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101 Borden Street20039781591295389Walker, Susan Eileen
An Ice Cold Grave20079780425217290Harris, Charlaine
Angel Whispered Danger, The20039780312308131Ballard, Mignon Franklin
Arms of God, The2005312347952Hinton, Lynne
Art’s Blood20069780440242093Lane, Vicki
Assault and Batter20139781493559862Myers, Tim
At Wick's End20039780425194607Myers, Tim
Aunt Ellie Turns Sleuth20079780595476329Clarke, Liz
Baby, Take a Bow20179781464207983Tesh, Jane
Bad Egg, A20139781484873687Myers, Tim
Bad Moon on the Rise20099780981944241Munger, Katy
Bad Reputation, A20149781464202322Tesh, Jane
Bad to the Bone20009780380800643Munger, Katy
Baked Ham, A20139781482665505Myers, Tim
Bare Bones20039780743453004Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Beachcomber20039780743453486Robards, Karen
Before the Last Lap20059780803497283Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Before Sunrise20059781455871117Kyle, Susan Spaeth
Behind the Veil20069781593090630Perkins, Suzetta
Bellamy Case, The1925Hay, Jr., James
Better off Dead20019780380800650Munger, Katy
Bid For Midnight20139781490929927Myers, Tim
Black Dutch19919780802711458Taylor, Bonnie;
Taylor, Matt
Black Sheep20139781250015341Lyons, Cathryn J.
Blackman's Coffin20089781590586228de Castrique, Mark
Blanche Passes Go20009780670891658Neely, Barbara
Block Castle20049781413704204Weber, Robert C.
Blood Sins20099780553589269Hooper, Kay
Bloodlines of Shackleford Banks20049780895872920Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Bloody Kin19859780446404167Maron, Margaret B.
Bloody November20069781424147380Dattero, Guilio
Blue Goose is Dead, The20089780373266524Goodman, Helen
Blue Heron Marsh20079780595458226Quinn, Douglas
Body at StarShine Mill, The20169781532320484Miles, Celia H.
Body at Wrapp’s Mill, The20149780983471721Miles, Celia H.
Boneman19959780312853075Cantrell, Lisa W.
Bones Never Lie20149780345544018Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones of the Lost20139781439102459Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bones to Ashes20079781416525653Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Booked For Murder20049780425198087Myers, Tim
Bootlegger’s Daughter19929780446403238Maron, Margaret B.
Break No Bones20069780743453035Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Breaking Cover20089780312371555Rhoades, J.D.
Bug Funeral, The2004312322186Shaber, Sarah Rock
Buried in a Book20129780425246191May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Burned Out Baker, A20149781495460364Myers, Tim
Buzzard Table, The20129780446555821Maron, Margaret B.
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name20049780553584943Bissell, Sallie
Callie and the Dealer and a Dog Named Jake20019781892343154Mills, Wendy Howell
Cape Fear Murders20039781928556411Canada, Wanda
Carolina Mist19969780671527877Stewart, Mariah
Carolina Reckoning20139781426757976Carter, Lisa
Case of Imagination, A20069781590582190Tesh, Jane
Cat Dancers, The2005312333773Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Causing Chaos20150989780058Ledford, Deborah J.
Chasing Chaos20169781947834132Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Chili Death, A20129781479348244Myers, Tim
Chill Factor20059780743245548Brown, Sandra
Christmas Mourning20109780446555807Maron, Margaret B.
Christmas Wedding20079780975540466Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Circle of Secrets20049780972503150Land, Dixie
Climax20019780759627543DeGroot, Jacqueline
Cold Feet20139781432826376Pullen, Karen
Conatus19999781563151408Baroff, David
Coventry20109781463785093Myers, Tim
Cradle Lake20139781605425108Malfi, Ronald Damien
Crimson Hall20079781593746797Shoup, Jane
Cross Bones20059780743453028Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Cudgel, The1950Polsky, Thomas
Cult, The20081934992011James, Maddie
Curse, The20070979572169James, Maddie
Dagon1968Chappell, Fred Davis
Daisy Canfield19739780671784096Haas, Benjamin Leopold
Dangerous Undertaking20039781590580554de Castrique, Mark
Dark of the Island, The20169780895876607Gerard, Philip
Darker Justice, A20029780553582710Bissell, Sallie
Day the Cat Ran Away, The20139780985531331Gates, Nancy Gotter
Day of Small Things, The20109780385342636Lane, Vicki
Day the Parrot Died, The20129780985531300Gates, Nancy Gotter
Dead Ends20129780727881748Balzo, Sandra
Dead Men Don't Lye20069781597222594Myers, Tim
Dead Reckoning1948Walz, Audrey Boyers
Dead Right20069780976810889Shaffer, David L.
Dead Ringer19949780821744697Kelner, Toni L. P.
Deadly Beauty20109780984613731Land, Dixie
Deadly Beef, A20129781480235021Myers, Tim
Deadly Cliche, A20119780425240236Stanley, Jennifer
Deadly Company20099780982300510Land, Dixie
Deadly Dealer, A20079781597226714
Deadly Decisions20009780671028367Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Deadly Donuts20139781490480305Myers, Tim
Death at Play20089780981576343Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death du Jour19999780671011376Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Death in a Sunny Place1971Lockridge, Frances Louise Davis;
Lockridge, Richard Orson
Death is Academic19769780679506386MacKay-Smith, Amanda Joan
Death of a Damn Yankee19999781575666860Kelner, Toni L. P.
Death of a Mermaid20029781928556381Mills, Wendy Howell
Death on Disaster Day20089780979686696Gates, Nancy Gotter
Death on the Eno19819780316559935MacKay-Smith, Amanda Joan
Death on the Mountain1931Ogburn, Dorothy
Death on a Southern Breeze20089781933523347de Castrique, Mark
Death Waxed Over20059781597222440Myers, Tim
Death's Half Acre20089780446618083Maron, Margaret B.
Deep Fried Homicide20149781496113870Myers, Tim
Déjà Vu20099781593092597Perkins, Suzetta
Deja Dead19979780671011369Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Desert Places20049780312286446Crouch, Blake
Devil Bones20089781416525660Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Devil Dunes1969Sheppard, Mary Stimson
Devil’s Right Hand, The2005312334192Rhoades, J.D.
Diamondback20079781933836430Bowie, Phil
Doing It at the Dixie Dew20149781250046383Moose, Ruth Morris
Don't Tell20039780755371150Rose, Karen
Double Dead20079781594145872Hoover, Terry
Down Home Murder19939781587249112Kelner, Toni L. P.
Down River20079780312359317Hart, John
Dreams Don’t Last20029780373268481Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Du Sang sous les Magnolias19829788473171168Hardré, Jacques
Dyeing Shame, A20069781933678085Craig, Elizabeth Spann
Dying to Be Thin20079780451222404Lilley, Kathryn
Echoes of Mercy20079780979094996Hampton, Lynette Hall
Empty Chair, The20009780671026011Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Entanglement20159780692442425Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Even As We Breathe20209781950564064Clapsaddle, Annette Saunooke
Every Trick in the Book20139780425251676May, Sylvia;
Stanley, Jennifer
Evil Turns20169781464205231Tesh, Jane
Exit 2220089780972818667Terrell, Patricia McClelland
Exit Wounds20049780972503143Land, Dixie
Eye of the Beholder20019780967652832Pate, Jeff
Fallout Girl20189781947834248Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Fast Track20089780758227140Kuczkir, Mary
Fatal Appraisal, A20069781597224932
Fatal Voyage20019780671028374Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Felonious Jazz20099781442173088Gilmer, Bryan
Fifth Category, The20069781430302025Campbell, K. Robert
Final Truth, The2006345483839Stewart, Mariah
Final Undertaking20079781590585191de Castrique, Mark
Fireborn Woman2018Mountford, Elizabeth Josephine
First Impressions20059780743437141Montassir, Jude Gilliam
First Lady20019781570719714Malone, Michael Christopher
First Murder in Advent20069781594145278Wildwind, Sharon Grant
First Shall Be the Last, The20079780803498389Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Fitzgerald Ruse, The20099781590586297de Castrique, Mark
Flash of Red, A19969780399141560Harvey, Clay
Flesh of the Orchid, The1948Raymond, Rene Brabazon
Flicker of Doubt, A20069781597223553Myers, Tim
Foal Play20139781250026590O'Sullivan, Kathryn
Foolish Undertaking20069781590582275de Castrique, Mark
Footprints of God, The20030743234693Iles, Greg
For the Last Time20029780373268344Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Forests of the Night20059780312271800Hall, James Wilson
Forget about Murder20009780425173435Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Formaldehyde, Rooster20169781534816381Hogan, Judy
Fourth Estate, The2007Campbell, K. Robert
Fred Chappell Reader, The19879780312050924Chappell, Fred Davis
Friend of the Firm20089780981831909Richter, Frances
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree20069780425209677Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Fugitive King, The20021933523212Shaber, Sarah Rock
Galatia Road20129781475148183Maus, Henrietta Ford
Genesis Beach20079780595417865Whitfield, Susan
Get Rufus!20089781566642736Terrell, Bob
Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, The20149780803736719Turnage, Sheila
Glory’s Last Victim20049780803496385Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Good Day in Hell20069780312334215Rhoades, J.D.
Grave Secrets20029780671028381Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Grave Secrets20089780979686627Land, Dixie
Grave Undertaking20049781458744296de Castrique, Mark
Gravestone20119781434764195Thrasher, Travis
Gun Shy20079780451221896Ball, Donna Rochelle
Guns20069781932815597Bowie, Phil
Hammer Spade and the Case of the Missing Husband20069780977894802Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers20069780977894833Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Four Horsemen20109781934936443Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Inca Curse20099781934936337Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Long Shooter20099781934936184Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Merchants of Death20079780977894888Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Midnight Treader20089781934936061Alston, E. B.
Hammer Spade and the Ring of Fire20079780979620911Alston, E. B.
Hangman's Handyman, The1942Nelms, Henning
Hard Bargain, A20099781590586525Tesh, Jane
Hard Row20079780446618076Maron, Margaret B.
Have You Seen Her?20049780446612814Rose, Karen
Haw20169781518818141Hogan, Judy
Hell Swamp20099781603180948Whitfield, Susan
Hello Down There19939781560546719Parker, Michael
Hidden Scars20179781464208966de Castrique, Mark
Hidden Woman, The1929Hay, Jr., James
High Country Fall20049780892968084Maron, Margaret B.
Hitler's Judas20079780970579362Lewis, Tom
Home Fires19989780446608107Maron, Margaret B.
Homebody20059780061093999Card, Orson Scott
Hooked Up20089780738711102Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Hornet's Nest19969780399142284Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Hunting Fear20049780553803167Hooper, Kay
Hush20189781250012302Hart, John
Illegally Iced20129781250001078Myers, Tim
In a Dark Season20089780440243601Lane, Vicki
In the Forest of Harm20019780553582703Bissell, Sallie
In the Shadows of Chimney Rock20089781932158830Senehi, Rose
Innkeeping with Murder20019780425180020Myers, Tim
Innocent Victims19939780451403575Whisnant, Scott
Iron House20119780312380342Hart, John
Is There a Dead Man in the House?19989780425161425Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Island Murders20019781928556268Canada, Wanda
Jigsaw Part II20179780692889435Brogden, Ted Miller
Jilted by Death20109780373267200Hampton, Lynette Hall
Joyland20139781781162644King, Stephen Edwin
Just North of Luck20079780741443595Whitfield, Susan
Just You Wait20159781464203695Tesh, Jane
Key to Murder20119781463782450Myers, Tim
Kill 1, Kill 21940Anderson, Walter Wadsley
Killer Cake, A20129781481138475Myers, Tim
Killer Collection, A20069780425207451
Killer Market19979780446606196Maron, Margaret B.
Killer Plot, A20109780425235225Stanley, Jennifer
Killer Workout, A20089780451225351Lilley, Kathryn
King of Lies, The2006031234161XHart, John
Kiss the Girls19959780446601245Patterson, James
KLLRS20089781605420608Bowie, Phil
Last Child, The20090312359322Hart, John
Last Dance19999780803493896Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Day, The20080440243114Miller, John Ramsey
Last Fires Burning20039780803496095Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Lessons of Summer20039780446614221Maron, Margaret B.
Last of How It Was, The19870671617389Pearson, Thomas Reid
Last One Down20059780803497283Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Rites20049780803496781Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Spartan, The20081886028885Saunders, John F.
Last to Remember, The20019780803494688Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Last Word, The20119780425245002Stanley, Jennifer
Law of Finders Keepers, The20189780803739628Turnage, Sheila
Legacy of Masks20059780553584950Bissell, Sallie
Legwork19979780380791361Munger, Katy
Libby19809780843930283Machlin, Milt
Lilah and the Locket20079781594314537Leigh, Nikki
Line That Held Us, The20189780399574238Joy, David
Little Learning, A20089781590586501Tesh, Jane
Little Sin, A1958Hardy, William Marion
Locked Doors20059780312317997Crouch, Blake
Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, The20199781984822130McLaughlin, Rhett James;
Neal, III, Charles Lincoln
Love Valley20109781453695661Richter, Frances
Mad as the Dickens20011575668386Kelner, Toni L. P.
Makeovers Can Be Murder2009045122826XLilley, Kathryn
Mandie and the Cherokee Legend19839780871233219Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Forbidden Attic19859780871238221Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Ghost Bandits19849780871234421Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel19839780871233202Leppard, Lois Gladys
Mandie and the Trunk's Secret19859780871238399Leppard, Lois Gladys
Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living, The20009780375407253Clark, Jr., Martin Fillmore
Memory Can be Murder19959780425147726Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Midnight Paws20139781482031867Myers, Tim
Miss Julia Inherits a Mess20169780525427124Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Weathers the Storm20179780735220478Ross, Ann B.
Missing, Presumed Wed20091594147876Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Misty Flats: A Tale of Sin and Redemption20139781434929716Avery, Frank Walton
Mixed Signals20129781464200625Tesh, Jane
Mold For Murder, A20079780425214879Myers, Tim
Monday Mourning20049780743453011Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Money to Burn1999380800632Munger, Katy
Moon Pool, The20089780312371593Deutermann, Peter Thomas
Moonlight on the Nantahala20129781466345980Rivers, Micheal
Moonrise20139781940210001King, Cassandra
Mr. Lucky20050345475445Swain, James
Murder and Misdeeds20079780979686610Goodman, Helen
Murder at the Azalea Festival20040373266588Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at the Bellamy Mansion20100373267223Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at the Holiday Flotilla20100975540483Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder at Wrightsville Beach20050373266677Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder Checks Inn20030425188582Myers, Tim
Murder Goes Rolling Along1942Moore, Harry F. S.
Murder in Eden20059781591331087Goodman, Helen
Murder in Passing, A20139781464201493de Castrique, Mark
Murder on the Candlelight Tour20040373266472Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Cape Fear20070373267088Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the Ghost Walk20040373266936Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the ICW20060975540440Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Murder on the OBX20061424132746Maus, Henrietta Ford
Music of Ghosts20139780738735849Bissell, Sallie
My Sister's Keeper20070975870033Benners, Bill
Naked and Hungry20119781932158939Memory, Ashley Thomas
Night Visions20040060594624Fahy, Thomas
Not Our Kind of Killing20139781622680399Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Now You See It20139781464201967Tesh, Jane
Nuclear Apples?20169780701117092Hogan, Judy
Odds of Getting Even, The20179780142426166Turnage, Sheila
Off For the Sweet Hereafter19860671614371Pearson, Thomas Reid
Old Wounds2007440243599Lane, Vicki
Older Than Goodbye20149781432829490Helms, Richard W.
One Kind Favor20219781732982031McIlvoy, Kevin
One Last Goodbye20009780803494381Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Out of Time1998380791382Munger, Katy
Outer Banks, A Test of Faith20099781607493921Omer, Kent E.
Overwash of Evil20119781933523750Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Paging the Dead20139781451661866Witchger, Brenda
Past is Never Dead, The20049780895872906Schulman, David
Paths of Glory, The20099781439229668Vaughn, Edward
Pedestals20069781590804261Shoup, Jane
Pelican Point20091440150885Quinn, Douglas
Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder20109780758229502Myers, Tim
Perfect Escape, A20089781934992517James, Maddie
Perfect Poison20089780425221273Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Pizza To Die For, A20119780758229526Myers, Tim
Poison Tree, The20049780803496798Masek, Linda Lehmann
Poisoned Petals20079780425215814Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Poisoned Prose20139780425262955Stanley, Jennifer
Political Peaches20179781542441469Hogan, Judy
Pour Way To Dye, A20069781597224277Myers, Tim
Powdered Peril20129781250001061Myers, Tim
Pretty is as Pretty Dies20099780738714806Craig, Elizabeth Spann
Pretty Poison20059780425202999Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Promises to Keep20050976810808Land, Dixie
Rain on the Just1936Morehouse, Kathleen Moore
Rapid Fire20069780451219992Ball, Donna Rochelle
Real Pickle, A20139781491074848Myers, Tim
Reaper: Ghost Target20189781250127341Irving, Nicholas;
Tata, Anthony J.
Red Church, The20029780786015030Nicholson, Scott
Remember the Alibi19949781570721144Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Render Unto the Valley20129780615499956Senehi, Rose
Reservations for Murder20020425185257Myers, Tim
Rest in Pizza20129780758271501Myers, Tim
Return to Serenity20070979094968Land, Dixie
Revenge My Valentine2008Dattero, Guilio
Ridge, The19899780812500110Cantrell, Lisa W.
Ring for Murder20119781463782467Myers, Tim
Rituals of the Season2005892968095Maron, Margaret B.
Road to Nowhere20080764206583Robertson, Paul
Rock of Ages20061579621287Owen, Howard Wayne
Room For Murder20030425193101Myers, Tim
Running on Empty20110727869817Balzo, Sandra
Safe and Sound2007312334214Rhoades, J.D.
Sand Sharks20099780446196116Maron, Margaret B.
Sandburg Connection, The20119781590589410de Castrique, Mark
Sea-Born Women2002089587265XMountford, Elizabeth Josephine
Searching for Jimmy Page20219781604892925Hallberg, Christy Alexander
Season of the Owl19809780812880304Wolff, Miles
Second Hand20119780615494982Campbell, K. Robert
Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes, The20089780778325314Chamberlain, Diane
Secret Undertaking20189781464210372de Castrique, Mark
Secret, Book, & Scone Society, The20179781496712370Stanley, Jennifer
Serenity20030972503102Land, Dixie
Shadowplay20079781590805435Shoup, Jane
Sharp Teeth of Love, The19979780684844756Betts, Doris Waugh
Shell Game2007312356021Shaber, Sarah Rock
Shooting at Loons19949780446404242Maron, Margaret B.
Sifting through Secrets20080979686679Hawn, Elizabeth Lester
Signs in the Blood2005440242088Lane, Vicki
Silent Bullet, Deadly Bullet2009Dattero, Guilio
Silent Night20119780977329625Ball, Donna Rochelle
Simon Said1997312965559Shaber, Sarah Rock
Six Mile Creek20101594148546Helms, Richard W.
Skizzer20080800731409Kiesling, Angela J.
Skull Mountain1941Dean, Benjamin Hawkins
Sleeping Policeman20069781930846418Bailey, Dale
Slice of Murder, A20099780758229489Myers, Tim
Slow Dollar2002892967641Maron, Margaret B.
Smoky Mountain Tracks20069780451218025Ball, Donna Rochelle
Snipe Hunt2000312974701Shaber, Sarah Rock
Snuffed Out20040425199800Myers, Tim
Soldier on the Porch20071594145946Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Solitary20101434764214Thrasher, Travis
Some Welcome Home20051594142750Wildwind, Sharon Grant
Someone to Kill2002765301873Corriher, Kurt
Soul Catcher20099780982175682Smith, Deborah
Southern Discomfort1993892964464Maron, Margaret B.
Southern Fatality20070312373678Ocean, T. Lynn
Southern Fried20040312324928Pickens, Cathy
Southern Peril20090312383479Ocean, T. Lynn
Southern Poison20080312383460Ocean, T. Lynn
Special Topics in Calamity Physics20069780670037773Pessl, Marisha
Spider Bones20109781439112793Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Spider Mountain!2007031233379XDeutermann, Peter Thomas
Stand By Your Man20010061014109Bartholomew, Nancy
Stealing Shadows20000553575538Hooper, Kay
Stolen Hearts20119781590589380Tesh, Jane
Storm Track2000892966564Maron, Margaret B.
Swapping Paint20079780738710204Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Sweet Suspects20139781494399306Myers, Tim
Take Out20179781455567355Maron, Margaret B.
Tannery, The20219781646634873Almond, Michael A.
Telltale Turtle, The20089780738712260Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Temptation20121434764176Thrasher, Travis
They Don't Dance Much1941Ross, James
They'll Call It Treason20169780692590300Greene, Jordon
Third Degree, The2008Campbell, K. Robert
Three Times Lucky20129780803736702Turnage, Sheila
Thunder Moon20119781432825331Helms, Richard W.
Tide of Darkness20109781933523668Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Tight as a Tick19989781575664347Kelner, Toni L. P.
Time of Death20139780988416451Gaskin, Nora
Time to Say Goodbye20069781852424688MacEnulty, Pat
Time’s Witness19899781570717543Malone, Michael Christopher
To Watch You Bleed20179780998391304Greene, Jordon
Tobacco Auction Murders, The1954Turner, Robert Harry
Toxic Waste20009780976810865Goodman, Helen
Tree Huggers20089781934135235Nichols, Judy
Trouble at Pinelands, The1922Poate, Ernest Marsh
Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen19959781575660073Kelner, Toni L. P.
Truth or Dare20029781401022914Hammond, Dr. Barbara
Twisted Ones, The20199781534429567Vernon, Ursula
Uncivil Seasons19839781570717550Malone, Michael Christopher
Uncommon Clay20019780446610872Maron, Margaret B.
Under Currents20199781250207098Robertson, Eleanor Marie
Unseen, The20099780312384708Sokoloff, Alexandra
Unspoken, The20089781416940074Fahy, Thomas
Until Our Last Embrace20019780803495081Lavene, James;
Lavene, Joyce
Until Proven20129780988416406Gaskin, Nora
Untold Story of Frankie Silver, The19989781878086662Young, Perry Deane
Up Jumps the Devil19969780446604062Maron, Margaret B.
Valley of Death20099780373266869Goodman, Helen
Vines of Entanglement20159781426795442Carter, Lisa
Wed and Buried20039781575668413Kelner, Toni L. P.
Wedding Bell Blues20169781466875722Moose, Ruth Morris
Weight Of This World, The20189780399574245Joy, David
When Ghosts Come Home20219780062312662Cash, Wiley
When Push Comes to Death20079780979094972Gates, Nancy Gotter
Where the Crawdads Sing9780735219090Owens, Delia
Where There's a Will19999780425169841Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Whisper of Black, A19979780399142321Harvey, Clay
Who Killed What's-Her-Name19949781589850682Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Whose Death Is It, Anyway?19979781570721922Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
Wild Orchids20039780743437127Montassir, Jude Gilliam
Wildland2020Hodge, Rebecca
Wind in the Woods, The20109780982539620Senehi, Rose
Winner Take All20009780967652801Pate, Jeff
Winning Clue, The1919Hay, Jr., James
Winter’s Child20069780446617598Maron, Margaret B.
Written in Stone20129780425251737Stanley, Jennifer
Written on the Wind1946Wilder, Robert Ingersoll
Your Cheatin' Heart20009780061014093Bartholomew, Nancy