Literature in County: Buncombe

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12 Bones Smokehouse20189780760362693Heavner, Shane;
King, Angela;
King, Bryan;
Lunsford, Mackensy
27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry20129780983247524Neufeld, Rob
46 days: keeping up with Jennifer Pharr Davis on the Appalachian Trail20119780825306785Davis, Jennifer Pharr
After the Good Gay Times1974Buttitta, Anthony J.
Alexander-Davidson Reunion1911Sondley, Forster Alexander
An Unexpected Guest20119781450735711Johnson, Bruce E.
Around Biltmore Village20089780738525679Alexander, Bill
Around Biltmore Village20089780738568539Alexander, Bill
Arts at Black Mountain College, The19879780262081610Harris, Mary Emma
Asheville20049780738516196McDaniel, Douglas Stuart
Asheville and Buncombe County1922Sondley, Forster Alexander
Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II20069780738543420Chapman, Reid;
Miles, Deborah
Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook, The20179781572842281Schloss, Carrie
Asheville Beer20129781609496319Glenn, Anne Fitten
Asheville Ghosts and Legends20069781596291560House, Delas M.;
Traynor, Ken
Asheville in the Land of the Sky1942Mead, Martha Norburn
Asheville Movies: The Silent Era20179780998769905Thompson, Frank T.
Asheville: A History20079780786431762Chase, Nan K.
Asheville: Land of the Sky19869780897811682Ready, Milton
Asheville: Mountain Majesty20079780914875352Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Places of Discovery19809780914875017Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Volume I19979780738543987Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville: Volume II19979780738543994Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville's Albemarle Park20149781467121255Merten, Stacy A.;
Sauer, Robert O.
Asheville's River Arts District20089780738554266Neufeld, Henry;
Neufeld, Rob
Awakening, The1921Cartrette, Anna Gaskill
Baseball in Asheville20049780738516103Ballew, Bill
Becoming Odyssa20109780825306495Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Bellamy Case, The1925Hay, Jr., James
Biltmore Estate20059780738517490Rickman, Ellen Erwin
Biltmore Estate20089780738568119Rickman, Ellen Erwin
Biltmore Nursery: A Botanical Legacy, The20071596292385Alexander, Bill
Black Mountain19729780810125940Duberman, Martin
Black Mountain and the Swannanoa Valley20049780738516264Swannanoa Valley Museum,
Black Mountain Days20039780964902084Rumaker, Michael
Blackman's Coffin20089781590586228de Castrique, Mark
Blood Noir20089780425222195Hamilton, Laurell K.
Book Lovers20229780593440872Henry, Emily
Built for the Ages: A History of the Grove Park Inn20049780976001607Johnson, Bruce E.
Cabins and Castles1981Powell, Talmage
Called Again20139780825306938Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Chasing Demons20039780595291236French, Christy Tillery
Christy1967Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood
Cicada Year, The20169781537126418Kay, Kiesa
Circle of Grace20049780385510134Stokes, Penelope J.
Clothes for a Summer Hotel19809780811208710Williams, Thomas Lanier
Coffee Rings20049781593103392Lehman, Yvonne
Crimson Frost20129780758281463Estep, Jennifer
Dark Frost20129780758266965Estep, Jennifer
Dear Editor1944Wright, Watkins Eppes
Death in a Sunny Place1971Lockridge, Frances Louise Davis;
Lockridge, Richard Orson
Don't Tell20039780755371150Rose, Karen
Drovers' Gold1961Street, Julia Montgomery
Enigma of Thomas Wolfe, The1953Walser, Richard Gaither
Eros and Illinois1980Wood III, Ira David
Eureka Mill19989781891885266Rash, Ron
Even As We Breathe20209781950564064Clapsaddle, Annette Saunooke
Everything She Touched: Life of Ruth Asawa20209781452174402Chase, Marilyn
Family of Earth20169781469630540Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Final Day, The20179780765376732Forstchen, William R.
Fire Gazer20099780979396113McGuire, Kevin Burton
Firefighting in Buncombe County20149781467121804Lawrence, Brian
Fitzgerald Ruse, The20099781590586297de Castrique, Mark
Five-Star Trails Asheville20119780897329200Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Five-Star Trails: Asheville: 35 Spectacular Hikes in the Land of Sky20189781634040969Davis, Jennifer Pharr
Ghost on Black Mountain20119781451606423Hite, Ann
God Can Use Anyone - Even Me: The Charles Pickens Story20099781935130055McAfee, Patricia A.;
Pickens, Charles Edward
Grandpa's Town19789781566641197Terrell, Bob
Gringo20039781931807166Willimetz, Emil Joseph
Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Furniture20099781558708495Johnson, Bruce E.
Guests on Earth20139781616202538Smith, Lee
Hidden History of Asheville20199781467142212Rhine, Zoe
Hidden Scars20179781464208966de Castrique, Mark
Hidden Woman, The1929Hay, Jr., James
Historic Asheville19979781566641289Terrell, Bob
Historic Inns of Asheville20139781467120128Ridenour, Amy C.
Historical Facts Concerning Buncombe County Government1935Digges, Jr., George Atwood
History of Buncombe County1930Sondley, Forster Alexander
Home in Shalom'ville: The History of Asheville's Jewish Community, A20159780974642499Fahrer, Sharon
Horace Chase18949781163796351Woolson, Constance Fenimore
Howard McPhlinn. A Story For Boys1897Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
I'd Die For You: And Other Lost Stories20179781501144349Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key
In Buncombe County1896Pool, Maria Louise
In the Shadows of Chimney Rock20089781932158830Senehi, Rose
Indian's Curse, The1915Sondley, Forster Alexander
Ingledove20059780374335991Youmans, Marly
Kiffin Rockwell, the Lafayette Escadrille and the Birth of the United States Air Force20169781476664019Murphy, Timothy B.
Killer Weed20149780985387594Wilson, Robert F
Kiss of Frost20119780758266941Estep, Jennifer
Lacuna, The20090060852577Kingsolver, Barbara
Lady on the Hill20069780471758181Covington, Jr., Howard E.
Last Castle: The Epic Story of Love, Loss, and American Royalty in the Nation’s Largest Home, The20179781476794044Kiernan, Denise
Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-195720159780300211917Molesworth, Helen
Legendary Locals of Asheville20149781467101677Frazier, Kevan D.
Legends, Secrets and Mysteries of Asheville20179781467135917Milling, Marla Hardee
Leonora1904Lawson, Laura Burnett
Life, Confession and Execution of the Jew and Jewess, Gustavus Linderhoff and Fanny Victoria Talzingler, The1856Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Look Homeward Angel1929Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Look up Asheville20109781935130017Hope-Gill, Laura
Love at First Note20169781680479430Proctor, Jenny
Loved Honor More20129781432826192Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Making of a Writer, The2007978812974690Godwin, Gail Kathleen
Man You Could Call A Man, A20199781597151955Russell, David G.
Mandie and the Cherokee Legend19839780871233219Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Forbidden Attic19859780871238221Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Ghost Bandits19849780871234421Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel19839780871233202Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Trunk's Secret19859780871238399Leppard, Lois Gladys
Meander Belt: Family, Loss, and Coming of Age in the Working-Class South20199781496213310O'Wain, M. Randal
Memory Book, The20029780849917066Stokes, Penelope J.
Memory of Black Mountain College, A1969Wieners, John Joseph
Mercy Forever1954Moore, Bertha Belle
Midnight Frost20139780758281494Estep, Jennifer
Missing, Presumed Wed20091594147876Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Mitchell's Peak20030972956832Dellinger, Robert
Montreat20099780738568140Standaert, Joseph;
Standaert, Mary McPhail
Motorcycle Chums in the Land of the Sky1912Lincoln, Andrew Carey
Murder in Passing, A20139781464201493de Castrique, Mark
Musical Morphine20169781942016175Gaiser, Robin Russell
My Days with Nell20139781935130475Blake, Victoria S
My Heart's In The Hills1956Kroll, Harry Harrison
Mystery of Biltmore House, The19829780935326079Marsh, Carole Longmeyer
Night, Sleep, and the Dreams of Lovers20189781940605975Hopes, David Brendan
No River Too Wide20149780778316343Richards, Emilie
Of Time and the River1935Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Old Ball Yard, The19979781566640992Terrell, Bob
One Mountain Away20129780778313557Richards, Emilie
One Second After20099780765317582Forstchen, William R.
One Year After20159780765376701Forstchen, William R.
Only in Asheville20159781625854889Milling, Marla Hardee
Other Side of Silence, The20079781933523248Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Paper Covers Rock20119780385740555Hubbard, Jenny
Past is Never Dead, The20049780895872906Schulman, David
Peacock Hill1961Dern, Peggy
Peanut1951Carroll, Archer Latrobe;
Carroll, Ruth Robinson
Pleasure Was Mine, The20059780312339326Hays, Tommy
Quest Maker20169780062308467McKay, Laurie
Raven Cursed20129780451464330Hunter, Faith
Ravenscroft School in Asheville, The20149780786474622Slusser, Dale Wayne
Realm Breaker20179780062308498McKay, Laurie
Remembering Asheville20059780976599906Ready, Milton
Render Unto the Valley20129780615499956Senehi, Rose
Riceville20119780738587912Chesky, Anne E.
Ridgecrest1928Spilman, Bernard Washington
Samanthy Billins of Hangin'-Dog1905Duncan, Georgia Elizabeth
Samuel Davidson1913Sondley, Forster Alexander
Scrambled Eggs at Midnight20079780142408674Barkley, Brad
Selected Prints and Paintings From Biltmore Estate1991Rickman, Ellen Erwin
Selected Prints and Paintings From Biltmore Estate.1991
Serafina and the Black Cloak20159781484711873Beatty, Robert
Serafina and the Splintered Heart20179781484775042Beatty, Robert
Serafina and the Twisted Staff20169781484775035Beatty, Robert
Soil Survey of Buncombe County1923Perkins, Samuel Oscar
Soil Survey of Buncombe County1942Goldston, Eugene Frizzell
Soldier on the Porch20071594145946Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Soul Catcher20099780982175682Smith, Deborah
Southern Appalachian Mountains, The2006Harshaw, Lou
Story of Marthy, The1898Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Storycatcher, The20139781451692273Hite, Ann
Summer Gold1955Kroll, Harry Harrison;
Lewis, Charles Bertrand
Swannanoa20139780738599403Chesky, Anne E.
Swannanoa Valley20149781467121798Standaert, Joseph;
Standaert, Mary McPhail
Tales of the Grove Park Inn20139781467559607Johnson, Bruce E.
Thomas Wolfe19639780805708332McElderry, Bruce Robert
Thomas Wolfe1960Holman, Clarence Hugh
Thomas Wolfe: The Weather of His Youth1955Rubin, Jr., Louis Decimus
Thomas Wolfe's Characters: Portraits from Life19579781299933613Watkins, Floyd C.
Thyme for Love, A20139780741414847Miles, Celia H.
Thymetable Mill20059780741425256Miles, Celia H.
Time Is a River20089781410409034Monroe, Mary Alice
Tom, Zelda and Scott: Following Their Footsteps20199781532398186Johnson, Bruce E.
Travelers Rest20129780764208102Tatlock, Ann
Two Wheels on the Highway20119780615511047Harshaw, Lou
Villain Keeper20159780062308436McKay, Laurie
Web and the Rock, The1939Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts20189781250095473Fowler, Therese Anne
What I Came to Tell You20139781606844335Hays, Tommy
White Witch20129781611940831Milburn, Trish
Wicked Asheville20189781467138802Milling, Marla Hardee
Will Harris Murders, The19979781566641074Terrell, Bob
Wind of Destiny1916Porter, Sara Lindsay Coleman
Winning Clue, The1919Hay, Jr., James
You Can't Go Home Again1940Wolfe, Thomas Clayton