Literature in County: Dare

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"Unpainted Aristocracy", The1978Bishir, Catherine Ward
101 Glimpses of Nags Head20099781596296077Downing, Sarah
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Dare County, North Carolina2014Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Outer Banks Reader19989780807847268Stick, David
Ash Wednesday Storm, March 7, 1962, The1987Stick, David
Backstage at the Lost Colony20189780692083970Walls, Jr., Dwayne Estes
Baddest Girl on the Planet, The20219781949467161Frese, Heather
Basil, the Page1908Whitham, Grace I.
Biography of John Randolph of Roanoke, A1844Sawyer, Lemuel
Birth of Aviation, Kitty Hawk, N.C, The1953Brown, Aycock
Blackbeard1847Barker, Benjamin
Block Castle20049781413704204Weber, Robert C.
Blue Heron Marsh20079780595458226Quinn, Douglas
Briefe and True Report on the New Found Land of Virginia, A1588Harriot, Thomas
Bring Me Duck: Folk Tales and Anecdotes from Duck, N.C.19869780961634407Tate, Suzanne
Buckskin Brigade1947Kjelgaard, James Arthur
Callie and the Dealer and a Dog Named Jake20019781892343154Mills, Wendy Howell
Cape Hatteras20089780595492183Lloyd, Keith Warren
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, The19919780807843192Carr, Dawson
Cape Hatteras National Seashore20159781467123075Stover, Douglas E.
Cape Hatteras Seashore, The1964Stick, David
Cape Hatteras: America's Lighthouse19999781581820324Roberts, Bruce Stuart;
Shelton-Roberts, Cheryl
Carolina Girl20139780425251225Kantra, Virginia
Carolina Home20129780425250938Kantra, Virginia
Cate of the Lost Colony20109781599905075Klein, Lisa M.
Circa 19032019Tise, Larry E.
Coastal Summons20139781612186900Thomas, Katrina
Croatan1923Johnston, Mary
Curse Breakers, The20149781480597969Swank, Denise Grover
Dare County1970Stick, David
Dark of the Island, The20169780895876607Gerard, Philip
Daughter of the Blood, The1930Hawes, Herbert Bouldin
Daughter of Virginia Dare, The1908Wall, Mary Virginia
Death of a Mermaid20029781928556381Mills, Wendy Howell
Doctor's Experiences in Three Continents, A1885Warren, Edward
Driftwood Tides20149781414366425Holmes, Gina
Drinkwater's Folly20079781571974730Pendleton, James
Drummer Boy, The1863Trowbridge, John Townsend
Duck20019780895872364Mercier, Judith D.
Elemental20129780803736825John, Antony
England and Roanoke19889780865262331Powell, William Stevens
Entwined19989780451407511Browning, Dixie Burrus
Everything Wright20059780803497153Thomas, Katrina
Fabulous Dare1949Stick, David
Father of Convenience20089780803499133Thomas, Katrina
Finder's Fee, A20139780425252314Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Firebrand20139780803736832John, Antony
Flying High With the Wright Brothers19959780964697003Maden, Mary
For the Love of Lady Margaret19089781163677810Wilson, William Thomas
Golden Admiral1953Mason, Francis Van Wyck
Handbook for Erosion Control1956Stick, David
Hatteras and Other Poems1925Holden, Joseph William
Hatteras Blues20059780807829752Carlson, Tom
Hatteras Girl20109780764207327Wisler, Alice J.
Hatteras Island: Keeper of the Outer Banks20099780895873644McAllister, Ray
Hatteras Journal19879781555910105DeBlieu, Jan
Hatteras Light19869780684187303Gerard, Philip
Hatterasman, The1958MacNeill, Ben Dixon
Haunting Dream, A20129780425251799Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Helping the Wright Brothers19999781878405258Tate, Suzanne
Henry the Ninth19879780373482528Browning, Dixie Burrus
Hidden Images20059781596290549Tise, Larry E.
Hitler's Judas20079780970579362Lewis, Tom
Holly from Hatteras19989781878405227Tate, Suzanne
Into the Wind19779780380710263Taylor, Theodore
Ironclad20069781938467110Clancy, Paul R.
Island Sojourn20109780803477551Thomas, Katrina
John Vytal1901Payson, William Farquhar
Kate Weathers1878Vaughan, Francis
Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, A20109780465021154Horn, James
Kitty Hawk20129781585366057Smith, Roland
Lady of Roanoke, The19659780030497759Bothwell, Jean
Late Rising Moon19849780671454531Browning, Dixie Burrus
Legends of the Dunes of Dare1936Albertson, Catherine Seyton
Lifesaving Adventure of Sam Deal, The20119780761361770Ransom, Candice Farris
Lilah and the Locket20079781594314537Leigh, Nikki
Logic of the Heart19829780671571726Browning, Dixie Burrus
Logs & Moonshine20009781878405296Tate, Suzanne
Lost Citadel, The1954Mathis, Alexander
Lost Colony1953Bothwell, Jean
Lost Colony, The1972Lacy, Dan Mabry
Lost Colony, The19649780445000810Marshall, Edison
Lost Colony and Hatteras Island, The20209781467144339Dawson, Scott
Lost Colony Found, The1898McMillan, Hamilton
Lost Colony in Fact and Legend, The19839780930230463Johnson, Frank Roy;
Parramore, Thomas C.
Lost Colony Murder on the Outer Banks: Seeking Justice for Brenda Joyce Holland, The20219781467147392Railey, John
Lost Colony of Roanoke, The1891Weeks, Stephen Beauregard
Lost Colony: A Symphonic Drama of American History, The19379780807849705Green, Paul Eliot
Love at Morley Cove20119780803477148Thomas, Katrina
Lover's Guide to the Outer Banks, A1971Wood III, Ira David
Maldonado Miracle, The19739780385084567Taylor, Theodore
Manteo: A Roanoke Island Town20009781578640997Khoury, Angel Ellis
Marcy, the Refugee1892Fosdick, Charles Austin
Mariner's Bride, The19919780373286997Browning, Dixie Burrus
Matter of Timing, A19879780373085279Browning, Dixie Burrus
Meant to be Wild19911555910742DeBlieu, Jan
Memories of Manteo and Roanoke Island, N.C.19880961634421Tate, Suzanne
Murder at Hatteras20100979665531Ellis, Joe C.
Mystery at Kill Devil Hills, The20039780635020949Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Mystery of the Lost Colony, The19839781556091827Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Nag's Head1850Throop, George Higby
Nags Headers20010895872404Rountree, Susan Byrum
Nights in Rodanthe20029780593048283Sparks, Nicholas
Old Moat Farm: A Story of Queen Elizabeth's Days, The1905Pollard, Eliza Fanny
Old Nag's Head1952Outlaw, Edward Ralph
Old Sea Captain and the Drummer, The1950Meekins, Daniel Victor
Outer Banks19919780060538064Siddons, Anne Rivers
Outer Banks of North Carolina, 1584-1958, The19589780807842775Stick, David
Outer Banks, A Test of Faith20099781607493921Omer, Kent E.
Pale as the Moon19991928556027Smith, Donna Campbell
Pale as the Moon (3rd edition)20139781491287699Smith, Donna Campbell
Papa and Mama Said: Full of Dare County Folklore20169780997931518Baum, Lucinda Gallop
Pea Island Life-Saving Station2008Stover, Douglas E.
Pelican Point20091440150885Quinn, Douglas
Poison Tree, The20049780803496798Masek, Linda Lehmann
Portsmouth20080895873591Norvell, Edward P.
Prelude to Forever1958Carson, Pat Strawbridge
Raleigh's Page20070375833196Armstrong, Alan
Renegade20149780803736856John, Antony
Rescue on the Outer Banks20020876144601Ransom, Candice Farris
Rising Shore- Roanoke, The2007979051606Homsher, Deborah
Roanoke20090385342373Lawrence, Margaret
Roanoke Island19839780807841105Stick, David
Roanoke Island in History and Legend1934Albertson, Catherine Seyton
Roanoke Island's Boating Heritage20179781467125888Gray, Nancy Beach;
Gray, R. Wayne
Roanoke Renegade1954Tracy, Donald Fiske
Sand Roots1963MacNeill, Ben Dixon
Seabiscuit20011928556280Russell, Anne
Searching for Virginia Dare20021928556345Hudson, Marjorie
Sea Change, A1996Stryk, Dan
Second Time's A Charm20119781935586296Flinn, Mary
Secret Token, The20189780385542012Lawler, Andrew
Secrets of a Silent Stranger19769780664325985Hallman, Ruth Reid Bundy
Sink or Swim19999780805079944Weatherford, Carole Boston
Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony1888McMillan, Hamilton
Some Whisper of Our Name1975Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Sons of Their Fathers20081607670011Lewis, Tom
Spirited Gift, A20119780425245026Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Storm Warriors2001375806644Carbone, Elisa L.
Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, The1952Campbell, Helen Jones
Sunday's Child20060970579314Lewis, Tom
Taffy of Torpedo Junction19579780807846193Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Teetoncey19740385095848Taylor, Theodore
Teetoncey and Ben O'Neal19750152052976Taylor, Theodore
Time Full of Trial20019780807849187Click, Patricia Catherine
Timely Vision, A20109780425234754Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Touch of Gold, A20119780425240243Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Triumph at Kitty Hawk19939780865262591Parramore, Thomas C.
U.S. Weather Bureau Station, Hatteras, NC2007Stover, Douglas E.
Undertow20039780373218318Browning, Dixie Burrus
Unravelled Mystery of the Lost Colony, The1924Olds, Fred A
Virginia Dare: A Romance of the Sixteenth Century1892Shackelford, Eleanor Anastasia Putnam
Visions20039780974157504Kidder, Chris
Watery Part of the World, The20119781565126824Parker, Michael
Weekend, The20109781456811792Strickland, Leslie Neil
White Doe, The1901Cotten, Sallie Swepson Sims Southall
Windrift19839780935326376Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Wounds of a Friend, The1908McChesney, Dora Greenwell
Wright Brothers, The20159781476728742McCullough, David G.
Wright Brothers, Wrong Story: How Wilbur Wright Solved the Problem of Manned Flight20189781633884595Hazelgrove, William Elliott
Year of the Comets20059781593760700DeBlieu, Jan