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Ada Decades, The20179781612940854Martinac, Paula
After the War20009780375406836Adams, Alice Boyd
Alamance18479781161420531Wiley, Calvin Henderson
All Angels Cry19779780877160854Sheppard, Mary Stimson
An Independent Spirit (2nd ed.)20131928556353Smith, Donna Campbell
Anchor, The20031889199052Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Andrew's War20129781480015807Comer, Perry
Angels Watching Over Me20039780764227004Phillips, Michael Ray
Apex20099780738566382Monahan, Sherry
Around Surry County20059780738518060Thompson, Evelyn Scales
Ballad of Jessie Pearl, The20139781608981410Hitchcock, Shannon Williams
Ballad of Tom Dooley, The20119780312558178McCrumb, Sharyn
Basil, the Page1908Whitham, Grace I.
Battle for North Carolina, The20081439200610Hester, Robert W.
Beech Mountain20099780738567945Beech Mountain Historical Society,
Bennett's Welcome1950Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Bertha the Beauty1872Whittlesey, Sarah Johnson Cogswell
Betsy Dowdy's Ride1960Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Between Tides20219781950539321Khoury, Angel Ellis
Beyond the Crossroad20109780976936534Collier, Eugenia Williams
Blockade Runner, The18969781246713695Tracy, J. Perkins
Boo: N.C. Ghost Guide2004King, Henry
Bound by Honor19849780671497811Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Breath of Snow and Ashes, A20059780440225805Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Bricks Without Straw18809783655058879Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Broken Sword, The19019781407772646Worthington, Dennis
Burnside and Sideburns20009781878405289Tate, Suzanne
Call Home the Heart1932Dargan, Olive Tilford
Called: the Story of a Mountain Midwife20109781930154247Stump, Phyllis
Camp Follower20089780978526542Adair, Suzanne;
Williams, Suzanne
Cape Fear Rising19949780895871084Gerard, Philip
Cape Hatteras20089780595492183Lloyd, Keith Warren
Captured in the Caribbean20159780986325212Whitford, Sara
Carolina Beach20079780738544236Henson, Elaine Blackmon
Carolina Corsair1955Tracy, Donald Fiske
Cecilia's Harvest20099780978526566Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Chang and Eng20009780525945123Strauss, Darin
Cherokee1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
Child of the South20099780425226025Scott, Joanna Catherine
Cock's Spur, The20029780895872302Price, Charles Fred
Colonel's Dream, The1905Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart, The2004764227025Phillips, Michael Ray
Columbus County, North Carolina1946Rogers, James A.
Cormorant's Brood1959Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Cotton Mill Girl20069781598867183Scearce, Flora Ann
Cove, The20129780061804199Rash, Ron
Cruise of the Snap Dragon19769780910244886Barbour, Ruth Peeling
Damned If We Do20119780967190853Carver, Bill
Davidson County20009780738506371Howell, Ray
Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, A20039780764227011Phillips, Michael Ray
Days of Hairawn Muhly, The20139781482369533Ross, Carol Ann
Dead Man's Clothes20129781479371709Comer, Perry
Defending Hillsborough19989781884570858Thomasson, Clarissa
Devil's Half, The1968Pierce, Ovid Williams
Divining Women20049780399151606Gibbons, Kaye
Drummer Boy, The1863Trowbridge, John Townsend
Drums19259780766194618Boyd, James
Drums of Autumn19979780440224259Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Eleanor Hill19999780812627152Kline, Lisa Williams
Entering Ephesus19719780933256798Athas, Daphne
Ernestine's Milky Way20199781524714864Madden-Lunsford, Kerry
Even As We Breathe20209781950564064Clapsaddle, Annette Saunooke
Evil That Men Do, The20071425990371Vaughn, Edward
Eye-Witness; or, Life Scenes in the Old North State, Depicting the Trials and Sufferings of the Unionists during the Rebellion1865Wheeler, Arthur Oliver
Fiery Cross, The2001440221668Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Figs and Thistles18799781446055595Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Fires of Pride, The2003786712236Trotter, Jr., William R.
Fool's Errand, A18809781149375761Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Forgiving Kind, The20199781496717009Everhart, Donna
Freedom's Altar19999780895871770Price, Charles Fred
Gap Creek19999781616201760Morgan, Robert Ray
George Midgett's War19859780684183152Edwards, Sally
Ghost Riders20039780525947189McCrumb, Sharyn
Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone20219781101885680Gabaldon, Diana Jean
Gold Seekers, The19890872496589Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Great Promise, The1946Houston, Noel
Guests on Earth20139781616202538Smith, Lee
Guilt of August Fielding, The19710812813790Tucker, Helen Beckwith
Guns of the South, The19929780345376756Turtledove, Harry
Gypsy's Curse, The20169780986325236Whitford, Sara
Hanover1901Fulton, David Bryant
Hatteras Light19869780684187303Gerard, Philip
Haydocks' Testimony, The1907Wood, Lydia Cope
Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail20039780895872821Shivers, Louise
Highland Crossings20129781616266448Taylor, Jennifer Hudson
Highland Grace20039780764224546Parker, Gary E.
Highland Hopes20019780764224522Parker, Gary E.
Highland Mercies20029780764224539Parker, Gary E.
History of New Hanover County and the Lower Cape Fear Region 1723-1800, A1906Waddell, Alfred Moore
Hitler's Judas20079780970579362Lewis, Tom
Hiwassee19969780897334297Price, Charles Fred
Hornet's Nest, The2003743255429Carter, James Earl
House Divided1947Williams, Ben Ames
Impressions: Six Months in the Life of a Southern City20009781588510143Alexander, Sandra Carlton
Ivy20089781935130116Morgan, Larry G.
Jacob's Run20079780978526528Beshears, John;
Zeller, Bob
Jane Hope1933Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray
Journey of August King19719780786880317Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
King's Mountain20139781250011404McCrumb, Sharyn
Lady of Roanoke, The19659780030497759Bothwell, Jean
Land Breakers, The19649780977228379Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Last Ballad, The20179780062670731Cash, Wiley
Legend of Buddy Bush, The20049780689858390Moses, Sheila P.
Life and Correspondence of James Iredell1858McRee, Griffith John
Life Without Water19969780553379297Peacock, Nancy Jean
Like a River Flowing1941Moore, Ida L.
Lost Colony, The19649780445000810Marshall, Edison
Love and Lament20139781590515877Thompson, John Milliken
Lusty Wind for Carolina1944Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Marching On1927Boyd, James
Maritime History of Onslow County1982Stick, David
Marrow of Tradition, The1901Chesnutt, Charles Waddell
Master of Appleby, The1902Lynde, Francis
Men of Albemarle1942Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Millionaire's Row19969780451188526Katkov, Norman
Mitchell's Peak20030972956832Dellinger, Robert
Moonshiner's Daughter, The20209781496717030Everhart, Donna
Murder in the Marsh20169780986325229Whitford, Sara
My Days with Nell20139781935130475Blake, Victoria S
My Old True Love20041565124073Adams, Sheila Kay
My Southern Friends1863Gilmore, James Roberts
Mysterious Rifleman; A Story of the American Revolution, The1921Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth
Never Too Late20079780764200434Phillips, Michael Ray
Nor the Battle to the Strong20079781929490332Price, Charles Fred
Nowhere Else on Earth2000670891762Humphreys, Josephine
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All19899780375726637Gurganus, Allan
On Agate Hill20069781565125773Smith, Lee
On a Lonesome Porch1960Pierce, Ovid Williams
On the Midnight Tide1957Tracy, Donald Fiske
On a Rising Tide20061420878492Triebe, Richard H.
Other Side of Silence, The20079781933523248Terrell, Joseph L. S.
Ouaneetee: Legend of Sunset Mountain1902011679Ake, Eli D.
Pale as the Moon (3rd edition)20139781491287699Smith, Donna Campbell
Past is Never Dead, The20049780895872906Schulman, David
Path of Freedom20139781426752636Taylor, Jennifer Hudson
Pathfinders Past and Present1972Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Green;
Sink, Margaret Jewell
Patriot in the Saddle1945Nolan, Jeannette Covert
Perilous Proposal, A20059780764200410Phillips, Michael Ray
Phantom of the Blockade19621931177163Meader, Stephen Warren
Pillow of Thorns20129780615689654Smith, Karen Cecil
Poison Tree, The20049780803496798Masek, Linda Lehmann
Polly of the Pines19069781150897498Thompson, Adele Eugenia
Portsmouth20080895873591Norvell, Edward P.
Prodigals20021572331895Powell, Mark
Queen's Gift1952Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Rainbow Round My Shoulder19289780253218544Odum, Howard Washington
Raleigh's Eden1940Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Return of Buddy Bush, The20069780689874314Moses, Sheila P.
Rifles at Ramsour's Mill19619789999239912Wellman, Manly Wade
Rising Shore- Roanoke, The2007979051606Homsher, Deborah
Road, The19679781572330160Ehle, Jr., John Marsden
Road From Chapel Hill, The20069780425212523Scott, Joanna Catherine
Road from Gap Creek, The20139781616201616Morgan, Robert Ray
Road to Bittersweet, The20179781496709493Everhart, Donna
Road to Devotion, The20099780982576038Kent, Cameron
Roanoke20090385342373Lawrence, Margaret
Roanoke Hundred1948Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Roanoke Renegade1954Tracy, Donald Fiske
Rogue's Harbor1964Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Rombert: A Tale of Carolina1835Van Winkle, Henry Edward
Roots19760385037872Haley, Alex Murray Palmer
Ruby Lee and Me20169780545782302Hitchcock, Shannon Williams
Sallie Gal And The Wall-a-kee Man20079780439908900Moses, Sheila P.
Sands of Pride, The20029780786710133Trotter, Jr., William R.
Sapphire's Grave20030385503237Gurley-Highgate, Hilda
Sarranda20139780741435187Miles, Celia H.
Sarranda’s Legacy20189781532320507Miles, Celia H.
Sarranda's Heart20139780983471714Miles, Celia H.
Satchel: A Cherokee Girl Tells All20169781631030208Chamberlain, Martha Gunsalus
Scarecrow in Gray20060595401856Yelton, Barry D.
Scarlet Thread, The1964Betts, Doris Waugh
Scotswoman, The1955Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Secret of War, The20049780871525451Garren, Terrell T.
Secrets of the Heart20159781612525662Leotta, Joan
Sharp Eye1852Weir, James
Smoked Glass1869Newell, Robert Henry
Smuggler's Gambit, The20159780986325205Whitford, Sara
Soldier's Lady, The20069780764200427Phillips, Michael Ray
Son of an Earl, Sold for a Slave1993Weems, David Burnola
Sons of Their Fathers20081607670011Lewis, Tom
Sound of Summer Voices, The1969Tucker, Helen Beckwith
South Fork Rangers1963Wellman, Manly Wade
Southern Cousin, The1892Whitney, Annie Weston
Southern Exposure, A19959780679444527Adams, Alice Boyd
Stay the Course20041418412600Arrington, E. D.
Strike!1930Vorse, Mary Heaton
Sunday's Child20060970579314Lewis, Tom
Sweet Surrender19950373288557Tetel, Julie
Swimming Between Worlds20189780425282731Orr, Elaine Neil
Tall Grey Gates1942Thomas, Theresa Meroney
Tannery, The20219781646634873Almond, Michael A.
Tawodi: Cherokee of the Blue Mountains Confront Spanish Conquistadors20159781519310651Clark, Larry Richard
Teach's Light19749780807847930Wechter, Carolyn Wise
Thirteen Moons20069780375509322Frazier, Charles Robinson
This Rock20019780743225793Morgan, Robert Ray
Time Was19659781887905664West, John Foster
Tobit's Dog20149781586179090Richard, Michael Nicholas
Together is All We Need20049780764227035Phillips, Michael Ray
Toil of the Brave1946Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Toinette18749781236135094Tourgée, Albion Winegar
Traitor or Loyalist, or, The Man Who Found His Country1904Webster, Henry Kitchell
Treasures of My Heart20159781507733967Blake, Victoria S
Trespassers, The20129780615524061McCall, Tris
True Blue; or the Writing in Cipher: a Tale of the Old North State1865Willett, Edward
Uncommon Bond of Julia and Rose, The20159780996930307Williams, Ann
Untold Story of Frankie Silver, The19989781878086662Young, Perry Deane
Varina20189780062405982Frazier, Charles Robinson
Watery Part of the World, The20119781565126824Parker, Michael
Weathercock1942Dodge, Constance Woodbury
What Lies Buried: A Novel of Old Cape Fear20059781590131169Lambdin, Dewey W.
Wheels of Faith and Courage1952Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Green
When Ghosts Come Home20219780062312662Cash, Wiley
Where the Water-Dogs Laughed: The Story of the Great Bear20039781932158502Price, Charles Fred
Whisper Falls20139781937053420Langston, Elizabeth
Whispers on the River20179780997899535Langston, Elizabeth
Wicked Lady1962Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Wind in the Forest, The1957Fletcher, Inglis Clark
Windrift19839780935326376Wechter, Carolyn Wise
With the Regulators: A Story of North Carolina in 17681901Kaler, James Otis
Yemassee: A Romance of Carolina, The18359781147192940Simms, William Gilmore
Young Hickory: A Story of the Frontier Boyhood and Youth of Andrew Jackson1940Young, Stanley Preston