Literature in County: Cumberland

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Acorn Plan, The19880393025950McLaurin, Tim
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman20109781935514077Greene, Robin
Aunt Flora1953Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
Behind the Veil20069781593090630Perkins, Suzetta
Bite of the Apple, A20109781452042961Vaughn, Edward
Bragg20069781418489403Singley, William P.
Coming Up For Air20129780373796861Foley, Karen
Conjure Woman, The1899Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Cumberland County19999780738502700Powell, Joey
Cumberland County: A Brief History19909780865262430Parker, Jr., Roy
Dark Stranger, The1940Dodge, Constance Woodbury
Déjà Vu20099781593092597Perkins, Suzetta
Devil’s Right Hand, The2005312334192Rhoades, J.D.
Dolores: A Tale of Disappointment and Distress1868Robinson, Benjamin
Evil That Men Do, The20071425990371Vaughn, Edward
Fayetteville and Fort Bragg in Vintage Postcards9780738513621Cumberland County Historical Society,
Fayetteville Profiled In Black: The History of Blacks in Fayetteville & Cumberland County20009781889925066Whitted, Fred
Fayetteville, North Carolina20009780738505930Whitted, Fred
Forgiven, The2007142576407XVaughn, Edward
Good Day in Hell20069780312334215Rhoades, J.D.
Hope Mills19979780916366827Pierce, Constance
House Behind the Cedars, The1900Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
If I Lie20129781442454132Jackson, Corrine
Innocent Victims19939780451403575Whisnant, Scott
Jacksonian Politics and Community Conflict19819780807108574Watson, Harry L.
Jump Into the Sky20129780375836992Pearsall, Shelley
Keeper of the Moon19919780393029963McLaurin, Tim
Liberty Boys and Flora Macdonald, The1904Moore, Harry
Murder Goes Rolling Along1942Moore, Harry F. S.
Muslim American Slave, A18319780299249540Said, Omar Ibn
Natural Area Inventory of Cumberland County, North Carolina2002Sorrie, Bruce A.
Next to Last Mistake, The20199781611532647Jahn, Amalie
Nut-Cracker-Nut1988Guralnick, June
Paths of Glory, The20099781439229668Vaughn, Edward
Pillow of Thorns20129780615689654Smith, Karen Cecil
Prodigal Judge, The1911Kester, Vaughan
Rainbow at Dusk1942Loring, Emilie
Reaper: Ghost Target20189781250127341Irving, Nicholas;
Tata, Anthony J.
Reflections in a Golden Eye1941McCullers, Lulu Carson Smith
Safe and Sound2007312334214Rhoades, J.D.
See Here, Private Hargrove19429780404199333Hargrove, Jr., Edward Thomas Marion Lawton
Shelf Life of Fire, The20199781611532616Greene, Robin
Soil Survey of Cumberland County1925Perkins, Samuel Oscar
Some Welcome Home20051594142750Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Spring Lake20049780738517223Pate, Jr., Howard B.;
Sheppard, Jami
Spring Lake, NC: A Brief History20059780976276104Pate, Jr., Howard B.
Story of Fayetteville and the Upper Cape Fear, The1950Oates, John Alexander
Tangled Webs20081425791190Vaughn, Edward