Literature in County: Carteret

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Adventuring1923Tupper, Tristram
Beaufort's Old Burying Ground, North Carolina19999780738500188Collins, Marilyn Harris;
Hardy, Diane;
Wilson, Mamré Marsh
Best of All, The1976Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Big Beautiful, The2007385338384Duncan, Pamela Y.
Blackbeard, Raider of the Carolina Seas1964Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Bonnie Blue Sweetheart1959Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Captured in the Caribbean20159780986325212Whitford, Sara
Carteret County19999780738502687Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
Carteret County20079780738544489Jenkins, Kevin W.;
Sadler, Linda
Carteret County Down East with Photographs20009780738506296Lewis, Jr., Reginald Worth
Carteret County, North Carolina: History & Folklore20089781596294783Paul, Grayden;
Paul, Mary
Carteret County: Economic and Social1926Lay, Henry Champlin;
Lefferts, Aleeze;
Lewis, Clifford Whitefield
Choice, The2007446579920Sparks, Nicholas
Cruise of the Snap Dragon19769780910244886Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Crystal Coast, The20009780738506562Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
Fifteenth Summer20119781456763817Salter, Kay
Finding Birds in Carteret County1985Fussell, John O.
Fireborn Woman2018Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Fort Macon20139780738599373Branch, Jr., Paul R.
Fourteenth Summer20099780984251728Salter, Kay
Grass in the Wind20039781571973603Smith-Beattie, Sara
Gypsy's Curse, The20169780986325236Whitford, Sara
Heavy Weather20159780986141607Fischer, Normandie
History of Newspapers in Carteret County, N.C. 1852-1992, A1998Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Images and Echoes of Beaufort-by-the-Sea19939781880994061Hayman, Carol Bessent
In Every Way20159781619024595Brown, Nic
It Happened Here1976Barbour, Ruth Peeling
June Gold1922Baily, Dykeman Waldron
Leaving Lukens20119780983714804Wharton, Laura S.
Let Go or Hold Fast: Beaufort Poems20189781618460660Schmidt, M. Susan
Let Us Keep the Feast in Historic Beaufort20019780970868008St Paul's Episcopal Church Women,
Little Turkle, The20069781949467048Van Dyken, Deborah
Mariner's Menu20039780807855133Taylor, Joyce A.
Morehead City on the Waterfront20049780738516431Lewis, Jr., Reginald Worth
Murder in the Marsh20169780986325229Whitford, Sara
On These Shores1985Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Open Grounds: Then and Now2001Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Otway Burns, Firebrand of 18121969Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Our Little Monitor: The Greatest Invention of the Civil War20189781606353141Holloway, Anna Gibson;
White, Jonathan W.
Paradise Lost20129780983722328White, III, James Edward
Perfect Escape, A20089781934992517James, Maddie
Portsmouth Island20049780970652737Eubanks, Frances;
Salsi, Lynn
Portsmouth Island: Memories of Nina Mann Dixon20119780983722304White, III, James Edward
Portsmouth Island: A Walk in the Past20109780692010273White, III, James Edward
Sailing Out of Darkness20139781939023063Fischer, Normandie
Saltwater Cowboys20041928556450Morris, Bill
Sea-Born Women2002089587265XMountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Sea Prayers, The20189780997185560Fischer, Normandie
Shooting at Loons19949780446404242Maron, Margaret B.
Sixteenth Summer20119781467034845Salter, Kay
Smuggler's Gambit, The20159780986325205Whitford, Sara
Soil Survey of Carteret County1938Perkins, Samuel Oscar
Story of Land and Sea, The20149780062335944Smith, Katy Simpson
Thirteenth Summer20089780975368404Salter, Kay
True1884Lathrop, George Parsons
Turning Back the Tide2005Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Twelfth Summer20089780975368497Salter, Kay
Twilight Christmas20169780986141690Fischer, Normandie
Walk to Remember, A19999780446525534Sparks, Nicholas