary, Cynthia
Hammer Spade and the Case of the Missing Husband20069780977894802Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers20069780977894833Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Four Horsemen20109781934936443Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Inca Curse20099781934936337Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Long Shooter20099781934936184Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Merchants of Death20079780977894888Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Midnight Treader20089781934936061Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Ring of Fire20079780979620911Alston, E. B.
Heaven for Beginners19869780961650001Holloway, Betsy
History of Public Library Service in Durham, North Carolina 1897 to 1997, The199709662880418Harland-Jacobs, Jessica
History of the Town of Durham, N.C.1884Paul, Hiram Voss
Holy Ghost Corner20069780446197069Bowen, Michele Andrea
I Walked the Sloping Hills: A Memoir20109780615349916Brown, Walter Matthew
If Gargoyles Could Talk: Sketches of Duke University19979780890898147King, William E.
Interaction Between Public Attitudes and a Philanthropist's Dream : Watts Hospital, 1895-1976 (And Tomorrow), The1979Reynolds, Pamela Preston
James B. Duke1927Jenkins, John Wilber
John Carlisle Kilgo, President of Trinity College, 1894-19101937Garber, Paul Neff
Keeping an Open Door19969780822318620Banner, Leslie;
Brodie, Harlow Keith Hammond
Killer Workout, A20089780451225351Lilley, Kathryn
Kiss the Girls19959780446601245Patterson, James
Lasting Legacy to the Carolinas19989780822321514Durden, Robert Franklin
Leading with the Heart20009780446526265Krzyzewski, Mike
Legwork19979780380791361Munger, Katy
Little Sin, A1958Hardy, William Marion
Living Culture in Durham, A19879780932112248Hogan, Judy
Louis Austin and the Carolina Times20189781469638775Gershenhorn, Jerry B.
Makeovers Can Be Murder2009045122826XLilley, Kathryn
Mary19819780807848210Mebane, Mary Elizabeth
Mary, Wayfarer19839780807848227Mebane, Mary Elizabeth
Midstream2012143918349XPrice, Edward Reynolds
Money to Burn1999380800632Munger, Katy
Not Afraid of Flavor20009780807825853Barker, Ben;
Barker, Karen
Our Separate Ways20059780807856000Greene, Christina
Out of My Mind2008Webb, Mena Fuller
Out of Time1998380791382Munger, Katy
Pick Nick20169780997400908Semonche, John E.
Plum Deadly20139781451689556Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Preacha' Man20049781412024839Kenney, Carl W.
Price of Silence, The20149781451681796Cohan, William David
Proud History: Durham, North Carolina, The Story of George Watts School, A19989780961650025Holloway, Betsy
Proud Shoes1956Murray, Anna Pauline
Recipe for Gentrification: Food, Power, and Resistance in the City, A20209781479811373Alkon, Alison Hope;
Kato, Yuki;
Sbicca, Joshua
Season Is a Lifetime, A19939780671798116Krzyzewski, Mike
Secret Game, The20159780316244619Ellsworth, Scott
Soil Survey of Durham County1924Perkins, Samuel Oscar
Solo20059781565124264Edgerton, Clyde Carlyle
Something Borrowed20049780312321185Giffin, Emily Fisk
Song in a Weary Throat19879780060157043Murray, Anna Pauline
Spark for My People: The Sociological Autobiography of a Negro Teacher, A1954Cotton, Ella Earls
Stanford L. Warren Branch Library19909780962880407Jones, Beverly Washington
Stones, Bricks & Faces1976Schumann, Marguerite
Story of Durham, City of the New South, The1925Boyd, William Kenneth
Streets of Durham, The1982Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Technology in the Garden19919780807843451Goldstein, Harvey A.;
Luger, Michael Ian
These Same Long Bones19949780395671726Parker, Gwendolyn McDougald
This Astounding Close20009780807825655Bradley, Mark L.
To the Bitter End: Appomattox, Bennett Place, and the Surrenders of the Confederacy20159781611212525Dunkerly, Robert M.
Treacherous Tart20149781451689563Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Trespassing, My Sojourn in the Halls of Privilege19979780395822975Parker, Gwendolyn McDougald
Unfinished Heaven: Durham, North Carolina, A Story of Two Schools19949780961650018Holloway, Betsy
Unique's Ending20089780979922701Martin, Victor L.
Unseen, The20099780312384708Sokoloff, Alexandra
Up at the College20099780446577755Bowen, Michele Andrea
Upbuilding Black Durham20089780807858356Brown, Leslie
Wallace Wade20069781594602313Bowling, Lewis
Watts Hospital of Durham, North Carolina, 1895-1976: Keeping The Doors Open19919780963138712Reynolds, Pamela Preston
Watts Hospital, 1895-1976 : Paternalism and Race, the evolution of a Southern Institution in Durham, North Carolina1986Reynolds, Pamela Preston
Way We Lived: Durham, 1900-1920, The19899780961725617Leyburn, James Graham
Way We Were, The20039780961557737Webb, Mena Fuller
Whole New Life, A20039780743238540Price, Edward Reynolds
Woman Who Was Not All There, The19889780060159894Sharp, Paula
Written in Blood20059780312994037Fanning, Diane