Literature in County: Brunswick

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About Turtles and Things -- Near Fort Caswell1965
An Ever-Fixed Mark20079781424141067Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.
Anchor, The20031889199052Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Archaeology at Colonial Brunswick20109780865263437South, Stanley A.
Bald Head19859781892444103Stick, David
Barefoot Beaches20039781410711885DeGroot, Jacqueline
Bridge Tender, The20149780310338406Whalen, Marybeth
Carolina Watermen, The19939780895871046Kelly, Barbara;
Kelly, Richard Michael
Cemetery Kids2013978467578646DeGroot, Jacqueline
Climax20019780759627543DeGroot, Jacqueline
Every Breath20189781538728529Sparks, Nicholas
Feast of Fat Things, A19689780911676013Zachary, Hugh D.
Flash Drive20129781467520089DeGroot, Jacqueline
Fort Caswell in War and Peace1983Herring, Ethel
Ghosts of Turtle Nest, The20079780595410576Edwards, Edith
Guest Book, The20129780310334743Whalen, Marybeth
History of Brunswick County, North Carolina, The1978Lee, Enoch Lawrence
Joshua's Dream: A Town With Two Names1992Carson, Susan Sellers
Joshua's Legacy: Dream Makers of Old Southport20039781892444134Carson, Susan Sellers
Lelia Jane: A Very Gentle Lady20079781892444158Carson, Susan Sellers
Mailbox, The20109780781403696Whalen, Marybeth
Memoir of General John Ashe of the Revolution, A1854Hooper, Archibald Maclaine;
McRee, Griffith John
Mobile Acres20079781425982812Jacobs, Joyce M.
Ocean Isle2013DeGroot, Jacqueline;
Pope, Miller
Old Man and the Boy, The1957Ruark, Jr., Robert Chester
Old Man's Boy Grows Older, The1961Ruark, Jr., Robert Chester
Safe Haven20109780446547598Sparks, Nicholas
Satan's Angels20099781608134083Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.
Secret of the Kindred Spirit, The20029780974737492DeGroot, Jacqueline
Soil Survey of Brunswick County1937Goldston, Eugene Frizzell;
Perkins, Samuel Oscar
Southport20129780738592336Monahan, Sherry;
Smith, Sharon Claudette
Southport, Oak Island, and Bald Head Island20149781467120388Fink, Daniel Benjamin
Southport: A Story of Second Chances19979781884570681Norvell, Edward P.
Sunset Beach2010DeGroot, Jacqueline;
Pope, Miller
Tales of the Silver Coast20069780975591086DeGroot, Jacqueline;
Pope, Miller
Three Wild Pigs20189781611179446Cullen, Lisa Ann
Widows of Sea Trail, The20089781424310227DeGroot, Jacqueline
Widows of Sea Trail: Tessa of Crooked Gulley, The20099781615397716DeGroot, Jacqueline
Widows of Sea Trail: Vivienne of Sugar Sands, The20109781616581893DeGroot, Jacqueline
Wishing Tree, The20139780310334880Whalen, Marybeth