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Angels Watching Over Me20039780764227004Phillips, Michael Ray
Baptism, The20071416906711Moses, Sheila P.
Bending Heaven's Will20189781947773271Kemp, Terry L.
Blue Bottle Club, The19990849915732Stokes, Penelope J.
Bride's Return, or, How Grand Avenue Church Came to Christ, The1911Harris, Caroline Aiken Jenkins
By Love Acquitted20079781597895095Lehman, Yvonne
Carley's Song20019780310229933Sprinkle, Patricia Houck
Change Baby20049781573222860Spence, June
Christmas Cake20099780061711503Hinton, Lynne
Christy1967Marshall, Sarah Catherine Wood
Coffee Rings20049781593103392Lehman, Yvonne
Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart, The2004764227025Phillips, Michael Ray
Dangerous Reunion20119780373444519Robbins, Sandra
Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, A20039780764227011Phillips, Michael Ray
Fatal Disclosure20129780373444915Robbins, Sandra
Forever Friends20039780062517487Hinton, Lynne
Friendship Cake20009780688171476Hinton, Lynne
Going Home20079781434330468Thomas, Marilyn Denny
Gravestone20119781434764195Thrasher, Travis
Hatteras Girl20109780764207327Wisler, Alice J.
Highland Grace20039780764224546Parker, Gary E.
Highland Hopes20019780764224522Parker, Gary E.
Highland Mercies20029780764224539Parker, Gary E.
His Hands20039781586603748Lehman, Yvonne
Holding Putter20189781973642916Lefler, John C.H.
Holy Ghost Corner20069780446197069Bowen, Michele Andrea
Hope Springs20129781595549976Tate, Kimberly Cash
How Sweet It Is20099780764204784Wisler, Alice J.
In the Bleak Midwinter20039780971353435
In the Garden20029780971353411Guess, Catherine Ritch
In the Nantahalas1910Townsend, Metta Folger
Last Gift, The19991564767795Parker, Gary E.
Last-Day Apostles, The20039780972560962Pate, Jeff
Let Us Break Bread Together20059780971353473Guess, Catherine Ritch
Little Maid of Arcady, A18939781178997774Tiernan, Frances Christine Fisher
Log Meeting-house and the McIlhanys, The1884Edwards, John Ellis
Memory Book, The20029780849917066Stokes, Penelope J.
Mountain Peril20109780373443918Robbins, Sandra
North Carolina Weddings20081602601119Lehman, Yvonne
One Who Waits For Me, The20119780736930185Copeland, Lori
Outer Banks, A Test of Faith20099781607493921Omer, Kent E.
Paper Angels20111451606192Thrasher, Travis;
Wayne, Jimmy
Promise for Tomorrow20099781607994183Marley, Tracey
Promise Remains, The20009780842336215Thrasher, Travis
Rain Song20080764204777Wisler, Alice J.
Ralph Fabian's Mistakes1908Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Remember Box, The20009780739414798Sprinkle, Patricia Houck
Reuben Delton, Preacher1900Dickson, Sallie O'Hear
Road to New Hope, The20099781448669530Curcio, George
Saving Grace19959780399140501Smith, Lee
Search Committee, The20129781414364452Owens, Tim
Shattered Identity20129780373444793Robbins, Sandra
Solitary20101434764214Thrasher, Travis
Song in the Air, A20049780971353466Guess, Catherine Ritch
Sunday Morning Secrets20071891601237McFarland, Shirlita K.
Temptation20121434764176Thrasher, Travis
Things I Know Best, The20019780062517272Hinton, Lynne
Tis so Sweet20059781933341033Guess, Catherine Ritch
Together is All We Need20049780764227035Phillips, Michael Ray
Travelers Rest20129780764208102Tatlock, Ann
Up at the College20099780446577755Bowen, Michele Andrea
Way of the Pilgrim, The20199781982220822Rogers, Bryant W.
Wedding Cake20109780061711510Hinton, Lynne